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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The C.S.I of Computer Forensics,Cybercrime Very Deep Internet Security

Darkbird18 have found out through the years that Internet Security is core information for anyone online doing business or just surfing the Internet. This security take it to a very high level, computer forensics and steganography; kind of C.S.I for computers.This information very heavy and maybe to deep for all but for those who want to know what the hackers know and how to fight them this site is for you and also companies who are online and want to protect themselves; this information will lead you to resources to fight cybercrime to protect your networks and the people who run them.

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Computer Forensics, Cybercrime
and Steganography Resources

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Computer forensics -- still a rather new discipline in
computer security -- is a rapidly growing discipline and an even
faster growing business. It focuses on finding digital evidence
after a computer security incident has occured.

The goal of computer forensics is to do a structured
investigation and find out exactly what happened on a digital
system, and who was responsible for it.

There are essentially three phases for recovering evidence from
a computer system or storage medium. Those phases are: (1)
acquire, (2) analyze, and (3) report. Often, the results of a
forensic investigation are used in criminal proceedings.

Computer criminals always leave tracks, it's "just" a matter of
finding these tracks. But this part is not always easy. The
evolution in computer technology goes on, computers and other
communication systems become very complicated and better
connected through all kinds of networks. At the same time,
computer crime techniques become more sophisticated and
better coordinated.

If evidence collection is done correctly, it is much more
useful in apprehending the attacker, and stands a much greater
chance of being admissible in the event of a

On this website you'll learn all about Computer Forensic
and procedures for finding Digital
on digital systems.

Start by reading some of the excellent Forensic Whitepapers
or Forensic Presentations.
And if you're ready for it, try out some of of the Forensic Toolkits
currently available.

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Evidence Collection Guidelines
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 Computer Forensics
 Cybercrime, Computer Crime
Broadly defined, computer crime is any criminal offense,
activity or issue that involves computers.

There are two categories of computer crime. Criminal
activity that involves using a computer to commit a
crime, and criminal activity that has a computer as a

On this website you will learn how to fight back and investigate
computer crime. The number of skilled forensic
investigators and Forensic Toolkits
is growing very rapidly.

Ideally, digital forensic analysis should be an integral
part of your organization's Incident Handling process.

For the complete picture, our companion website provides
information about topics such as Honeypots,
Intrusion Detection,
Incident Handling,
and DDoS Mitigation
Computer Forensics Library Box Set - We've assembled the works of today's leading forensics experts to help you dive into forensics, give you perspective on the big picture of forensic investigations, and arm you to handle the nitty-gritty technicalities of the toughest cases out there.
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