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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Update Research 09/29/17: Sun: UFO Highway on the 37th Parallel/ 1980 Rendlesham England UFO Sighting: Wonders in the Sky;: Why we've always been obsessed with UFOs - Nonfiction -


Brother and sister alien hunters discover ‘UFO highway’ across America – with clusters of sightings and unexplained events along same latitude

Their theory has been turned into a book The 37th Parallel and will soon be made into a Hollywood movie
“I called my sister at midnight and I said, ‘Didn’t you have cattle mutilations on the 37 degree latitude in Missouri?'
 The 37th Parallel by Ben Mezrichis based on Chuck and Debbie's theory
The 37th Parallel by Ben Mezrichis based on Chuck and Debbie's theory
"And she said, 'Yes' and we started looking more into it. We soon realized it wasn’t just cattle mutilations – there were all kind of events.
"We we're up until 2:30 in the morning going through all these cases and started seeing these amazing patterns.”
The 37th latitude line runs from California through Nevada, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and across to Virginia.
Examples of cases along the line include the Joplin Spook Lights - unexplained balls of light that have been appearing in Hornet, Missouri since the 19th century; The Aztec, New Mexico incident of 1948 when a flying saucer allegedly crashed; and Piedmont, Missouri where 500 people reported UFO sightings in 1973.
The infamous Area 51 in Nevada - and the Dulce Base - an alleged underground alien base - are also located on the line.
 A map of the "UFO highway" across America
A map of the "UFO highway" across America
"For the next month or so I start looking at all these cases and I had all this data," Chuck explained.
"All these GPS co-ordinates, everything from Native American sites to underwater caves.
"I released it all on my website and I mentioned it during an appearance on the Science Channel's Unexplained Files - then for the next season of that show they asked me to expand on the theory so I did a whole episode on it for them.
"The bottom line is the 37th latitude is like a UFO highway or paranormal highway across the continent.
"We seem to think that this highway is a major highway that these crafts use - they seem to exit and enter here." 
 Chuck's registration reads UFONUT - the name of his website
Chuck's registration reads UFONUT - the name of his website
After his appearance on the Science Channel a Hollywood producer got in touch and told Chuck his theory would be a great idea for a book and movie.
The book 37th Parallel, by New York times best selling author Ben Niezrich, came out last year - and a screen play is currently being written.
"In 2015 I signed a life-rights contract with Flint Pictures - it got picked up by New Line Cinema - Warner Brothers before the book was even written - just on the idea," Chuck said.
"This is  very good UFO information about what is really going on with UFO here in the USA. This brother UFO team research this information for many years and they have made some very detail information about this UFO Highway, please read this rest of this article by clicking on this link",  UFO highway’ across America 

Retired Air Force Colonel Claims New Evidence Will Blow The Lid Off Rendlesham UFO Sighting

A retired Air Force colonel says he has new evidence to throw light on one of the most notorious UFO reports in history — the 1980 sighting near the Bentwaters Royal Air Force Base in the UK. 
Col. Charles Halt has collected sworn statements from air traffic controllers, on duty in 1980 at Bentwaters. They tell him that they witnessed a UFO on radar performing incredible aerial maneuvers. And they were afraid of talking about this until they retired. 
On Dec. 27, 1980, unusual lights were seen by military personnel in the Rendlesham Forest, located between dual bases RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. Several witnesses say they saw fast-moving objects in the sky, in addition to a reported landing of a triangular craft in a clearing.
When the encounters continued into a second night, Halt, deputy base commander at Bentwaters, leading a group into the forest, experienced part of the unexplained light show for himself, including an unknown object moving through trees and appearing to drip a molten substance (as depicted in the illustration at the top of this story).
In addition to a tape recording Halt made as the UFO sightings unfolded, he also filed the following report in which he describes a laser-like beam of light streaming from one UFO down to the ground where he and his men were standing:
Halt — pictured below in 1981 — told The Huffington Post that what he and the others experienced in the forest was under intelligent control.
“The military has nothing to do with it, other than the cover-up, but I can tell you, there is some type of superior intelligence that can change size, change shape, do funny things. What I saw, I’m firmly convinced, didn’t have anything that we know or could relate to, inside it. Maybe they’re not a being as we know, maybe they’re an entity that just has intelligence, and we just can’t relate to it.”
Col. Charles Halt, Ret.
Halt says he eventually obtained signed sworn statements, after many years, from air traffic controllers who were on duty during the 1980 Bentwaters events.

