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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

THE ALIEN CONSPIRACY NOVEMBER 22, 2019 ENDGAME and Secret Societies & The Global Elite explained by Dean Henderson



alien conspiracy

End game conspiracy


Gaze up at the night sky and take it all in: this is our home. We are children of the cosmos, the new kids on the block just beginning to figure it all out.

Scientists estimate that there are a trillion times a trillion planets in the universe. Our pale blue dot, flying through space at enormous speeds, is hardly alone.

If even a tiny percentage of these spheres are Earth-like, then this accounts for many billions of planets with the potential for intelligent life. Think about the implications. It’s safer to presume that the universe is teeming with life rather than the other way around.

First contact with alien life would be the biggest news story of the millennium. In the blink of an eye, everything would change. Science, technology, politics, religion — everything!

But, the truth is that not only are we not alone in the vastness of space, we’re not even alone in our own backyard anymore. Extraterrestrials exist and are even interfering in our affairs. You live at the most important threshold in human history! So why is no one talking about it, and what does it mean?

America's Book of Secrets: Ancient Astronaut Cover-Up (S2, E1) | Full Episode | History

The Reality of Alien “Visitation”

The alien conspiracy is the most suppressed truth of our time, precisely because it does change everything.

While there may not be a smoking gun, like a UFO landing on the White House lawn, it’s still possible to discern the reality of our situation. It’s just a question of putting the strongest evidence together and making a reasonable conclusion.

The UFO crash landing in Roswell, with its clumsy government cover-up and obvious lies, is a worthwhile place to start. <

Other strong cases are the Phoenix Lightsthe Zimbabwe incident involving dozens of children, the Belgian UFO triangle scare, the Chicago O’Hare incident, the Mexican military’s intriguing videos, the Japan Airlines flight fiasco, and the Battle of Los Angeles.

UFO alien crash

We recommend thoroughly reviewing these and other cases with an open mind. You can find many of them here. Focus on the incidents involving many credible witnesses, radar signatures, and government backtracking/cover-ups.

Next, consider that thousands of people across the world, over many decades, report being abducted by aliens.

Imagine the horror of being forced to walk to a quiet place in town, seemingly not having a choice in the matter, and waiting to be abducted. Your body shivers in fear, a deeper part of you knows what’s about to happen, but you can’t move. You then wake up in a different place, hours of your memories are wiped, and your clothes are on backwards. And there are bruises in weird places.

This is no joke. There are literally thousands of people around the world who go through this on a regular basis. Some research even points to this happening to up to 10% of the population.

These victims relay strikingly similar experiences, even ones who were abducted long before the popularization of aliens in culture. Many of them are stable, regular folk who share this at the risk of their personal and professional reputations. They gain nothing from doing so.

In addition, credible whistle-blowers have risked their careers to blow the lid off this conspiracy. These brave insiders are found within every branch of the military, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, technology/aerospace companies, and even astronauts. All these people from varied and reputable backgrounds have taken the risk to reveal what they’ve witnessed (even at a 2001 National Press Club event) because they feel the truth needs to come out.

Lastly, there are many convincing videos available online, some of them created long before video editing tools were widely available. While we recommend caution given the many fakes out there, the best ones are still worth considering.

When you put it all together and examine the evidence with an open mind, it overwhelmingly points to the existence of aliens here on Earth and a conspiracy to keep this truth from the mainstream. This is the most reasonable conclusion to come to.

The Hidden Alien Agenda

Discerning the aliens’ agenda is challenging, but it has been done. We now hold insider information on what’s going on.

There are a number of competing alien groups operating on Earth at this time. They each have their own aims, but they broadly use similar methods. We now have a full understanding of who they are, why they’re here, and what can be done to protect humanity’s freedom and sovereignty.

Kindly set any pre-existing ideas aside and open your heart and mind to this perspective. Give it your fair evaluation and we’re confident that you’ll agree with us, however challenging this may be.

Consider that the universe is simply nature on a larger scale. Every living organism, from the smallest microbe to the largest empire, requires resources to survive.

Cortes - foreign invasion

Cortes and the Spanish domination of the Aztecs is a classic example of resource explorers dividing and conquering native peoples.

Earth is a rare gem filled with valuable resources that are hard to find in a universe of mostly barren worlds. We’re sitting on a goldmine of a planet that’s highly coveted by others for its biological resources. This is primarily why aliens are interested in coming here.

While we may want to believe that the cosmos is filled with well-intentioned species that wish to help us, life in the universe and nature simply do not work that way. The strong take advantage of the weak, when they can.

