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Thursday, May 21, 2015| Choosing to Stay in Wonderland

Choosing to Stay in Wonderland

“THE TERM REDPILL refers to a human that is aware of the true nature of the Matrix. Redpills are typically humans whose bodies and minds have been freed from the power plant by Zion hovercraft teams, but humans still connected to the Matrix can also be aware of its reality. Usually, Redpills encounter anomalies or glitches in the system, or may free themselves from physical bonds by exceeding human limitations. In either case, other Redpills find them and offer them freedom.”—The Matrix
“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe
whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland,
and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
matrix-codeWhile computer code looks like chaotic jibberish, it actually communicates information with extreme precision.
The Blue Pill
WHEN IT COMES to thinking the unthinkable, here in the 21st Century, ‘Biblical prophecy’ comes close to the top of the list for most rational, liberal-minded people. The quaint notion that passages in the Bible recount communications from some Sky God to humans through prophet intermediaries is routinely dismissed as absurd. The claim that analysis of arcane writings of dubious provenance can reveal descriptions of modern global politics, natural disasters, the future of the nation of Israel, the coming of a Messiah and a Messianic Kingdom—plus the ultimate destiny of humankind—is manifest nonsense, surely?
Of course it is. But then, to the layman, so is machine code…blue-pill

The Red Pill
Peter Klingpeter-kling isn’t a layman, he’s a hermeneuticist. According to his bio, he is considered to be the Einstein of Biblical prophecy. Originally trained as a scientist, Kling applies his scientific and biblical knowledge to uncovering the“mystery” that monotheism has kept hidden for over 2000 years.
In this video interview, Peter Kling and futurist Alfred Lambremont Webrediscuss the possibility of a series of momentous events—predicted in cryptic Biblical texts—transpiring during late September this year. Over the course of two hours, hermeneuticist Kling connects the portentous Tetra Eclipses with likely False Flag events, the Jade Helm exercises, an upcoming Papal visit to the U.S., the truth about Obama, and the dark agenda of the United Nations with ancient Biblical prophecies.
Since 1 AD, a “Biblical tetrad” has occurred on Jewish holy days only seven times. The current 2014-2015 tetrad will be the 8th time, and ther won’t be another for 500 years. Kling suggests that the timing of this September’s eclipse may have global implications, not just for the Jews but for the whole of humanity.
September 23-15: The Pope (the Whore of Babylonmeets Obama/U.S. Congress (One Horn of Two Horned Beast) then onto UN (Seven-headed, Ten Horned Beast), coinciding with the beginning of the UN Summit for the adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. | More
Kling likens Pope Francis’s addressing in the U.S. Congress to the possible fulfillment of the biblical prophecy in Matthew 24:15-16 of the New Testament: “When you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation… standing in a ‘holy place’… begin fleeing to the mountains!”
The U.S. government’s emergency planning/martial law/domestic pacification program patterned on the Phoenix Program in Vietnam 1967-1974. And the ‘emergency’? A Monetary reset; a HAARP triggering of a Yellowstone eruption; a Nibiru Flyby; a false flag extraterrestrial invasion—such as that described by Wernher von Braun to Dr. Carol Rosin.
Through the agency of multigenerational ET contactee Ray Kosulandich and psychic Dr. Sam Mugzzi,GEORGE [Acronym], has entered the frame. The alleged commander of an inter-galactic fleet of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies that is currently engaged in operations assisting Earth, GEORGE reports that the Matrix forces on Earth are no longer capable of carrying out a false flag ET invasion.
Kling maintains that the Second Coming of Christ, predicted by the Book of Revelation, may be a decloaking of the Universe fleet, that in turn defeats the combined forces of the Antichrist to liberate humanity. We’ll have to wait and see…
An overarching theme of the discussion is the new positive timeline that started on December 21, 2012 versus the possible coming false flag events of September 23-28, 2015. Kling suggests that by adopting an alpha state of consciousness, individuals and groups can access a positive timeline and exit a catastrophic timeline established by the controllers of the false Matrix in which Earth has been held captive.
More: | | Peter Kling |
Alfred Lambremont Webre: twitter | youtube
Welcome Back…
THE CRUCIAL THING about picking the red pill is that you are inevitably going to find yourself in unfamiliar, uncomfortable territory. If you remember, Morpheus “didn’t said it was going to be easy.” And if there really is a Sky God, then who or what is he? If, as we’re assuming here, he is the central ‘Jehovah’character of monotheism—that petulent, psychopathic warmonger of the Old Testament—then I, for one, am in no hurry to meet him. | See: Christians, Meet Your God! | Jesus Never Existed
Curiouser and Curiouser…
Now Here’s the REAL Conspiracy:
IF THESE PROPHECIES had just recently been discovered, then we could look back in amazement at how accurate they had been. Those would be proper prophecies.
BaldrickHowever: these Biblical predictions have been widely known and studied for many centuries. This inevitably raises the probability that events throughout history could have been manufactured (by some hidden hand) to fit, and thereby validate, the Biblical narrative—along with the concomitant war, death, misogyny, pedophilia and general ongoing unpleasantness.
But who could have come up with such a cunning plan..?
Caveat EmptorThe Tao symbol reminds us that nothing in this Matrix is completely red or blue—as each half contains a little of the other. Terence McKenna famously cautioned that things would get weirder and weirder, as we approach the ‘Singularity’. Feels like we’re close. Reader discretion advised.—Admin

Charles E. Wharry (Darkbird18); is one of my favor website to do underground research on "The Bad" and how they operated in our human system and the is website have very detail articles and research on how they set this up and why. This article about ," Choosing to Stay in Wonderland" is what I look for in Internet underground research because the topic is about the movie the Matrix and taking the "Red" or the "Blue" pill and what happens after.  But the world we're living in is not what we think it is and that we may have been trick into beleiveing in something that is not real to keep the real truth away from us, to keep us in the dark about the truth because if we knew the truth GAME OVER! There is more too us then we know and the ones who live in darkness know this and don't want to find this out because they would be doom forever into darkness! But they have knowledge and unearthly power to control the "unseen" worlds which is around us but we can't  see it! Read this article and take the "Red" pill and wake up.

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