UFOs over Rendlesham? Lt Col Charles Halt says radar DID track objects

“They saw the object go across their scope — a 60-mile scope — in two or three seconds. Thousands of miles an hour,” he told the BBC. “It came back across their scope again, stopped near the water tower. They observed it. They watched it go over into the forest where we were.” To read more information on this article go to this link: 

Retired Air Force Colonel Claims New Evidence

Unexplained sightings date back thousands of years and span the globe. What does that say about us?

By Michael Humphrey
UFO skeptics take note: Strange flying objects have been haunting our planet for much longer than many people think. Over 3,000 years ago, in the Egyptian Nile Valley, a man reported looking into the sky to see a "shining disk" descend and tell him to build a new city. On Sept. 11, 1787, in Edinburgh, Scotland, a group of people reported, "a fiery globe larger than the sun" moving eastward in a horizontal direction and dipping below the horizon before exploding behind a cloud. Eight years later, in the Quangxi province of China, a "large star" rose and fell three times, followed by another star that "crashed in a village." 
According to Jacques Vallee, the French-born astronomer and co-author (with Chris Aubeck) of the hypnotic new book "Wonders in the Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times," these stories are important not only because they show that flying things have been capturing our imagination for centuries, but because of what they say about our most cherished beliefs and deepest fears. In the book, Vallee and Aubeck list 500 claims of sightings, in chronological order, between the years 1460 BC and 1879, and argue that the commonalities -- references to light, round shapes, erratic flight and terror in the observer -- offer us real insight into human behavior and our need to find explanation for things we cannot explain.
Salon spoke with Vallee from his home in San Francisco about our religious connection to UFOs, the controversy surrounding his own work -- and our endless cultural obsession with flying objects.
Your book calls "alien contact" humankind's oldest story. How so?
I'm not the only one saying that. If you look at the body of scholarship in anthropology and the history of religions, they talk about the idea that the soul is a human space capsule. Certainly the "Book of the Dead" in Egypt, the Bible, the writing of the mystics, in poems of ancient China, and the "Vedas" in India, the contact between man and creatures, entities, divinities, who travel from space is the main story. This includes humans traveling with them and humans being "abducted," to use a modern term. There is a very rich literature exactly about that; it's the oldest story.

Image result for ancient ufo sightings

Why is the idea of ancient UFO sightings a controversial one?
Most UFO believers believe the phenomenon began in 1947, when a civilian pilot named Kenneth Arnold saw several objects that he described as behaving like saucers skipping on water. And he saw them from his plane flying over Mt. Rainier in the state of Washington. And that was the beginning of the flying saucer era in the media.

NASA's Anomalies above the Moon - UFOs captured on film during the Apollo Program

Uploaded by on Mar 11, 2011
This presentation is a simple compilation of some more anomalous photographs and 16mm DAC film footage that I have archived during my years of research and investigation looking into the activities of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
I came to a point where I wondered when the phenomenon had begun, and I found a lot of material describing objects that seemed to behave the same way [as UFOs] and entities [resembling aliens] that dated back to the Middle Ages. At that time they were called angels or demons or leprechauns or elves or fairies and so on. So I published a book called "Passport to Magonia" that caused something of a scandal with the believers, because I was shaking that idea that UFOs were a recent phenomenon.
Why did you cut off your research at 1880?
We wanted to cut off the chronology at a point where the modern world hadn't happened yet, ideally at the Industrial Revolution. And we couldn't quite do that, but we got to 1879 which was a time when there were no dirigibles, no airplanes, no CIA, no Air Force, no SR-71s, no secret prototypes, no Area 51 and all of that. I mean, people could certainly be fooled by meteors and comets: They didn't know what comets were; the Aurora Borealis hadn't yet been explained. Some of the cases where people describe a serpent in the sky that destroys villages, we suspect, were tornadoes. But those are fairly easy to screen out. And what you're left with is something very consistent from culture to culture.

"Wonders in the Sky": Why we've always been obsessed with UFOs - Nonfiction -

Darkbird18 is deep within the UFO project with the Ancient Alien program on the History Channel. This article talk some more about our possible connection with being not from this world and how they may still be in contact and may one day come back?

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Why the Earth’s magnetic poles could be about to swap places – and how it would affect us? From the Watchers Website.