It’s not that different than life here on Earth. Countries have interests, not friends. The same is true for aliens: they spend the time, energy and resources to come here to advance their own interests. It’s not about helping us.

Faster-than-light travel technology exists and has been known in this region of space for eons. We are comparatively behind in our technological development because humanity is a young race, and this is why we’re the ones being “discovered” — rather than the other way around.

Think back to what happened in our own history when aggressive, technologically advanced groups discovered more primitive people. It rarely ends well for the ones being discovered, especially when they’re sitting on valuable resources. Such is our challenge.

Alien Modus Operandi

According to insiders, the extraterrestrial groups that are surveying our world and seeking to control it are economic rather than military forces. They do not have a large armada of spaceships. Instead, they use cunning, manipulation, and guile to get what they want.

Our best source of information on the matter explains that these manipulative alien forces seek to keep humanity divided and fighting amongst itself. Extraterrestrials fear human cooperation as they are comparatively small in numbers. They cannot compete against an entire planet of beings. That’s why they operate in the shadows.

alien technology gifts

Were integrated circuit and semi-conductor technology gifts of alien technology?

Aliens have contacted leaders in the political, corporate, and religious spheres to cut side deals and advance their aims. Sadly, some influential humans have sold their species out for money and power.

There’s also the intention to addict us to foreign technologies that we cannot replicate. They will position them as a solution to all our problems, but in reality they simply want us to depend on them for all the things we need so they can gain control over us. Imagine if all our energy and food resources came from their technology — we’d lose our sovereignty and be enslaved to them without a single shot being fired.

The most sinister aspect of their plan is perhaps the alien abduction program, now ongoing for decades. It’s all about creating an alien-human hybrid race. This is needed because aliens cannot survive in our atmosphere, nor can they withstands the many bacteria and viruses present here. Some abduction victims perish in captivity, sometimes murdered for fighting back. Those who are returned are usually never the same; they can no longer think for themselves, are often forced to be proponents for the aliens, and are repeatedly abducted.

According to the most recent reports, the hybrid program has been successful. They look just like us, though hybrids have difficulty fitting into human culture and may seem “off.” Hybrids are highly intelligent, have powerful minds, and are potent telepathic manipulators. They serve their alien masters and care not for the human race. They walk among us, influencing our leaders.

The Fight for Human Sovereignty

It is inevitable that we would eventually run into alien species in this region of space because it’s highly populated. While our situation is precarious, it’s actually a natural part of every species’ evolution — the attempted dominance by another race wanting access to resources. What we’re going through on our planet, the irresponsible overuse of resources and destruction of our environment, has happened countless times before. Those who have lost their resources are now here for ours.

This is the next great, big step for humanity. The alien conspiracy is dire news for a struggling humanity, but there is much hope. The game is afoot and it’s possible to turn the tables on them and force them to leave. However, it all depends on how we proceed in the years and decades to follow.

Sink or swim, we’re all in this together. If humanity can learn to sufficiently cooperate, end our ceaseless conflicts, use much more discretion and protect our borders to space, we’ll easily be able to cast off the noxious alien influence overshadowing our development.

According to our best source of information, there are many government insiders, particularly in the United States and Russia, that are aware of the alien deception and are actively taking steps against it.

Our Insider Source:

The Allies of Humanity who Reveal the Conspiracy

Insiders reveal the secret alien agenda.

The shocking inside information that informs this article comes from the Allies of Humanity Briefings, now made freely available to the world at no cost. They were given by neighboring aliens from free worlds and received via psychic means.

The Allies oppose the unethical contact that we’re being subjected to and want to see a free and sovereign Earth in their midst.

These books provides us with all the critical information we need to know about how the universe really works, how alien worlds interact and compete with each other, and how a young emerging race like humanity can maintain its freedom and sovereignty in a competitive universe.

Consider how humanity would behave if we were the technologically superior race discovering a lesser species that’s sitting on valuable resources we need. We probably wouldn’t be noble and fair in our dealings, would we?

Therefore, we highly recommend our readers thoroughly review the free Allies of Humanity Briefings.

Set your pre-existing ideas aside and consider a new perspective. We find their analysis rational, objective, and intellectually rigorous. We trust you will as well.

The next few decades will determine whether humanity is a free and self-determined race, an advancing species in the universe, or one subjected to harsh foreign rule where those who oppose it are destroyed. This is the biggest conspiracy there is — and we need to unite against it. The questions are: where does it start, and how do we do that?

The Off World Controllers of the Controllers

The Alien conspiracy is the conspiracy that drives all other conspiracies. It is the conspiracy at the top of the pyramid of control. Aliens are the source of the discord that drives all other conspiracies in the world today.

