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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


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In what is certain to be a boost to the ongoing conspiracy theory that the United States government covered up the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) researcher has claimed to have found evidence in a military memo concerning the reported crash that the military knew all along that something other than the proffered experimental weather balloon impacted the ground outside city of Roswell, New Mexico, seven decades ago. The memo in which he says he has found the evidence is seen clutched in the hand of US Air Force General Roger Ramey in the famed — or infamous, depending on one’s view of the government’s involvement in the UFO incident — “weather balloon” photo that features the general and the seeming metallic remnants of the “balloon,” the supposed “cover” story the military used to deny that there was ever a downed top secret military or extraterrestrial craft. The researcher has claimed to have enhanced the memo, zooming in on the image, and says that the there are references to a disk-shaped craft and “victims” of the crash.

                The Roswell UFO Crash BBC Documentary - Proof

As the Daily Express reported this week, UFO researcher David Rudiak has claimed to have found evidence in a 70-year-old photo that could settle, once and for all, the truth behind the strange 1947 Roswell incident that involved the military, the media, resident of the area, and an altered story that has led to one of the most enduring conspiracy theories ever concerning aliens, UFOs, and an official cover-up of what actually happened. After the initial crash of a UFO (labeled a “flying saucer” in the Roswell Daily Record) was reported in a local paper, the story was retracted the next day under the direction of the U.S. Army (the Air Force was officially part of the Army until September of the same year, when an act of Congress made it a separate military branch). Complete with photos of the downed craft, the military claimed that the crash site contained the remains of an experimental weather balloon.

The weather balloon explanation for what was recovered at the crash site is the official story to this day. And it is the original story, its contradiction of the “flying saucer” article prompted by the official press release by the public information officer at Roswell Army Air Field, and the subsequent conflicting reports over the years from eyewitnesses and military personnel involved in the Roswell incident that has fueled the conspiracy theory.
Ramey Memo

Ramey Memo

The Ramey Memo, named for U.S. Air Force General Roger Ramey (who held the memo in the famous photo), is just one of the many unknowns concerning the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident that conspiracy theorists speculate about. [Image by U.S. Government/CC-PD-Mark/Wikimedia Commons]

Ramey Memo
The Ramey Memo, named for U.S. Air Force General Roger Ramey (who held the memo in the famous photo), is just one of the many unknowns concerning the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident that conspiracy theorists speculate about. [Image by U.S. Government/CC-PD-Mark/Wikimedia Commons]
But Rudiak now insists that his evidence is proof that a disc-shaped UFO crashed outside Roswell and, furthermore, there were passengers recovered at the crash site. In short, his findings point to three things: That a UFO actually crashed outside Roswell in 1947, that there were passengers aboard, and that there has been a government cover-up of the incident.

Using modern technology to enhance the photo, which was taken in the office at Fort Worth Army Air Field, later known as Carswell Air Force Base, and zooming in on the memo in General Ramey’s hand, Rudiak determined that the wording of the memo indicated that there is a “clear reference” to a disk and what he believes to be the suggestion of “victims.”
Roswell UFO crash in Roswell newspaper
The original newspaper story of the Roswell UFO crash in 1947, where it was reported that a ‘flying saucer’ was recovered by the military. [Image by Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons]

Alejandro Rojas, a presenter for Open Minds Radio, told The Express that Rudiak thinks he has deciphered about 80 percent of the memo. “He says it is clear that there is a reference to a disc, and believes he can also make out a portion of a sentence that reads ‘and the victims of the wreck’. Rudiak says this proves that a disc-shaped craft was recovered.”

“However, perhaps more startling, he says it also corroborates the claims that extraterrestrial bodies were recovered from that wreck.”
A 1994 Government Accounting Office inquiry into the Roswell UFO incident confirmed that there was indeed a government cover-up effected by the release of the “weather balloon” story. The craft was actually a spy balloon, it was testified (per The Express), that sported listening and detection devices meant to be used to surveil Russia. The “weather balloon” story was concocted to hide the nature of the balloon’s actual purpose.

This follow-up explanation led to conspiracy theories that the government was again covering up the truth (a cover-up of a cover-up), simply altering the purpose of the so-called “balloon” to deflect from what was actually recovered in New Mexico.

Photograph experts at the Congressional inquiry also testified that the memo in General Ramey’s hand was illegible.

David Rudiak and his supporters now obviously believe otherwise, thus adding another layer to the convoluted story centered around the strange Roswell UFO crash.

Last year, Rojas reported via Open Minds TV that UFO researcher and author Kevin Randle posted a $10,000 reward for anyone who deciphered the Ramey memo.

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Roswell UFO BREAKTHROUGH? 'Welder at crash site saw TWO dead ALIENS in flying saucer'

EXCLUSIVE: A PAIR of dead aliens WERE found in the wreckage of a crashed flying saucer discovered by the US military at Roswell in 1947, it was sensationally claimed yesterday.

EXCLUSIVE: A PAIR of dead aliens WERE found in the wreckage of a crashed flying saucer discovered by the US military at Roswell in 1947, it was sensationally claimed yesterday.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has received a report from a retired engineer who claims to have interviewed a welder who "cut open" the flying saucer that reportedly crashed in the New Mexico desert, just outside Roswell, more than 69 years ago. In a detailed report, the engineer – who has not been named – claimed to have carried out the interview in 1970, 23 years after the legendary event. 
Roswell has been at the heart of the UFO scene since the military announced in a press release it had found the remains of a crashed flying saucer in the nearby desert, in July 1947. But the following day it retracted the statement, saying it was in fact a damaged US Air Force air balloon. Witnesses later came forward to say there had been alien bodies within the "crashed craft", which along with the wreckage were then taken to the mysterious top-secret Area 51 military base in Nevada. In the shock report to MUFON, the former engineer first explained why the interview came about.

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Update 05/16/17: Dulce & Other Underground Bases and Tunnels by William Hamilton III (Excerpt from Cosmic Top Secret by William H. Hamilton III

