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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Masonic “Reconquista” | Illuminati Conspiracy Archive Blog

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The Masonic “Reconquista”

Rather than being ostensibly concerned with charity, helping burn victims, or “chipping” children, Grand Orient masonry is presently consumed with exerting political influence; “reconquering,” and remoulding Europe in the name of secularism and humanism; in direct opposition with religion (sects of any kind) and the Vatican in particular.
In Europe, some things never change. (Martin Pascal, 17 Feb 2010)
The influence of religion upon MEPs is considered too strong
Is the religious sphere strangling the work of the European Parliament? It’s a gradual but insistent question, as ethical issues (abortion, stem cells, etc.) become the subject of debate between supporters of a secular Europe and those who would like to see tomorrow’s society moulded by their religious beliefs. For some freemasons, it is time to reconquer lost ground.
In 2008, Marcel Conradt, Freemason and parliamentary assistant to the Socialist MEP Veronique De Keyser, denounced the assault of “religious lobbies and sects” on Europe (Le cheval de Troie. Sectes et lobbies religieux à l’assaut de l’Europe, in Editions du Grand Orient de Belgique). Their objective: influence legislation and decision makers, especially MEPs. Around 80% of the national legislation of member states is developed at the European level. The author described the influence of the churches, but also cults such as Scientology or the Raelian movement, and urged the secularists to maintain a Europe that would leave God out of politics.
Since then, a special recognition was given to churches. The Lisbon Treaty guarantees them an “open, transparent and regular” dialog with the institutions. They are regarded as “partners” rather than as “lobbyists” who are required to divulge their sources of funding.
In principle, everyone acknowledges the right of churches to voice their opinions. The problem for proponents of the secular camp is, in particular, the growing imbalance between the two “sides”. Marcel Conradt did not fail to remark that the Commission (Barroso), Parliament (Buzek) and the Council (Van Rompuy) are chaired by people with religious conviction. Several countries admitted into the EU believe the Bible over Voltaire. In addition to Ireland or Italy, there are countries anxious to defend the Catholic tradition. The recent debate in the EU over the display of religious symbols in public buildings is an indication of the tensions.
The savage retorts are legion. On February 3rd, during a debate on interreligious dialogue at the European Parliament, an ultra-Catholic Italian close to Benedict XVI delivered an attack against “a European plague of apostasy” while an Irish lobbyist bemoaned that the “right to equality comes at the expense of religious rights.”
Darkbird18 says;”How deep does the rabbits hole goes? How much power do they have under their control?”  The Illuminati have its hands all from of power in the world of today. This is a older article I found on The Illuminati Conspiracy Archive blog some time ago about the European Parliament and the Illuminati influence but the Keep reading……….

The Masonic “Reconquista” | Illuminati Conspiracy Archive Blog

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