Information awareness - Illuminnati

Conspiracies have always existed on Earth. Is there one conspiracy influencing all the others?

Yes, there are evil people in the world doing bad things to people everywhere, and there always have been. However, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the Free Masons, or any other human conspiracy do not control the world, and they are child’s play compared to the multi-generational plan of enslavement and subjugation that the alien conspiracy poses.

In fact, these off-world controllers are controlling the human conspiracy groups (we call them “elites” or “blue-bloods”) by promising them continued control, wealth and power on Earth over their fellow humans. If these conspiracy groups were uncovered and destroyed, the alien conspiracy simply would find another set of willing human accomplices to achieve their goals.

The alien conspiracy uses a “divide and conquer” strategy that has been effective on this planet for millennia, and has been used in the galaxy for millions of years. Their aim is to use their considerable powers of persuasion and seduction in order for humanity to lose faith in our governments, leaders, and institutions, ultimately causing us to lose faith in humanity itself so that aliens can present themselves as our saviors:

With an extraterrestrial presence in the world who are technologically and psychologically well beyond us in capability… one of the activities of this Intervention is to influence the environment of thought in the world.

[They] transmit into the world messages from purportedly positive alien sources that promote extraterrestrial intervention, spiritual, religious, political, technological intervention, so basically promoting the belief that humanity is incapable of fixing our planetary problems. We are incapable of governing ourselves. We do not have the technology to meet the needs of the world. And there are evil humans or groups or secret associations that are controlling everything, and therefore, all in the end we need an extraterrestrial power to come to the world to bring us what we cannot provide for ourselves.

And there are many of these messages, and they’re all nuanced. And some of them have truth wedded with falsity. But in the end, the power…where does the power go? It goes away from human beings and towards an extraterrestrial being or leadership. – Reed Summers on GrimericaFM Online Radio, October, 2019

There are many human channelers, apologists, and representatives for this alien conspiracy who all promise that aliens are here to help us achieve peace, prosperity, free energy, spiritual enlightenment, and even a new golden age! They use positive and hopeful words to describe these alien overlords and their supposed assistance for humanity as “universal love,” “galactic unity,” “ascension,” and “space brothers and sisters.” This propaganda is all over social media, if you just look.

Remember that no matter how bad the situation on Earth looks to us, the aliens, who cast their influence with empty promises, are here to manipulate and eventually control humanity as we go through huge, difficult transformations in our social, political, religious and economic institutions. The alien conspiracy doesn’t want to destroy us, it just wants to use us the way we use cows, sheep and chickens:

Certain people are obsessed with conspiracy theories, but their focus is misguided. The malevolent behavior of human governments or human commercial institutions is nothing compared to what the [alien] Intervention can do here. And if its agenda succeeds, which remains yet uncertain, there will be no winners amongst the human family. There will be no vaulted societies. There will be no humans in positions of power and authority. Everyone will be used, and everyone will share the same fate. For the Intervention is intelligent. It does not seek to destroy humanity but to employ it for its own purposes. – New Message on Life in the Universe

The alien conspiracy is at the top of the pyramid, vying for control of Earth and humanity. This is the End Game conspiracy. If we focus on uniting against the alien conspiracy, then all the false conspiracies will come crumbling down, the truth will be exposed and humanity will be free to join with other free worlds in the vast cosmos.

Learn how you can protect yourself from the alien conspiracy and serve humanity:

The author and researcher Dean Henderson explains the history of the Nephilim Bloodlines of the Global Elite and their Secret Societies.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

Zain Khan Live: Season 1 – Episode 4

Charles Wharry (Darkbird18);

These two events are connected, both are conspiracy theory's because no one believes anything like these two conspiracies can happen but that they have been going on for 1000's years! Because the world has been under a deep secret cable who has esoteric dark knowledge from our ancient past, all the way back to ancient Atlantis, Sumerian, Egyptian and Maya cultures wisdom. But because they have been corrupted by ancient dark force from the lower level dimensions beings; who were here before us human beings and are "inorganic beings" without the "Light Illumination Force" of creation. They live only to consume light energy, which they live on, and the only way to obtain this energy is from us! They control us with subconscious mind control by using all things that we "Fear" and Hate, these two articles explain how this process of control takes place, through secret Global Elites societies, (13 Families) and a so-called "Alien Agenda Conspiracy".

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Only Love Can Defeat the New World Order, WORD!