Dulce & Other Underground Bases and Tunnels
by William Hamilton III
(Excerpt from Cosmic Top Secret by William H. Hamilton III)
Underground Bases & Tunnels
Does a strange world exist beneath our feet? Strange legends have persisted for centuries about the mysterious cavern world and the equally strange beings who inhabit it.
More UFOlogists have considered the possibility that UFOs may be emanating from subterranean bases, that UFO aliens have constructed these bases to carry out various missions involving Earth or humans.
Belief in a subterranean world has been handed down as myth, tale, or rumor down the generations from all over the world. Some of these stories date back to ancient times and tell tales of fantastic flora and fauna that can be found in the caverns of ancient races. Socrates spoke of huge hollows within the Earth which are inhabited by man, and vast caverns which rivers flow.
A legendary large cavern supposedly exists below Kokoweef Peak in southwestern California. Earl Dorr, a miner and prospector, followed clues given to him by Indians. He entered Crystal Cave in the thirties and followed a passage down into Kokoweef Mountain until he attained a depth of about a mile. There, he entered a large cavern which he proceeded to explore for a distance of eight miles. At the bottom of the cavern, a river flowed, rising and falling with the lunar tides, and depositing black sands rich in placer gold along its banks. One day, crazed by fever, Dorr used dynamite to seal shut the entrance to his fabulous cavern, and started a legend that still lures men to seek the fabled wealth below Kokoweef.
Nowhere is the belief in a subterranean world more prevalent than with the Indians of North America. The Hopis believed they emerged from a world below the earth through a tunnel at the base of the San Francisco peaks near Flagstaff.
There are also legends about mysterious Mount Shasta in northern California. The mountain is said to have housed a race of surviving Lemurians who built a sanctuary in the depths of the earth to escape the catastrophes which befell them. These
Lumerians allied themselves with space travelers who built a saucer base inside the mountain.
Whether ancient cities exist in caverns below the earth is anyone's guess, but it's a fact that governments have built underground tunnels and facilities for a variety of reasons. The Chinese, Russians, Vietnamese all built subterranean tunnels and bases. It shouldn't come as a surprise that America has been building its own underground world.
An elusive report in the August 7, 1989 edition of U.S. News and World Report, reveals the secret plan to carry on government in case of a disaster. The plan is called "Continuity of Government" or COG. The article stated that COG is the government's ultimate insurance policy should Armageddon ever arrive, providing the program runs smoothly. In 1982, a new secret agency, the Defense Mobilization Planning Systems Agency was created and reports to the President. In the event of a nuclear attack, special teams equipped with war plans, military codes, and other essential data would accompany each designated presidential successor to secret command posts around the country. Besides the president, another 46 key officials named in the Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan (JEEP) would be evacuated. There are 50 of these underground command post bunkers located in 10 different regions of the country, and each is linked with others via satellite or ground-wave relays.
The U.S. Air Force sponsored research in deep underground construction as early as 1958. The RAND corporation carried out this research, and published proceedings from symposiums held on the subject of construction methods and equipment, utility installation, and the use of nuclear bursts to produce underground cavities.

UFOs, Greys, Anunnaki, and the UFO Highway with Anthony Sanchez

UFO and Alien researcher Anthony Sanchez discusses his own experience with extraterrestrials, as well as the UFO highway in New Mexico that includes the secret Dulce military base. We look at the Greys, and “fish people” of the Dogon cosmology, and see how humans are a genetic copy of alien blueprints in this uncensored Buzzsaw that explores the mysteries of the cosmos on Earth, hosted by Sean Stone.

A great concern to underground construction engineers was the problem of ventilation. They considered it advisable to take into account all types of ventilation contamination, and not just radioactive fallout. Underground works included ingresses, egresses, and accommodations. The first two are generally provided for by shafts or tunnels, while the third requires larger openings, such as halls, chambers, cells, vaults, or other open spaces. Many problems in design and construction are common to all three, but the problems associated with the larger openings in the rock, required for accommodation purposes, are generally more complex and difficult than those for the smaller openings of tunnels or shafts. Operation and maintenance of underground installations can also pose special problems.
Huge boring machines with large-diameter disc-grinders are used in constructing tunnels. Tunnels are needed to link one accommodation area to another, or one facility to another.
The English Chunnel project is the largest engineering project in Europe, and will link France and England through a three-tunnel railway. The eleven boring machines used in the project are so large and so long that they were assembled in underground areas 65 feet high. Six of the machines are digging the submarine tunnel between the Dover Strait and Pas de Calais and five are digging the land tunnels leading away from the channel to aboveground terminals. The front of the boring machine contains tungsten-tipped picks that workers guide with the use of laser projections on video screens.
These boring machines are like huge, steel-encased worms. Sealed in each machine are teams of 35 men who line the cavity of the tunnel with concrete and guide the muck down the track. The machines bore the hole, remove the earth, and pave the inside of the tunnel with precast concrete segments. The digging face of the machine is a 95-ton, 28-foot-6-inch diameter disc, divided into cutting blades. The borer is 300-feet long.

The September, 1983 Omni ran a picture story on the "Subterrene," a nuclear tunnel-boring machine developed at Los Alamos. The machine burrows through deep underground rock, heating it to a molten state (magma), which cools after the Subterrene moves on. The result is a tube with a smooth, glazed lining that can be used for the high-speed transport shuttles that link the sub-base complexes.
Interestingly enough, an inventor named Charles Kaempen has invented a composite pipe that has enormous tensile strength. Kaempen has developed an undersea transportation tube that uses his unique system of lock coupling and merely has to be laid on the sea floor, obviating the need for excavating and tunneling. He has made a proposal to Spain to link Spain and Morocco using his new tube technology.
Tunnel boring is undergoing a boom according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (Dec. 12, 1990). Susan Nelson, director of the American Underground Space Association is quoted in the article as saying, "There is simply a lot more interest in the world these days in tunneling and use of the underground in general." It says the underground is crowded with government-funded mega-projects and proposed projects. The Spanish want to put a tunnel through the Pryenees and bore a road to Morocco on the African coast. The Norwegians want to burrow under the fiords. The Japanese are toying with tunneling through to South Korea. The Canadians are building a tunnel from New Foundland to Prince Edwards Island. In America, there are 87 public-works projects planned in the next three years alone.
Phil Schneider Was Murdered in 1996 for This
Unfortunately, sometimes that's the only sort of confirmation that can lend credibility to someone who has broken government secrecy oaths. There are so many fakers out there who pretend to be whistleblowers that maybe Phil would have been lost in the shuffle but maybe it's time to highlight some of his information again.
Here's a URL where you can  find a bunch of his lectures on film:
Here's an audio link interview with  Al Bielek about his friendship with Phil and the circumstances around his death:
Some of this stuff is featured on disinfo sites, which is unfortunate, and there are some who will scream that Al Bielek is a liar.  Since there's no way to validate or cross reference information from people who have broken secrecy oaths they can't be said  to be speaking with authority but Carol adn I have used a lot of the information we got from our conversation with  Al Bielek and we've never had cause to doubt his integrity.
I'm going to post some of the notes from Phil's Denver workshop, then will transcribe more and post again: Phil Schneider
Phil Schneider and Son

E.T.s, UFOs, and New World Order Technology; an Overview--1940 to the Present (1995)
Ex-government worker: 17 years in Black Projects (‘Skunkworks’) helping design and build extremely deep underground bases.
Structural engineer, aeronautical and military applications (US Air Force and Navy).
Graduate of Missouri University and University of Manchester (UK)
After recovering from wounds received in 1979,  also worked for Aerospatial (French  gov’t agency)
Main job, before being wounded, was building underground and submarine bases.  Analyzed rock formations and grain structure suitable for blasting large chambers. Notes that much of the excavation was done by shaped charges and lasers.

