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Thursday, November 6, 2014

UFO Casebook - UFO Videos, Page 1, Windows Media - UFO Casebook Files

UFO Casebook headgraphic
UFO Casebook - UFO Videos, Page 1, Windows Media
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Acapulco, Mexico
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Acapulco, Mexico Fleet
The UFO footage below is believed to have been filmed in Acapulco, Mexico on the 31 January, 2010. It shows what might be a fleet of up to thirty UFOs travelling above the popular resort city.
So far not much information regarding this UFO capture has come to light and the identity of the witnesses has not been made public. Judging by the audio on the clip the UFOs were seen by a large crowd.
Acre State, Brazil
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Acre State, Brazil
UFO Filmed Live by TV Station in Acre State, Brazil, on February 09, 2009. Video taken by TV Gazeta. Sent to us by Milton Dino Frank Junior.
The film shows one object that changes color in white, red, and blue. You can see clearly the moon and one star in the sky together with this object in the footage.
It was a massive sight, because all neighborhoods saw the object. There were more than 25 witnesses. The object stayed in the sky for more than two hours. It moved from east to south and afterwards from south to west.
Alaska - Two UFO/Plane Encounters
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Alaska - Two UFO/Plane Encounters
January 30, 1987, a US Air Force KC-135 was flying Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, Alaska, to Eielson AFB near Fairbanks.
The crew of the KC-135 reported a large, silent, disc-shaped UFO at about 20,000 feet altitude. At this time, Anchorage radar control showed nothing unusual.
In a moment, radar control asked the pilot of the plane if they still had the unknown object in sight. The frightened pilot replied yes, and added that the UFO was only 40 feet from the plane.
See the UFO Casebook case file, Alaska - Two Plane / UFO Encounters, 1987
Albany, New York
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Albany, New York
At 07:30 hrs. (Pacific) on Monday morning, October 21, 2002, the National UFO Reporting Center received a telephone call from a television news reporter, Mr. Dan Bazile, with FOX 23 news, who apprised us that one of their photographers had inadvertently captured brief footage of a very bizarre object streaking across the sky near Albany, NY.
He described that one of their photographers had been out on Sunday afternoon, October 20th, photographing aircraft at a nearby airport, and that the peculiar object had been detected in the news studio when the footage was being examined at slow speed.
See the UFO Casebook case file Albany, New York Rod.
Alien Agenda
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Alien Agenda
Just who are the so-called "grays?" The little, four-foot-tall, spindly creatures with the large, wrap around eyes, and bald heads. Many sightings and abductions describe them as abductors, and experimenters.
The video is part one of a five part series on these mysterious, alien creatures that haunt the memories and dreams of many who have reported encounters with them. Each part will link to the next...
Alien Interview
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Alien Interview
Area 51: The Alien Interview video is color video footage claimed to have been obtained by a man who identifies himself only as "Victor," who purports it to be of an extraterrestrial being interrogated at a government facility. The video is considered as a hoax by many researchers.
Victor maintains the footage was copied from a top-secret video originally recorded at Area 51. For fear of having his identity pinpointed, he never specifies whether he was an employee at the facility, but vaguely states that he "had reason to be present at Area 51... more than once."
Though the Alien Interview documentary states the copy was smuggled out of Area 51, Victor once again strays from details by never specifically saying where the copying took place. He merely insists that an instance of "data leaking" occurred during a massive transfer of video documentation from video analog to digital disc storage in a "(lower) security system." Victor took advantage of the circumstances to copy the footage.
UFO Crash and Retrieval-Missouri, 1941
Depiction: Missouri Crash 1941
One of the most mysterious stories of a crashed UFO with alien bodies preceded the well known Roswell event by some six years. This case was first brought to investigators by Leo Stringfield in his book "UFO Crash / Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum."
He opened a tantalizing account of a military controlled UFO crash retrieval which is still being researched today. The details of the case were sent to him in a letter from one Charlette Mann, who related her minister-grandfather's deathbed confession of being summoned to pray over alien crash victims outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of 1941.
Reverend William Huffman had been an evangelist for many years, but had taken the resident minister reigns of the Red Star Baptist Church in early 1941. Church records corroborate his employment there during the period in question.
After receiving this call to duty, he was immediately driven the 10-15 mile journey to some woods outside of town. Upon arriving at the scene of the crash, he saw policemen, fire department personnel, FBI agents, and photographers already mulling through the wreckage.