Only Love Can Defeat the New World Order Only Love Can Defeat The New World Order TOPICS:ConsciousnessJames CorbettPhilosophyPresidential Campaign 2016 NOVEMBER 9, 2016 By James Corbett Whatever side of whatever political divide you are on, these times will pass. The question is what will emerge on the other side. Do we want a world of hatred and division where people are divided and ruled by psychopaths and warmongers, or a world where love brings us together to create the world we want to live in? It’s not the Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be’s choice to make; it’s ours. So what world do you want to live in?
Image result for love thy neighborImage result for love thy neighbor

Charles E. Wharry (Darkbird18),

I found this Youtube just by chance doing research on this very strange election of 2016. I have done so much research on the Illuminati, NWO, Power Elites, Secret Societies, and the "The Bad" of this world and how they are in control. Now I have "The Good Internet Research" which is rare and very hard to find because just like in the movie, The Good The Bad, and The Ugly they do the cutting; and the answer for the bad and how they will fail one word, LOVE! Watch the video and see what I mean, one very simple solution but not easy to do, But Jesus said this, "Love they Neighbor as they Love thy Self!" One word will bring them Down forever!!!.

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The Foundation and Development of British-Judeo Bankster Money Power and The Rockefellers’ Alliance with the Judeo-British London Bankers

The Foundation and Development of British-Judeo Bankster Money Power

In his classic work Imperialism, a Study, J.A. Hobson (1858-1940) argued that “men of a single and peculiar race, who have behind them centuries of financial experience” formed “the central ganglion of international capitalism.”

There are two theories about how the City of London financed what many call the New World Order (NWO) agenda (that we call the Crime Syndicate and New Underworld Order), and who was behind it. One theory holds that it is primarily a Rothschild enterprise from start to finish. The other theory, espoused by Webster Tarpley, holds that it is a British-imperialist insider action. The role of the United States is of a captured tool and water-boy of the proceeding, particularly with the advent of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, Col. House’s skulduggery to bring the U.S. into WWI, and the ultimate defeat of the America First movement.

A good interpretative framework of the following homework posts is essential to get full benefit from reading our pages:

Read Covert Agent Edward Mandell House: The Enemy Within Wilson’s White House

Read Three Key Assassinations of America Firsters

George Cortelyou, President McKinley’s Assassination and the Panic of 1907

Patton Assassinated to Suppress His Criticism of Post-War Policy

The Case of James Forrestal and the Take Downs of Real America Firsters

Suppression and Takedowns of America Firsters

Where’s Gerald Nye When We Need Him? Nye Committee’s 1936 Report on Banksters’, Arms Dealers’ Warmongering

Listen to Podcast: Tim Kelly, Russ Winter Examine the Widely Ignored Assassinations of McKinley, Patton, and Forrestal

Although there is much to be gleaned from Tarpley and his Freemason Palmerston Zoo theories, Winter Watch holds that it was a marriage, merger, and overlap of Jewish finance and British imperialist supremacist chosenites. The Sabbattean-Frankist Rothschild operations wouldn’t have had success without the British Freemason imperialists, and vice versa. The following is a survey of the arrangement.

Palmerston’s Zoo – full lecture

Lord Palmerston: Britain’s Black Operations Prime Minister

Giuseppe Mazzini: Grand Magician of Divide-and-Conquer, Co-Opted Nationalism

The Influence of Sabbatean Frankism on the World

The Basis, Background and Events That Launched the Rothschild Dynasty

UK PM David Cameron’s Great Grandfathers Were Rothschild-Connected Bankers Who Financed Russo-Japanese War

Meet Prime Minister Boorish Johnson: A Sistema-Made Man

It should be mentioned that sources on the Jewish-British NWO were right out in the open and freely discussed throughout the mid-19th century and up to WWII. However, today this is shockingly scrubbed and suppressed, which leaves curious and even intelligent observers very much in the dark.

But Jewish financial and business interests were key participants in the imperialist enterprise. For example, the Indian railroad network that Sassoon helped to finance was closely integrated into the imperial administration. The Sassoons, in turn, utilized the British imperial system as the point of the spear in the Chinese opium trade.

Precursor To The Global Crime Syndicate: The 19th-Century Opium Trade

Jay Dyer Tragedy & Hope 1: Revolutions Are Funded - Jay Dyer (Half)

Foreign trade (largely drugs) with China was organized by the Morgans, by the National City Bank and, by Kuhn and Loeb. Later, the International Banking Corporation, led by railway king Edward H. Harriman and Isaac Guggenheimer, began the economic “exploitation” of China. Jacob Schiff, Morgan, Kuhn, Loeb, and Harriman made fortunes out of railway construction in that country.

Other points of the spear to lock this system down was tribe member Julius Reuter’s wire service, which functioned as the command and control mechanism of the British imperialist government. The huge fortunes were parlayed into control of major media and entertainment, which in the U.S. today is 95% in the hands of five Crime Syndicate mega-corporations.