Father  (Oskar Schneider)  was a German U-Boat commander who was  responsible for sinking 131 Allied ships.   Was captured by the French in 1941 and turned over to 3d Army, who turned him over to Naval Intelligence in Pensacola, Florida. Was recruited for Navy black projects, ended up as ‘US Navy medical officer’ for Project Rainbow (Philadelphia Experiment) with rank of captain.  Continued working for the navy until his death in 1993. Was one of the principle engineers for the first nuclear submarines.
References Richard Souter’s book on underground bases and nuclear-powered tunneling machines.
His father urged Phil to get into black projects but he became a construction worker, spent some time doing that in Viet Nam during the war, where he said he made ten times what a construction worker got paid in the US at the time.  Was injured in 1970 and recuperated by 75, then went to work for a contracting company that was building underground bases.  The first underground bases and missile bases were gold mines.  The missile silos were built around the old vertical air shafts.
Suggested that the squeamish  in the audience leave at this point, then began talking about DUM (‘deep underground military’) bases in depth.
Each base averages about 4.25 cubic miles in volume at an average depth of 5,000 feet.  At the time there were 131 of these in the US, 129 of which were fully operational.
Strategically located; first ones were built to protect the president and gov’t officials.  Since there are only 11,000 politicians and bureaucrats considered worth saving, and that only one base would be needed for that many [parasites] and their families it’s obvious that  there are other purposes for the bases.  Some had already been used to house aliens.

DULCE Underground Alien Bases - Security Officer Discloses his Evidence. YouTube

Government doesn't want the public to know about their alliance with predatory aliens because: 1) they say it will panic the masses; 2) it’s obvious that these aliens had been arriving in large numbers since 1946 and perhaps earlier.
Bikini Atoll [site of the first H-bomb test blast] was the location of an enormous, ’unauthorized’ alien underground/underwater base. This was known since March, 1940.  Those islands were Japanese possessions from the end of WWI to the end of WWII, by the way. The Japanese had encounters with predatory aliens and, just like was happening in occupied Europe at the time, the aliens were stealing people off the streets [Al Bielek showed Carol and I a wartime newspaper from Holland telling about the abductions].  It apparently got so bad that some in  the Japanese gov’t hoped the Americans would take back the alien-occupied territory and deal with the off world predators.
Alien agenda has been the takeover of the planet by various off world races and species. The US Gov’t has known about this perhaps as early as 1933. Patton and MacArthur had advised that the ‘next world war’ would be fought against ‘people from the stars.’ HG Wells and others wrote science fiction books about this much earlier.
US Cavalry, while chasing bandits, found paintings of aliens and their flying craft in caves near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, in 1905.
Government’s own alien agenda [mostly a close alliance with off world predators?] has been concealed from the public by a structure of lies and innuendo.  Quotes Georg Washington:  A public that is uninformed is devoted to slavery.
Schneider suggests that we simply have to become better informed and that taking a little time, daily, to absorb credible information will generate a snowball effect, leading to more and more information.
62 of the bases house the tall and short gray aliens and their craft.  Gov’t engineers and scientists (mainly US Air Force and Navy) are breaking down their technology to apply to their own uses:
Airframes of the F117 and Stealth Bomber are made from alien metals.  Skins are made from a rubber/graphite material combined with [alien derived] element 123, which is extremely stable.
He shared a board full of photos of  the newer craft, including a lineup of 58 Stealth Bombers (half the total in the air force) in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm.  When stored, the bombers need to be kept at around 60 degrees but the skin is stable even when white hot due to friction caused by high  speed. Crystals form on the skin during those times and these crystal structures aren’t found on earth.
Some of this stuff came from the Russians, who also have an arrangement with  aliens.

One of the pioneers of the stealth project was Paul Denowitz [name sounds like that--the sound quality of the video is pretty poor].  He tried to publicize the alien agenda but was warehoused in a mental institution, then, and was turned into a vegetable.  His family spent a million dollars looking for him after he disappeared into the trunk of a car. US Air Force apparently is responsible. Denowitz developed the shape, also the bomb attachments
Jets were both turbine and nuclear (for extremely high flight).  In the Gulf War, 58 stealth fighters flew 3,706 sorties; 100% of the bombs hit their targets and 100% of the missiles hit their targets, mainly Iraqi Air Force.  Only one plane was damaged (a missile grazed the nose) but it was not disabled.

Anthony Sanchez the Anunnaki and Grey Alien Agenda

Anthony Sanchez the Anunnaki and Grey Alien Agenda. Anthony F. Sanchez received his BSc. in Computer Information Systems from Western Governors University of Salt Lake City, UT in 2008. In addition to being a Software Consultant for the State of California through his own company, Anthony has been employed for 16 years as a Software Engineer working for 3Com, Intel, Acer, Netscape Communications, and Hewlett Packard performing high level software development supporting scientific engineering and business intelligence projects.

He became interested in UFOs back in 1989, at the time Area 51 surfaced as a public phenomenon. Since 2000 he has researched the subject matter thoroughly employing various scientific methods and hands on approaches, thus compiling over 20 years worth of UFO related research data.

For the purposes of augmenting his knowledge on Human Origins, Anthony has also studied in detail, ancient Hebrew religious texts such as the Old Testament Bible, and gospels from the the Dead Sea Scrolls such as the 'book of Giants', and 'book of Enoch'. He has also studied famous Sumerian-Babylonian translations such as the Enuma Elish, and the Atra-Hasis as well as numerous Akkadian Mesopotamian cylinder seals and Akkadian cuneiform inscriptions.

Each year he is a regular visitor to the deserts of the American Southwest, visiting crash sites conducting interviews, and performing scientific field work. His most recent interviews include the likes of fellow investigative UFO researchers, Norio Hayakawa, and Joerg Arnu. His work represents an unbiased and impartial reporting style ensuring he uncovers every aspect of every story. For more information about Dr. Rita please visit