He was soon asked to pray over three dead bodies. As he began to take in the activity around the area, his curiosity was first struck by the sight of the craft itself.
Charlette Mann Expecting a small plane of some type, he was shocked to see that the craft was disc-shaped, and upon looking inside he saw hieroglyphic-like symbols, indecipherable to him.
He then was shown the three victims, not human as expected, but small alien bodies with large eyes, hardly a mouth or ears, and hairless.
Immediately after performing his duties, he was sworn to secrecy by military personnel who had taken charge of the crash area. He witnessed these warnings being given to others at the scene also.
As he arrived back at his home at 1530 Main Street, he was still in a state of mild shock, and could not keep his story from his wife Floy, and his sons. This late night family discussion would spawn the story that Charlette Mann would hear from her grandmother in 1984, as she lay dying of cancer at Charlette's home while undergoing radiation therapy.
Charlette was told the story over the span of several days, and although Charlette had heard bits and pieces of this story before, she now demanded the full details.
military intervention As her grandmother tolerated her last few days on this Earth, Charlette knew it was now or never to find out everything she could before this intriguing story was lost with the death of her grandmother.
She also learned that one of the members of her grandfather's congregation, thought to be Garland D. Fronabarger, had given him a photograph taken on the night of the crash. This picture was of one of the dead aliens being help up by two men.
Charlette Mann gave, in her own words, an account of what she knew for a television documentary. Some of that account is given here:
"I saw the picture originally from my dad who had gotten it from my grandfather who was a Baptist minister in Cape Girardeau Missouri in the Spring of ‘41. I saw that [picture] and asked my grandmother at a later time she was at my home fatally ill with cancer so we had a frank discussion.
"She said that grandfather was called out in the spring of 1941 in the evening around 9:00-9:30, that someone had been called out to a plane crash outside of town and would he be willing to go to minister to people there which he did."
"Upon arrival it was a very different situation. It was not a conventional aircraft, as we know it. He described it as a saucer that was metallic in color, no seams, did not look like anything he had seen. It had been broken open in one portion, and so he could walk up and see that.
"In looking in he saw a small metal chair, gauges and dials and things he had never seen. However, what impressed him most was around the inside there were inscriptions and writings, which he said he did not recognize, but were similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics."
"There were 3 entities, or non-human people, lying on the ground. Two were just outside the saucer, and a third one was further out. His understanding was that perhaps that third one was not dead on impact. There had been mention of a ball of fire, yet there was fire around the crash site, but none of the entities had been burned and so father did pray over them, giving them last rites.
"There were many people there, fire people, photographers, and so they lifted up one, and two men on either side stood him up and they stretched his arms out, they had him up under the armpits and out here.
As I recall from the picture I saw, he was about 4 feet tall, appeared to have no bone structure, soft looking. He had a suit on, or we assume it was a suit, it could have been his skin, and what looked like crinkled, soft aluminum foil. I recall it had very long hands, very long fingers, and I think there were three but I cannot swear to that."
“My grandfather upon arrival, said there were already several people there on the scene, two that he assumed were local photographers, fire people, and so not long after they arrived, military just showed up, surrounded the area, took them off in groups separately, and spoke to each of them.
"Grandfather didn't know what was said to the others, but he was told ‘this didn't happen, you didn't see this, this is national security, it is never to be talked about again.’
"My grandfather was an honorable man, being a preacher, that’s all that needed to be said to him. And so he came home and told the story to my dad, who was there, and my grandmother and my uncle. Now my mother was expecting at the time, so she was off in the bedroom."
"My sister was born May 3, 1941, so we are assuming this was the middle to the last of April. And he never spoke of it again. But about two weeks later, one of the men who had a personal camera that he had put in his shirt pocket, approached grandfather and said I think someone needs a copy of this.
UFO Crash and Retrieval-Missouri, 1941

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Darkbird18 have research the Internet for UFO Information which fall under The Ugly Information area on the website. The UFO Casebook have some of the best UFO’s video’s online with to the point case video files on Area 51, Roswell and many other hard to find video and Internet UFO information online today; if you are into UFOs and the cover-up then read on and view the videos this website have to offer……………….

UFO Casebook - UFO Videos, Page 1, Windows Media - UFO Casebook Files

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hey man i'm into this stuff too. been doing a lot of reading about the kondratieff waves.

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