The British government also turned to Jewish banking houses to finance imperial expansion and skirt around the democratic legislative processes. Disraeli’s purchase of the Suez Canal in 1878, for example, was made possible by Henry Oppenheim’s extensive contacts in Egypt and a £4 million loan from Lionel Rothschild.

The Hidden World of Benjamin Disraeli, a Made Man and Opportunist

In the 20th century, Jewish and fellow-traveler foundations were able to end-run elected officials and put in place NUO (aka Crime Syndicate) rules and standards. Non-Jewish foundations with London ties like Carnegie and Rockefeller would rubber-stamp the NUO agenda. In the present day scams are spearheaded by a slew of plutocrat foundations with Gates the most notorious. The end game of this was the regulatory capture of government agencies and departments.

Rockefeller Minion Robert Maynard Hutchins Delivers for His Masters

The Foundations Fund the Hack Abraham Flexner to ‘Standardize’ Medicine

Reece Committee Report from 1954 Shows Foundations Funded the Collectivist Capture of US Education

       Rockefeller Foundation: Hardly a Non-Jewish White to be Found

The Jewish writer Benjamin Ginsberg in “The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State” (1999) put very good color on this.

Empire, of course, was also a field for the pursuit of profit. The House of Rothschild concerned itself mainly with loans to governments and public bodies. However, in the 1890s, it became heavily involved in diamond and gold mining on the Rand.

Cecil Rhodes and His Warmongering Buggery Hegemony

When Alfred Beit and Julius Wernher floated Rand Mines in February 1893, the Rothschilds were allotted 27,000 of the 100,000 shares. The scandals that beset the Edwardian Jewish plutocracy also illustrate Jews’ involvement in the empire as a money making enterprise.

The Marconi scandal of 1912, is it well known, centered on the allegation that four liberal cabinet ministers stood to profit from a contract awarded to the English Marconi Company. Two of the cabinet ministers in question — Sir Rufus Isaacs and Herbert Samuel — were Jews. The head of the English Marconi Company was Geoffrey Isaacs, the brother of Sir Rufus.

Another informative Jewish author, David Feldman, in “Jews and the British Empire(2007) zeroed in on monopolistic bankster control of central banking: “The two-tier system means they have money in superabundance: any central bank, therefore, has huge power.” The key is defacto and real monopolies.

Speyer and Co., the great Jewish banking house, in 1903, gave Mexico her first $12.5 million loan. It acquired by this transaction all oil concessions in Mexico. Rockefeller, Morgan, Jacob Schiff and the other Jewish financiers followed suit and thus almost all the natural resources of Mexico fell into Jewish hands. Bernard Baruch put the National City Bank under Jewish management; and Guggenheim, the Jewish copper magnate, became the real masters of Mexico.

The major part of Cuba’s industry is controlled by the Guggenheims.

Bolivia was turned into a colony of “dollar imperialism” by Speyer and Guggenheim, who exploited the zinc mines.

Since 1935, 35 percent of the potassium nitrate and 90 percent of the copper industry of Chile has been in the hands of the Guggenheim and Morgan Trusts.

In 1906, the same world conquerors obtained monopolies over Nicaragua’s national income from customs and excise and also over her railways and shipping lines. The Jewish banking house of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. was one of the founders as well as chief financier of the Panama Canal Co.

In Peru, the copper mines are in the hands of the Seligmans and Goldschmidts.

Lord Melchett, under his original name of Mond, controls the nickel industry of Canada. Out of a total of $30 billion, which constitutes the national nickel assets of Canada, a total of $3 billion is in the hands of the Jews.

The Rockefellers’ Alliance with the Judeo-British London Bankers

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” — CFR Chairman David Rockefeller  in “Memoirs” (2002)

John D. Rockefeller, Sr. with his son John D., Jr.

Neuwied is the Rhineland Palatine native town of the German paternal ancestors of John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937), tracing back to the 16th century as possible French Huguenot refugees. The line of his father, one Johann Peter Rockefeller (1681-1763), emigrated to the North American colonies, arriving in New York in 1710. That year, there was a massive immigration of nearly 2,800 Palatine-Germans refugees, whose transportation costs from London to the New World were covered by Queen Anne’s British government.

The primary Rockefeller actors, John D. and William, were sons of con artist William Avery Rockefeller, Sr. (1810—1906), who we would suggest was more connected than is generally disclosed in conventional narratives.

Somehow John D. Rockefeller began his monopolistic oil business in the 1860s with British capital. Samuel Clark and Maurice Andrew — the original partners of Rockefeller — were his liaisons with the Bank of England.