At the time of the lecture, the air force had 779 of these and had been building one every two months. Cost  (1995) was $208 million,  each.
Introduced 3D radar and carries Cray computer.  Thought-directed controls and commands; tech  received from Russians.
Aurora Project:
Capable of 40,000mph and can enter space.   Mach  3 was a limiting barrier because at that speed the air ignites, which is why meteors leave a flame trail in the atmosphere.  This plane flies at Mach 6.  
Aliens made treaties with governments in 1954, exchanging technology for animal tissue harvests.  Says that the first time he encountered  a tall gray on the job he was terrified. Later he found out that aliens can be killed--during a battle he emptied his pistol clip into a couple of them and while he was putting another ammo clip in his pistol he was struck with  a beam that vaporized several fingers and made a hole in his chest [more on that later in the film].  He was hospitalized for 57 days and spent a couple of years recuperating after that [in this film he didn‘t show the chest scars but in another film he removed his shirt and held his damaged hand over the chest scars to demonstrate the ‘match.’].
More on Bikini Atoll:   A photo of the neutron flash shows a large spaceship at the outer edge of the ball of white light.  He shares several other photos of nuclear blasts that show various sizes of space vehicles exiting the areas in the moment.
The black ops guys  were lying to Congress about aliens and UFOs as early as 1946, a year before the Roswell incident.
Describes some of the ‘tophat’ type disc craft in some of the photos of nuke blasts..  These have nuclear-powered engines.  Speeds of tophat craft were measured at 13,000mph, smaller (white dot) craft were moving at 40,000mph away from the blasts. A rare overview photo of a blast clearly shows several craft highlighted against the background of the initial blast. A lot of the early nuclear ‘tests’ were actually attacks against underground and underwater alien bases, in other words.
Initial nuke blasts warp time itself.
Typical of all nuke bomb explosions over populated areas is the image of a human face in the resulting cloud.   Lots of the fleeing alien craft were photographed leaving the area when the US nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Japan was infested with aliens by then.
Large quantities of humans have disappeared since before WWII.  They’re mostly taken by aliens. The Rand Corporation documents this and  Dr John Mack effectively  uncovered the agenda to the public. Most abductees are women.


To read more information about the Shadow Government black budget underground base project; click on the link below:

    Charles E. Wharry (Darkbird18)

Charles E. Wharry (Darkbird18);

I have been looking at this information for some time know and didn’t want to post this information because it seams so unreal and can’t be in any way the truth about UFO’s or is it?? The more research I have done on UFO’s and what this whole issue means; it gets stranger and more way out then anything I could imagine  that is real in our world! But is so impossible that something has been going on just right under our feet so crazy? I don’t know but I know this, the Information is coming out from all over the world because of the New Information Age, which the Internet is a key player in this new game of Information know how. All I can say is keep an opening mind and remember the X-files and the Matrix because there is more to us human being then what they have been telling US! Fight the future!  Read more from the Whale a underground search engine by clicking on the link below and the Phil Schneider Was Murdered in 1996 for This link to get the story……………………………………

Dulce & Other Underground Bases and Tunnels by William Hamilton III (Excerpt from Cosmic Top Secret by William H. Hamilton III

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New Updated 04/29/2017| Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated by William Lyne

[pdf Whale]
[pdf Scribd] Lyne - Occult Science Dictatorship - The Official State Science Religion and How To Get Excommunicat
Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated by William Lyne
This book is about how powerful economic interests, which also control the government, the mass media and academic institutions, have used scientific thought-control to suppress freeenergy technology. The UFO is only the most glaring and remarkable example. If you are intelligent enough to realize that man-made UFOs exist, then you know that "free energy inventions work", because a UFO is a free energy invention.
A believer in man-made UFOs, who doesn't happen to share a belief in space aliens as the responsible—or even the partially responsible—parties, is made to feel uncomfortable when among those of a UFOlogy gathering, sort of like an Atheist at a fundamentalist Christian revival meeting, or a microbiologist at a witch-doctor convention.

BooksOccult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated by William Lyne
Pentagon Aliens by William Lyne
Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion Systems and the Conspiracy to Conceal It by William Lyne
Is there a "Secret Physics" with a different set of rules that have been hidden away from us earlier in this century by a powerful elite who fear the technology based on it will strip away their power and wealth and liberate us from their grip? Dynamite comes in small packages, and this little stick of scientific dynamite blows apart pseudo-scientific myths and instills the truth. Documents Nikola Tesla's discovery of electro-propulsion in 1894.
William R. Lyne
Cerro Circle 31-B Lamy, NM 87540
Phone / Fax: (505) 466-3022
QuotesThe so-called "sceptics" of CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, headed by Klass) are not true sceptics, but rather a clandestinely controlled false propaganda operation of the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence, a branch of the CIA's Science Directorate, under its Clandestine Services, Operations Division). Their operations within the continental U.S. are illegal under the U.S. constitution, but if you read the so-called "national security" laws, you'll see that Congress has betrayed 'We the People' by agreeing to the passage of legislation which permits this betrayal, by allowing pretty much anything the "spooks" want to do. These laws are completely VOID, because Congress has absolutely NO JURISDICTION to pass any law which contravenes constitutional prohibitions against the violation of our INVIOLABLE (human, natural) BILL OF RIGHTS, so they are all liable for prosecution by the PEOPLE for their TREASON.
..... A true "sceptic"---in the original sense, as elucidated by the parallel writings of Valmiki, of ancient India, and Socrates, of ancient Greece---should question everything. CSICOP supports the official government denial of the existence of man-made electro-propulsive flying saucers, and is a covert creation of the government---involving the CIA, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Science Foundation, etc. The only thing they are "skeptical" of are the assertions of the Alien Believers---spawned by the government's own 1947 Roswell press releases---and the assertions of the other paranormalists, also "designed" by covert government operatives. This at best is pseudo-scepticism, at worst, a massive criminal fraud perpetrated by the government upon the people.  A TRUTH SEEKER GOES TO ROSWELL by William Lyne
The Pogue carburetor was tested in 1935. A V-8 Ford coupe, driven from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Vancouver, B.C. Canada, got 130 miles per gallon. The government grabbed the carburetor and put it on the Sherman Tank, as WW II began. The tanks got 70 miles per gallon. [pdf] Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated by William Lyne
Government Thought-Control of Scientists and Professionals:  This is a two-pronged, "divide-and-conquer" strategy carried out through two teams of covert propaganda agents, which I call the "Pseudo-Skeptics" and the "Pseudo-Paranormalists". The Pseudo-Skeptics pose as members and leaders of the intelligentsia, while the Pseudo-Paranormalists pose as members and leaders of the public's grass-roots "alternative" community. The message of the Pseudo-Skeptics also coincides with the government's "official, public" position on science, while the message of the Pseudo-Paranormalists is intended to represent irrationality, mixed with things like the worst kind of religious superstition and paranoia—to make the government's position seem more rational by comparison—and things the government wishes to discourage though ridicule heaped upon them by the Dupe-Intelligentsia (unwitting or useful educated idiots). [pdf] Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated by William Lyne
What we presently have appears to be a "covert" totalitarian in which the dictat is so deceptive that the average citizen is completely unaware of it, and those of us who are aware of it are called "paranoid". The degree of this thought-control is greater than that exercised in terms of the prohibition of freedom of expression in the former Soviet Union. [pdf] Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated by William Lyne


William Lyne was born in Big Spring, Texas and raised in West Texas oil boom towns and ranching country. His bio states that he had a Top Secret clearance in Air Force Intelligence, earned a B.S. degree with a double major in Art and Industrial Technology from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, acquired an M.F.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Texas at Austin in 1969, and has lived in New Mexico for over 28 years. In 1975, he rejected a high-paying and prestigious executive CIA position offered by then director George Bush, because he believes the National Security Act of 1947 is an illegal betrayal of American Sovereignty and liberty, and that the flying saucer, as man's greatest invention, should be enjoyed by all. In the first hour, we discuss occult ether physics and Tesla's hidden space propulsion system and the conspiracy to conceal it. He talks about how the secret government—a fraudulently concealed, unconstitutional, corporate-state entity—has controlled electropulsion technology by concealing it and other advanced free energy technology, on behalf of international, coercive, corporate-state monopolists. In the member's hour, we'll hear about the occult science dictatorship. William says powerful economic interests, which also control the government, the mass media and academic institutions, have used scientific thought-control for sinister means. This includes the invention of scientific and metaphysical theories that lead to nowhere. William shares his experiences with UFOs, which he says are man-made. He also talks about propaganda surrounding aliens, which is all part of a plot to conceal technology.