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Why the Earth’s magnetic poles could be about to swap places – and how it would affect us

Why the Earth’s magnetic poles could be about to swap places – and how it would affect us

The Earth’s magnetic field surrounds our planet like an invisible force field – protecting life from harmful solar radiation by deflecting charged particles away. Far from being constant, this field is continuously changing. Indeed, our planet’s history includes at least several hundred global magnetic reversals, where north and south magnetic poles swap places. So when’s the next one happening and how will it affect life on Earth?
During a reversal, the magnetic field won’t be zero, but will assume a weaker and more complex form. It may fall to 10% of the present-day strength and have magnetic poles at the equator or even the simultaneous existence of multiple “north” and “south” magnetic poles.
Geomagnetic reversals occur a few times every million years on average. However, the interval between reversals is very irregular and can range up to tens of millions of years.
There can also be temporary and incomplete reversals, known as events and excursions, in which the magnetic poles move away from the geographic poles – perhaps even crossing the equator – before returning back to their original locations. The last full reversal, the Brunhes-Matuyama, occurred around 780,000 years ago. A temporary reversal, the Laschamp event, occurred around 41,000 years ago. It lasted less than 1,000 years with the actual change of polarity lasting around 250 years.

Pole shift new, This World will turn upside down, The rotation of the Earth is going back

Power cut or mass extinction?

The alteration in the magnetic field during a reversal will weaken its shielding effect, allowing heightened levels of radiation on and above the Earth’s surface. Were this to happen today, the increase in charged particles reaching the Earth would result in increased risks for satellites, aviation, and ground-based electrical infrastructure. Geomagnetic storms, driven by the interaction of anomalously large eruptions of solar energy with our magnetic field, give us a foretaste of what we can expect with a weakened magnetic shield.
In 2003, the so-called Halloween storm caused local electricity-grid blackouts in Sweden, required the rerouting of flights to avoid communication blackout and radiation risk, and disrupted satellites and communication systems. But this storm was minor in comparison with other storms of the recent past, such as the 1859 Carrington event, which caused aurorae as far south as the Caribbean.
Aurora borealis
Aurora borealis. Soerfm/Wikipedia, CC BY-SA
The impact of a major storm on today’s electronic infrastructure is not fully known. Of course, any time spent without electricity, heating, air conditioning, GPS or internet would have a major impact; widespread blackouts could result in economic disruption measuring in tens of billions of dollars a day.
In terms of life on Earth and the direct impact of a reversal on our species we cannot definitively predict what will happen as modern humans did not exist at the time of the last full reversal. Several studies have tried to link past reversals with mass extinctions – suggesting some reversals and episodes of extended volcanism could be driven by a common cause. However, there is no evidence of any impending cataclysmic volcanism and so we would only likely have to contend with the electromagnetic impact if the field does reverse relatively soon.
We do know that many animal species have some form of magnetoreception that enables them to sense the Earth’s magnetic field. They may use this to assist in long-distance navigation during migration. But it is unclear what impact a reversal might have on such species. What is clear is that early humans did manage to live through the Laschamp event and life itself has survived the hundreds of full reversals evidenced in the geologic record.

Can we predict geomagnetic reversals?

The simple fact that we are “overdue” for a full reversal and the fact that the Earth’s field is currently decreasing at a rate of 5% per century, has led to suggestions that the field may reverse within the next 2,000 years. But pinning down an exact date – at least for now – will be difficult.
Earth's magnetic reversal
Magnetic reversal. Credit: NASA
The Earth’s magnetic field is generated within the liquid core of our planet, by the slow churning of molten iron. Like the atmosphere and oceans, the way in which it moves is governed by the laws of physics. We should therefore be able to predict the “weather of the core” by tracking this movement, just like we can predict real weather by looking at the atmosphere and ocean. A reversal can then be likened to a particular type of storm in the core, where the dynamics – and magnetic field – go haywire (at least for a short while), before settling down again.
The difficulties of predicting the weather beyond a few days are widely known, despite us living within and directly observing the atmosphere. Yet predicting the Earth’s core is a far more difficult prospect, principally because it is buried beneath 3,000km of rock such that our observations are scant and indirect. However, we are not completely blind: we know the major composition of the material inside the core and that it is liquid. A global network of ground-based observatories and orbiting satellites also measure how the magnetic field is changing, which gives us insight into how the liquid core is moving.
The recent discovery of a jet-stream within the core highlights our evolving ingenuity and increasing ability to measure and infer the dynamics of the core. Coupled with numerical simulations and laboratory experiments to study the fluid dynamics of the planet’s interior, our understanding is developing at a rapid rate. The prospect of being able to forecast the Earth’s core is perhaps not too far out of reach.
Written by Phil Livermore (Associate Professor of geophysics, University of Leeds) and Jon Mound (Associate Professor of Geophysics, University of Leeds)
Featured image credit: NASA/Goddard

