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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogging For Beginners: “What is the best way to get people to comment and interact with me on my blog?” | The Empowered Theme |



Remember as you create awesome content, it’s also important to ask insightful questions to engage your readers. Do your best to keep the dialog open with your readers by commenting back. There is a great WordPress Plugin you can use to nest your comments under each commentator. It’s called WordPress Thread Comment. (see my post on it)

In the past with my WordPress theme, if I wanted to comment back my comment would end up at the bottom of the comments and not connected with the comment I wanted to respond to. Not any more. I use the Empowered Theme and nestles right with the person I want to reply to. This builds my direct relationship with that person and encourages them to come back for more interaction. If you’re not blogging with the Empowered Theme and you’re having issues like I was then you’ll definitely like this WP plugin.

CommentLuv is also a fantastic plugin to allow your commentators to leave a link back to their blog after their signature line in their comment on your blog. I see it as a kind thank you gesture or motivator to be a regular commentator. The benefit to them is potential traffic to their blog and it also gives them a back link which is valuable for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as Google looks at how many backlinks are connected to blogs to determine their Page Ranking, etc…

As you visit blogs and comment on the content you want to be able to leave your picture behind. That’s called your Gravatar. You can go to and quickly upload a picture to be placed with your blog comments around the web. Make sure it’s the same e-mail that you’re using within the General Settings of your blog so that everything links up neatly.

How to set up your Gravatar.


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Blogging For Beginners: “What is the best way to get people to comment and interact with me on my blog?” | The Empowered Theme |


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