INTRODUCTION ....................................................................................1
CHAPTER I - UFO Counterintelligence: Plugging Leaks in "Official" UFO History ...................................17
CHAPTER II - Disappearing Tesla:
The Burial of Tesla and His discoveries...................................... 24
Tesla's Extraction of Cosmic Energy.... ....................................... 31
CHAPTER III - Concealed Energy:
The Second Lie of Thermodynamics ............................................38
The Universe is Winding Down ...................................................42
Advent of "SMS" .......................................................................... 48
Isolated Systems and Irreversible Processes Forever?.. ....... ......50
Disappearing Mass?....................................................................... 53
Lyne's Hypothesis... ...................................................................... 58
CHAPTER IV - Secret Science:
Thought-Control on the Professional Level .................................64
Epistemology ................................................................................ .64
Thought-Control of Scientists and Professionals .........................70
CHAPTER V - "Alien Visitors":
Thought-Control on The Grass Roots Level......... ,.................... 76
CHAPTER VI - The Roswell Hoax:
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Global Research, July 5, 2010
This is the third and final part of the series, “The Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom.”Part 1: The Global Political Awakening and the New World Order – Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom
We are in the midst of the most explosive development in all of human history. Humanity is experiencing a simultaneously opposing and conflicting geopolitical transition, the likes of which has never before been anticipated or experienced.
Historically, the story of humanity has been the struggle between the free-thinking individual and structures of power controlled by elites that seek to dominate land, resources and people. The greatest threat to elites at any time – historically and presently – is an awakened, critically thinking and politically stimulated populace. This threat has manifested itself throughout history, in different places and at different times. Ideas of freedom, democracy, civil and human rights, liberty and equality have emerged in reaction and opposition to power structures and elite systems of control.
The greatest triumphs of the human mind – whether in art, science or thought – have arisen out of and challenged great systems of power and control. The greatest of human misery and tragedy has arisen out of the power structures and systems that elites always seek to construct and manage. War, genocide, persecution and human degradation are directly the result of decisions made by those who control the apparatus of power, whether the power manifests itself as intellectual, ecclesiastical, spiritual, militaristic, or scientific. The most malevolent and ruthless power is that over the free human mind: if one controls how one thinks, they control the individual itself. The greatest human achievements are where individuals have broken free the shackles that bind the mind and let loose the inherent and undeniable power that lies in each and every individual on this small little planet.
Currently, our world is at the greatest crossroads our species has ever experienced. We are in the midst of the first truly global political awakening, in which for the first time in all of human history, all of mankind is politically awakened and stirring; in which whether inadvertently or intentionally, people are thinking and acting in political terms. This awakening is most evident in the developing world, having been made through personal experience to be acutely aware of the great disparities, disrespect, and domination inherent in global power structures. The awakening is spreading increasingly to the west itself, as the majority of the people living in the western developed nations are thrown into poverty and degradation. The awakening will be forced upon all people all over the world. Nothing, no development, ever in human history, has posed such a monumental threat to elite power structures.
This awakening is largely driven by the Technological Revolution, which through technology and electronics, in particular mass media and the internet, have made it so that people across the world are able to become aware of global issues and gain access to information from around the world. The Technological Revolution, thus, has fostered an Information Revolution which has, in turn, fed the global political awakening.
Simultaneously, the Technological Revolution has led to another unique and unprecedented development in human history, and one that is diametrically opposed, yet directly related to the global political awakening. For the first time in human history, free humanity is faced with the dominating threat of a truly global elite, who have at their hands the technology to impose a truly global system of control: a global scientific dictatorship. The great danger is that through the exponential growth in scientific techniques, elites will use these great new powers to control and dominate all of humanity in such a way that has never before been experienced.
Through all of human history, tyrants have used coercive force and terror to control populations. With the Technological Revolution, elites increasingly have the ability to control the very biology and psychology of the individual to a point where it may not be necessary to impose a system of terror, but rather where the control is implemented on a much deeper, psychological, subliminal and individual biological manner. While terror can prevent people from opposing power for a while, the scientific dictatorship can create a personal psycho-social condition in which the individual comes to love his or her own slavery; in which, like a mentally inferior pet, they are made to love their leaders and accept their servitude.
So we are presented with a situation in which humanity is faced with both the greatest threat and the greatest hope that we have ever collectively experienced in our short human history. This essay, the third part in the series, “The Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom,” examines the ideas behind the global scientific dictatorship, and how it may manifest itself presently and in the future, with a particular focus on the emergence of ‘new eugenics’ as a system of mass control.
Free humanity faces the most monumental decision we have ever been presented with: do we feed and fuel the global political awakening into a true human psycho-social revolution of the mind, creating a new global political economy which empowers and liberates all of humanity; or… do we fall silently into a ‘brave new world’ of a global scientific oppression, the likes of which have never before been experienced, and whose dominance would never be more difficult to challenge and overcome?
We can either find a true freedom, or descend into a deep despotism. We are not powerless before this great ideational beast. We have, at our very fingertips the ability to use technology to our benefit and to re-shape the world so that it benefits the people of the world and not simply the powerful. It must be freedom for all or freedom for none.
What is the ‘Scientific Dictatorship’?
In 1932, Aldous Huxley wrote his dystopian novel, “Brave New World,” in which he looked at the emergence of the scientific dictatorships of the future. In his 1958 essay, “Brave New World Revisited,” Huxley examined how far the world had come in that short period since his book was published, and where the world was heading. Huxley wrote that:
In politics the equivalent of a fully developed scientific theory or philosophical system is a totalitarian dictatorship. In economics, the equivalent of a beautifully composed work of art is the smoothly running factory in which the workers are perfectly adjusted to the machines. The Will to Order can make tyrants out of those who merely aspire to clear up a mess. The beauty of tidiness is used as a justification for despotism.[1]
Huxley explained that, “The future dictator’s subjects will be painlessly regimented by a corps of highly trained social engineers,” and he quotes one “advocate of this new science” as saying that, “The challenge of social engineering in our time is like the challenge of technical engineering fifty years ago. If the first half of the twentieth century was the era of technical engineers, the second half may well be the era of social engineers.” Thus, proclaims Huxley, “The twenty-first century, I suppose, will be the era of World Controllers, the scientific caste system and Brave New World.”[2]
In 1952, Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher, historian, mathematician, and social critic wrote the book, “The Impact of Science on Society,” in which he warned and examined how science, and the technological revolution, was changing and would come to change society. In his book, Russell explained that:
I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology. Mass psychology is, scientifically speaking, not a very advanced study… This study is immensely useful to practical men, whether they wish to become rich or to acquire the government. It is, of course, as a science, founded upon individual psychology, but hitherto it has employed rule-of-thumb methods which were based upon a kind of intuitive common sense. Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called ‘education’. Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the Press, the cinema and the radio play an increasing part.
What is essential in mass psychology is the art of persuasion. If you compare a speech of Hitler’s with a speech of (say) Edmund Burke, you will see what strides have been made in the art since the eighteenth century. What went wrong formerly was that people had read in books that man is a rational animal, and framed their arguments on this hypothesis. We now know that limelight and a brass band do more to persuade than can be done by the most elegant train of syllogisms. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.
This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship.[3]
Russell went on to analyze the question of whether a ‘scientific dictatorship’ is more stable than a democracy, on which he postulated:
Apart from the danger of war, I see no reason why such a regime should be unstable. After all, most civilised and semi-civilised countries known to history have had a large class of slaves or serfs completely subordinate to their owners. There is nothing in human nature that makes the persistence of such a system impossible. And the whole development of scientific technique has made it easier than it used to be to maintain a despotic rule of a minority. When the government controls the distribution of food, its power is absolute so long as it can count on the police and the armed forces. And their loyalty can be secured by giving them some of the privileges of the governing class. I do not see how any internal movement of revolt can ever bring freedom to the oppressed in a modern scientific dictatorship.[4]
Drawing on the concept popularized by Aldous Huxley – of people loving their servitude – Bertrand Russell explained that under a scientific dictatorship:
It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished… Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.[5]
Russell explained that, “The completeness of the resulting control over opinion depends in various ways upon scientific technique. Where all children go to school, and all schools are controlled by the government, the authorities can close the minds of the young to everything contrary to official orthodoxy.”[6] Russell later proclaimed in his book that, “a scientific world society cannot be stable unless there is a world government.”[7] He elaborated:
Unless there is a world government which secures universal birth control, there must be from time to time great wars, in which the penalty of defeat is widespread death by starvation. That is exactly the present state of the world, and some may hold that there is no reason why it should not continue for centuries. I do not myself believe that this is possible. The two great wars that we have experienced have lowered the level of civilization in many parts of the world, and the next is pretty sure to achieve much more in this direction. Unless, at some stage, one power or group of powers emerges victorious and proceeds to establish a single government of the world with a monopoly of armed force, it is clear that the level of civilization must continually decline until scientific warfare becomes impossible – that is until science is extinct.[8]
Russell explains that eugenics plays a central feature in the construction of any world government scientific dictatorship, stating that, “Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.”[9]
In a 1962 speech at UC Berkeley, Aldous Huxley spoke about the real world becoming the ‘Brave New World’ nightmare he envisaged. Huxley spoke primarily of the ‘Ultimate Revolution’ that focuses on ‘behavioural controls’ of people. Huxley said of the ‘Ultimate Revolution’:
In the past, we can say, that all revolutions have essentially aimed at changing the environment in order to change the individual. There’s been the political revolution, the economic revolution . . . the religious revolution. All these aimed as I say not directly at the human being but at his surroundings, so by modifying his surroundings you did achieve – at one remove – an effect upon the human being.
Today, we are faced, I think, with the approach of what may be called the ‘Ultimate Revolution’ – the ‘Final Revolution’ – where man can act directly on the mind-body of his fellows. Well needless to say some kind of direct action on human mind-bodies has been going on since the beginning of time, but this has generally been of a violent nature. The techniques of terrorism have been known from time immemorial, and people have employed them with more-or-less ingenuity, sometimes with utmost crudity, sometimes with a good deal of skill acquired with a process of trial and error – finding out what the best ways of using torture, imprisonments, constraints of various kinds . . .
If you are going to control any population for any length of time, you must have some measure of consent. It’s exceedingly difficult to see how pure terrorism can function indefinitely, it can function for a fairly long time; but sooner or later you have to bring in an element of persuasion, an element of getting people to consent to what is happening to them.
Well it seems to me the nature of the Ultimate Revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: that we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques, which will enable the controlling oligarchy – who have always existed and will presumably always exist – to get people to love their servitude. This is the ultimate in malevolent revolution…
There seems to be a general movement in the direction of this kind of Ultimate Control, this method of control, by which people can be made to enjoy a state of affairs by which any decent standard they ought not to enjoy; the enjoyment of servitude . . .
I am inclined to think that the scientific dictatorships of the future – and I think there are going to be scientific dictatorships in many parts of the world – will be probably a good deal nearer to the Brave New World pattern than to the 1984 pattern. They will be a good deal nearer, not because of any humanitarian qualms in the scientific dictators, but simply because the ‘brave new world’ pattern is probably a good deal more efficient than the other. That if you can get people to consent to the state of affairs in which they are living – the state of servitude – if you can do this, then you are likely to have a much more stable, a much more lasting society; much more easily controllable society than you would if you were relying wholly on clubs, and firing squads and concentration camps.[10]
In 1961, President Eisenhower delivered his farewell address to the nation in which he warned of the dangers to democracy posed by the military-industrial complex: the interconnected web of industry, the military, and politics creating the conditions for constant war. In that same speech, Eisenhower warned America and the world of another important change in society:
Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.
The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.
Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.[11]
In 1970, Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote about “the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society,” in the “technetronic revolution”; explaining:
Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific know-how. Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Under such circumstances, the scientific and technological momentum of the country would not be reversed but would actually feed on the situation it exploits.[12]
New Eugenics
Many sciences and large social movements are directed by the same foundations and money that financed the eugenics movement in the early 20th century. The Rockefeller foundations, Ford, Carnegie, Mellon, Harriman, and Morgan money that flowed into eugenics led directly to ‘scientific racism,’ and ultimately the Holocaust in World War II.[13] Following the Holocaust, Hitler had discredited the eugenics movement he admired so much in America. So the movement branched off into forming several other social engineering projects: population control, genetics, and environmentalism. The same foundations that laid the foundations for eugenic ideology – the belief in a biological superiority and right to rule (justifying their power) – then laid the foundations for these and other new social and scientific movements.
Major environmental and conservation organizations were founded with Rockefeller and Ford Foundation money,[14] which then continued to be central sources of funding to this day; while the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was founded in 1961 by Sir Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley’s brother, who was also the President of the British Eugenics Society. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands became the organization’s first president. Prince Bernhard also happened to be one of the founders of the elite global think tank, the Bilderberg Group, which he co-founded in 1954; and he was previous to that, a member of the Nazi Party and an SS officer.[15] Sir Julian Huxley also happened to be the first Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). In 1946, Huxley wrote a paper titled, “UNESCO: It’s Purpose and its Philosophy.” In it, he wrote that the general focus of UNESCO:
is to help the emergence of a single world culture, with its own philosophy and background of ideas, and with its own broad purpose. This is opportune, since this is the first time in history that the scaffolding and the mechanisms for world unification have become available, and also the first time that man has had the means (in the shape of scientific discovery and its applications) of laying a world-wide foundation for the minimum physical welfare of the entire human species…[16]
At the moment, it is probable that the indirect effect of civilization is dysgenic instead of eugenic; and in any case it seems likely that the dead weight of genetic stupidity, physical weakness, mental instability, and disease-proneness, which already exist in the human species, will prove too great a burden for real progress to be achieved. Thus even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for Unesco to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable…[17]
Still another and quite different type of borderline subject is that of eugenics. It has been on the borderline between the scientific and the unscientific, constantly in danger of becoming a pseudo- science based on preconceived political ideas or on assumptions of racial or class superiority and inferiority. It is, however, essential that eugenics should be brought entirely within the borders of science, for, as already indicated, in the not very remote future the problem of improving the average quality of human beings is likely to become urgent; and this can only be accomplished by applying the findings of a truly scientific eugenics…[18]
It is worth pointing out that the applications of science at once bring us up against social problems of various sorts. Some of these are direct and obvious. Thus the application of genetics in eugenics immediately raises the question of values- what qualities should we desire to encourage in the human beings of the future?[19]
On page 6 of the UNESCO document, Sir Julian Huxley wrote that, “in order to carry out its work, an organization such as Unesco needs not only a set of general aims and objects for itself, but also a working philosophy, a working hypothesis concerning human existence and its aims and objects, which will dictate, or at least indicate, a definite line of approach to its problems.”[20] While much of the language of equality and education sounds good and benevolent, it is based upon a particular view of humanity as an irrational, emotionally driven organism which needs to be controlled. Thus, the ‘principle of equality’ becomes “The Fact of Inequality”:
Finally we come to a difficult problem-that of discovering how we can reconcile our principle of human equality with the biological fact of human inequality… The democratic principle of equality, which is also Unesco’s, is a principle of equality of opportunity-that human beings should be equal before the law, should have equal opportunities for education, for making a living, for freedom of expression and movement and thought. The biological absence of equality, on the other hand, concerns the natural endowments of man and the fact of genetic difference in regard to them.
There are instances of biological inequality which are so gross that they cannot be reconciled at all with the principle of equal opportunity. Thus low-grade mental defectives cannot be offered equality of educational opportunity, nor are the insane equal with the sane before the law or in respect of most freedoms. However, the full implications of the fact of human inequality have not often been drawn and certainly need to be brought out here, as they are very relevant to Unesco’s task.[21]
Many of these “genetic inequalities” revolve around the idea of intellectual superiority: the idea that there is no equality among the intellectually inferior and superior. That inequality is derived from human biology – from genetics; it is a “human fact.” It just so happens that elites who propagate this ideology, also happen to view the masses as intellectually inferior; thus, there can be no social equality in a world with a technological intellectual elite. So eugenics must be employed, as the UENSCO paper explains, to address the issues of raising human welfare to a manageable level; that the time will come where elites will need to address the whole of humanity as a single force, and with a single voice. Eugenics is about the social organization and control of humanity. Ultimately, eugenics is about the engineering of inequality. In genetics, elites found a way to take discrimination down to the DNA.
Genetics as Eugenics
Award-winning author and researcher, Edwin Black, wrote an authoritative history of eugenics in his book, “War Against the Weak,” in which he explained that, “the incremental effort to transform eugenics into human genetics forged an entire worldwide infrastructure,” with the founding of the Institute for Human Genetics in Copenhagen in 1938, led by Tage Kemp, a Rockefeller Foundation eugenicist, and was financed with money from the Rockefeller Foundation.[22] While not abandoning the eugenics goals, the new re-branded eugenics movement “claimed to be eradicating poverty and saving the environment.”[23]
In a 2001 issue of Science Magazine, Garland Allen, a scientific historian, wrote about genetics as a modern form of eugenics. He began by citing a 1998 article in Time Magazine which proclaimed that, “Personality, temperament, even life choices. New studies show it’s mostly in your genes.” Garland explains the implications:
Coat-tailing on major advances in genetic biotechnology, these articles portray genetics as the new “magic bullet” of biomedical science that will solve many of our recurrent social problems. The implication is that these problems are largely a result of the defective biology of individuals or even racial or ethnic groups. If aggressive or violent behavior is in the genes, so the argument goes, then the solution lies in biomedical intervention–gene therapy in the distant future and pharmacotherapy (replacing the products of defective genes with drug substitutes) in the immediate future.
By promoting such claims, are we heading toward a new version of eugenics? Are we getting carried away with the false promise of a technological fix for problems that really lie in the structure of our society? My answer to these questions is “yes,” but with some important qualifications that derive from the different historical and social contexts of the early 1900s and the present…
The term eugenics was coined in 1883 by the Victorian polymath Francis Galton, geographer, statistician, and first cousin of Charles Darwin. It meant to him “truly- or well-born,” and referred to a plan to encourage the “best people” in society to have more children (positive eugenics) and to discourage or prevent the “worst elements” of society from having many, if any, children (negative eugenics). Eugenics became solidified into a movement in various countries throughout the world in the first three decades of the 20th century, but nowhere more solidly than in the United States and, after World War I, in Germany.[24]
While genetic traits such as eye colour and the like were proven to be hereditary, “eugenicists were more interested in the inheritance of social behaviors, intelligence, and personality.” Further:
American eugenicists also strove to disseminate the results of eugenic research to the public and to lawmakers. They supported the idea of positive eugenics [encouraging the ‘best’ to become better], but focused most of their energies on negative eugenics [to encourage the ‘worst’ to become fewer]. Eugenicists wrote hundreds of articles for popular magazines, published dozens of books for the general (and some for the scientific) reader, prepared exhibits for schools and state fairs, made films, and wrote sermons and novels.[25]
American eugenicists, fully backed by the financial support of the major American philanthropic fortunes, passed eugenics legislation in over 27 states across the United States, often in the form of forced sterilizations for the mentally ‘inferior’, so that, “By the 1960s, when most of these laws were beginning to be repealed, more than 60,000 people had been sterilized for eugenic purposes.” As Garland Allen wrote:
For the wealthy benefactors that supported eugenics, such as the Carnegie, Rockefeller, Harriman, and Kellogg philanthropies, eugenics provided a means of social control in a period of unprecedented upheaval and violence. It was these same economic elites and their business interests who introduced scientific management and organizational control into the industrial sector
[In 1994] we saw the resurrection of claims that there are genetic differences in intelligence between races, leading to different socio-economic status. Claims about the genetic basis for criminality, manic depression, risk-taking, alcoholism, homosexuality, and a host of other behaviors have also been rampant in scientific and especially popular literature. Much of the evidence for such claims is as controversial today as in the past.