Widespread extinction after Earth's hyperactive magnetic field reversals

Research results of the new study indicate the rapid reversals of Earth's magnetic field which occurred about 550 million years ago is responsible for destroying a huge portion of the ozone layer. This destruction has, in turn, allowed a higher concentration of ultraviolet radiation into our atmosphere, which proved fatal to the life forms of the Ediacaran Period. As a result, an evolutionary flight after the widespread extinction had triggered the Cambrian explosion of more complex animal groups.
The so-called Ediacaran Period, from about 635 to 541 million years ago, ended in a massive extinction, named the Kotlinian Crisis. Large, unusual soft-bodied creatures, up to 1 m (3.3 feet) in size, resided on or inside the shallow horizontal burrows, underneath a thick mass of bacteria which coated the seafloor, and acted as a barrier between the top water layer and the sedimented area at the bottom.
Life in the Ediacaran Sea, Artist's illustration. Image credit: Ryan Somma (Flickr-CC)
After the extinction, the Cambrian explosion followed, and, new, more complex, species evolved. The bacteria, which prevented the oxygen from reaching under the seafloor during the Ediacaran were broken down, and the seabed had become inhabitable.
The cause of the Cambrian explosion was a matter of numerous debates among the scientists. Some explanations relied on the rising levels of oxygen that could have allowed more complex organisms to develop, due to the photosynthesis process. Other reasons included the rise in carnivorous species and new predatory tactics, and the breakup of the Rodinia supercontinent.
The cap dolostone at Tianping shows wonderful structures that are typical of Ediacaran cap carbonates on the Yangtze Platform. Image credit: SQFP Info (Flickr-CC)
Geologist Joseph Meert from the University of Florida in Gainesville, along with his colleagues have suggested these steps in the evolution are connected to rapid reversals in the direction of Earth's magnetic field. This reversal, where magnetic north and south pole switch places, occurs approximately every million years.

Pole Shift Imminent? North Star Shifting Suddenly.

However, the team considers these reversals were more frequent during the Ediacaran Period. Researchers have studied magnetic records, preserved in the 550 million-year-old sedimentary rocks in the Ural Mountains in western Russia, and found the evidence of the reversal rate being 20 times faster than today: "Earth;s magnetic field underwent a period of hyperactive reversals," Meert said.
The magnetic field would be weakened during frequent reversals, and it's ability to protect our planet from the solar, and cosmic radiation would be significantly reduced. Each reversal event would on average take between 7 000 and 10 000 years, and the magnetic field would be temporarily even more weakened before growing back in the opposite direction.
During that time, more high-energy particles would penetrate the planet's upper atmosphere, thus, breaking down the ozone layer. Between 20 to 40% of ozone could have been destroyed, and this would, in turn, double the amount of UV radiation that reached Earth's surface: In such an environment, organisms capable of escaping the radiation would be favored.
Deposited about 525 million years ago during the Early Cambrian Period, this layer is composed of tan and red sandstone and conglomerate. It forms cliffs in the Grand Canyon’s profile. The depositional environment was similar to a modern-day river delta, a beach-like shoreline with small river channels. Many trace fossils have been found in this formation. Image credit: Grandy Canyon National Park (Flickr-CC)
A fossil Cheirurus ingricus on display in the Sant Hall of Oceans in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Cheirurus ingricus is a species of trilobite. Trilobites are arthropods, a kind of animal that includes shrimp, lobsters, scorpions, crabs, and crayfish. Trilobites first appeared about 542 million years ago (the early Cambrian period), but most of them died out around 360 million years ago. One or two species survived until 250 million years ago. Trilobites were wildly successful animals. More than 17,000 species are known today. Image credit: Tim Evanson (Flickr-CC)
Many evolutionary changes that occurred during that era could be explained in this way. Creatures that possessed more complex eye structure, capable of sensing the light, could seek shelter from the radiation by migrating into deeper waters during the daytime. Also, the growth of hard-coating and shells, and the capability to burrow deeper into the seafloor would provide the organisms with additional UV protection. 
The development of shells could help other creatures colonize intertidal areas, which are protected from the UV radiation and strong waves, and are at a lower risk of dying out. The upper seafloor would also become inhabitable after the bacterial layers were broken down by early burrowing.
"The authors have opened up yet another exciting and imaginative area of research within which to frame and test new hypotheses for the origin and early evolution of animal-based communities," said David Harper, a paleontologist at Durham University, UK, not involved in the research.
However, others, such as geobiologist Joseph Kirschvink of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, contradict the idea, claiming the effect of the UV radiation on the evolution of life should be limited, because the radiation couldn't reach and damage the germ line, the cells of the body used in sexual reproduction to pass genetic information to offspring, but would only affect the outer skin. 
The next step in the research will be to examine other Ediacaran sediments to verify the rapid reversals' signal and gather additional biological and chemical evidence for high doses of UV radiation kept in the fossil record.
Featured image: Schematic illustration of Earth's magnetic field. Image credit: Peter Reid, The University of Edinburgh

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