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Tuesday, November 19, 2013 keep Darkbird18 in the Know

WPN is a very good online news source about the latest happening online. I get their news letter every morning and read them religiously because I don't want to miss the important information this up to date news source have on the "New Age of Information". The news letter is free but the knowledge is deep and thorough. Stay in the Internet know because it is always changing and if you are not in the know, you are out of the game.
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Third PayPal X Developer Challenge Begins

PayPal offers $50,000 for good Android apps
Comment | 6 hours ago

Foner Books - Another Victim of the Google Update

Was Site Design A Factor?
Comment | 6 hours ago

Google Profile Redesign - Part of Google's New Social Strategy?

Google Says Look For More Business Uses
14 comments | 7 hours ago

Google Introduces New AdSense Mobile Interface

Beta layout is simpler, faster
Comment | 7 hours ago

Bing Deals Launched - Find Deals Nearby

Bing Partners with The DealMap
Comment | 8 hours ago

Twitter Releases Updates For iPhone And iPad

Twitter adds new features to Apple apps
Comment | 9 hours ago

iPad 2 Refunds Coming for Current Apple iPad Owners

Bought the first iPad? Apple will pay the difference if you buy the iPad 2.
Comment | 11 hours ago

Free Services
Try Twellow, the Twitter Yellow Pages has been designed from the ground up to help you "cut through the clutter". [Read

Free Services
SEO's Roadmap to Universal Search

No matter if your website optimization is done by an experienced SEO... [Read

Google: Gmail Should Be Back For Majority [Update]

Google Providing Updates on Status Dashboard
1 comment | 12 hours ago

EzineArticles: Some Content Ranking Higher

CEO: No Layoffs Here
3 comments | 13 hours ago

NCAA March Madness To Stream Free Online

March Madness comes to iPad
Comment | 13 hours ago

What Groupon Won't Talk About

CEO: Here's What We Won't Be Transparent About
Comment | 13 hours ago

Demand Media Acquires CoveritLive, A Real-Time Event Coverage Platform

Demand Media Puts More Focus on Social, International
Comment | 13 hours ago

Search, Personalization And Recommendation

The Future of Information Consumption
2 comments | 13 hours ago

Microsoft-Facebook Legal Clash Over Personnel Possible

Lawyers talking after Facebook tries to hire ad exec
Comment | 13 hours ago
Wednesday, March 2nd | Comment

Retrevo Says Google Update Pushed Bigger Brands Up

Consumer Electronics Shopping/Review Site Gets Bumped
Search, Google, content farms...
Wednesday, March 2nd | 82 comments

Google Algorithm Update Casualties Speak

No Site Considers Itself a Content Farm, But Some of the Victims Really Aren’t
Search, Google, Technorati...
Wednesday, March 2nd | 2 comments

Facebook Can Improve Self-Esteem

Facebook leads to positive outlook
Social Media, Facebook, Jeff Hancock...
Wednesday, March 2nd | Comment

Flickr Releases Apps For Windows 7

Flickr now on Windows 7
Technology, Microsoft, Windows 7...
Wednesday, March 2nd | Comment

Charlie Sheen on Twitter ... and MySpace

@CharlieSheen Does Social Media
Social Media, Twitter, MySpace...


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