We seem to be increasingly unwilling to accept what we view as imperfection in ourselves and others. As health care costs skyrocket, we are coming to accept a bottom-line, cost-benefit analysis of human life. This mind-set has serious implications for reproductive decisions. If a health maintenance organization (HMO) requires in utero screening, and refuses to cover the birth or care of a purportedly “defective” child, how close is this to eugenics? If gene or drug therapy is substituted for improving our workplace or school environments, our diets and our exercise practices, how close is this to eugenics? Significant social changes are expensive, however. If eugenics means making reproductive decisions primarily on the basis of social cost, then we are well on that road.[26]
Genetics unleash an unprecedented power into human hands: the power of unnatural creation and the manipulation of biology. We do not yet fully understand nor comprehend the implications of genetic manipulation in our food, plants, animals, and in humans, themselves. What is clear is that we are changing the very biology of our environment and ourselves in it. While there are many clear and obvious benefits to genetic technology, such as the ability to enhance ailing senses (sight, hearing, etc.) and cure diseases, the positive must be examined and discussed with the negative repercussions of genetic manipulation so as to better direct the uses of this powerful technology.
Debates on issues such as stem-cell research and genetic manipulation often focus on a science versus religion aspect, where science seeks to benevolently cure mankind of its ailments and religion seeks to preserve the sanctity of ‘creation’. This is an irrational and narrow manner to conduct a real debate on this monumental issue, painting the issue as black and white, which it most certainly is not. Science can be used for good as well as bad, and human history, most especially that of the 20th century, is nothing if not evidence for that fact. Incredible scientific ingenuity went into the creation of great weapons; the manipulation of the atom to kill millions in an instant, or the manufacturing of biological and chemical weapons. The problem with the interaction of science and power is that with such great power comes the temptation to use and abuse it. If the ability to create a weapon like an atom bomb seems possible, most certainly there are those who seek to make it probable. Where there is temptation, there is human weakness.
So while genetics can be used for benevolent purposes and for the betterment of humankind, so too can it be used to effectively create a biological caste system, where in time it would be feasible to see a break in the human race, where as human advancement technologies become increasingly available, their use is reserved to the elite so that there comes a time where there is a biological separation in the human species. Oliver Curry, an evolutionary theorist from the London School of Economics predicted that “the human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000” and that, “The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures.”[27] Such was the plot of H.G. Wells’ classic book, “The Time Machine,” who was himself, a prominent eugenicist at the turn of the 20th century. While this would be a long time from now, its potential results from the decisions we make today.
Population Control as Eugenics
Not only was the field of genetics born of eugenics, and heavily financed by the same monied-interests that seek social control; but so too was the field of population control. In environmental literature and rhetoric, one concept that has emerged over the years as playing a significant part is that of population control. Population is seen as an environmental issue because the larger the population, the more resources it consumes and land it occupies. In this concept, the more people there are the worse the environment becomes. Thus, programs aimed at controlling population growth are often framed in an environmentalist lens. There is also a distinctly radical element in this field, which views population growth not simply as an environmental concern, but which frames people, in general, as a virus that must be eradicated if the earth is to survive.
However, in the view of elites, population control is more about controlling the people than saving the environment. Elites have always been drawn to population studies that have, in many areas, helped construct their worldview. Concerns about population growth really took hold with Thomas Malthus at the end of the 18th century. In 1798, Malthus wrote a “theory on the nature of poverty,” and he “called for population control by moral restraint,” citing charity as a promotion of “generation-to-generation poverty and simply made no sense in the natural scheme of human progress.” Thus, the idea of ‘charity’ became immoral. The eugenics movement attached itself to Malthus’ theory regarding the “rejection of the value of helping the poor.”[28]
The ideas of Malthus, and later Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin were remolded into branding an elite ideology of “Social Darwinism”, which was “the notion that in the struggle to survive in a harsh world, many humans were not only less worthy, many were actually destined to wither away as a rite of progress. To preserve the weak and the needy was, in essence, an unnatural act.”[29] This theory simply justified the immense wealth, power and domination of a small elite over the rest of humanity, as that elite saw themselves as the only truly intelligent beings worthy of holding such power and privilege.
Francis Galton later coined the term “eugenics” to describe this emerging field. His followers believed that the ‘genetically unfit’ “would have to be wiped away,” using tactics such as, “segregation, deportation, castration, marriage prohibition, compulsory sterilization, passive euthanasia – and ultimately extermination.”[30] The actual science of eugenics was lacking extensive evidence, and ultimately Galton “hoped to recast eugenics as a religious doctrine,” which was “to be taken on faith without proof.”[31]
As the quest to re-brand “eugenics” was under way, a 1943 edition of Eugenical News published an article titled “Eugenics After the War,” which cited Charles Davenport, a major founder and progenitor of eugenics, in his vision of “a new mankind of biological castes with master races in control and slave races serving them.”[32] A 1946 article in Eugenical News stated that, “Population, genetics, [and] psychology, are the three sciences to which the eugenicist must look for the factual material on which to build an acceptable philosophy of eugenics and to develop and defend practical eugenics proposals.”[33]
In the post-war period, emerging in the 1950s and going into the 1960s, the European colonies were retracting as nations of the ‘Third World’ were gaining political independence. This reinforced support for population control in many circles, as “For those who benefited most from the global status quo, population control measures were a far more palatable alternative to ending Third World poverty or promoting genuine economic development.”[34]
In 1952, “John D. Rockefeller 3rd convened a group of scientists to discuss the implications of the dramatic demographic change. They met in Williamsburg, Virginia, under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences, and after two and a half days agreed on the need for a new institution that could provide solid science to guide governments and individuals in addressing population questions.”[35] That new institution was to become the Population Council. Six of the Council’s ten founding members were eugenicists.[36]
According to the Population Council’s website, it “did not itself espouse any form of population policy. Instead, through grants to individuals and institutions, it invested in strengthening the indigenous capacity of countries and regions to conduct population research and to develop their own policies. The Council also funded seminal work in U.S. universities and further developed its own in-house research expertise in biomedicine, public health, and social science.”[37]
In 2008, Matthew Connelly, a professor at Columbia University, wrote a book called, “Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population,” in which he critically analyzes the history of the population control movement. He documents the rise of the field through the eugenics movement:
In 1927 a Rockefeller-funded study of contraception sought “some simple measure which will be available for the wife of the slum-dweller, the peasant, or the coolie, though dull of mind.” In 1935 one representative told India’s Council of State that population control was a necessity for the masses, adding that “it is not what they want, but what is good for them.” The problem with the natives was that “they are born too much and they don’t die enough,” a public-health official in French Indochina stated in 1936.[38]
Connelly’s general thesis was “how some people have long tried to redesign world population by reducing the fertility of other’s.” Further:

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