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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The have Cool RSS Directory to Submit your Blog Feeds!

Darkbird18 is always looking for Internet Marketing tools for his website and blog to help promote what I do online and its good to find a site with this type of information all in one place. Robin Goods, Top 55 RSS Best Blog Directory and RSS Submission Sites will help you get your Blog and website listed in the other Internet Search tool online called Website Directory. The Internet have many layer of computers to control and management information.
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Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

Where can I submit my site to get more exposure and visibility for my content? If until now you had a such a concern and you didn't know what to do with your url to submit, stop searching right now. This MasterNewMedia guide is the ultimate resource where you will find the best RSS directories to submit sites and blogs.
Until a few years ago the web was populated by websites and other HTML-based content pages, thus the main vehicle for reaching content was the large use of major search engines and directories. But as a rapidly increasing number of content sources started to leverage RSS feeds as a key distribution channel, the ability to maintain high exposure and visibility has found an ally in RSS directories.
The problem with RSS directories is that there are so many of them that it is almost impossible to have the time to track and try each one. Especially if you run more than one website, finding and testing all the directories out there to submit sites you own makes up for a positively extended nightmare: trust me.
I have been inspired and prompted to collect all these RSS submission sites and blog directories by my own need to support skilled change agents and communicators like the ones I personally support (Sepp Hasslberger, Chris Gupta, Ivan Ingrilli) and also by the nice initiative of Ari Paparo to collect a set of online resources where anyone could easily add a url to submit and achieve more visibility.
Over the years, this list of RSS directories where you can submit sites, has been updated so many times that it features now more than 300 RSS directories, which make up for a truly unique collection of venues that you can use to submit website content.
One of the key benefits of this list of RSS directories, is that this resource provides all of the submission links directly, so that you don't have to waste any time at all to explore the directory to find the submission page yourself. Just enjoy the journey and only worry about finding the url to submit.
This ease of submit websites is by itself a significant effort, especially as a number of sites make it consciously hard to find this info in order to discourage spam and superficial or automated RSS submissions. In some cases, I have been able to dig out valuable emails and contact forms only after a lot of searching.
For this resource to be useful to as much people as possible, I have decided to focus only on English-based global RSS directories and not to include any regional or geographically limited directories. I have also dropped any service that did not look completely reliable or trustable.
Other lists of RSS directories available online are either too superficial, not updated (including many websites that either do not work or are not reliable) or are just listing many search services and tools which do not rely on manual submission to become aware of new blogs sites and RSS feeds.
All the RSS directories to submit your website are listed in reverse chronological order (first up the most recent and newly added ones; down bottom what I have collected first) and NOT according to any importance order.
Remember the question you had at the beginning of your reading: "where can I find the best place on the web to submit my site?" Now you have an answer my friend.


DirectoryBlogs is a human-edited blog directory where you can find a selection of blog sites related to business. All submitted blogs are divided in categories and ranked for their PageRank value. Multiple submission options (paid and free) are available for you to submit your own business-related blog site and gain greater exposure.
To submit your blog to DirectoryBlogs, first choose your pricing plan. Then click on "Get Your List" and provide the following info: name, company, email, website, category, title and description.
Posted on December 22, 2010

Quick Blog Directory

Quick Blog Directory is a blog directory where you can showcase your blog site to get more visibility. All submitted blogs are featured on the homepage, where there is also a list of the top blogs rated by the users of the directory. No registration to Quick Blog Directory is needed to submit your blog to the directory.
To submit your blog to Quick Blog Directory, provide first the title and URL of your blog, then select your country and the category your blog content belongs to and, last, write a brief description of your blog site.
Posted on December 20, 2010


BlogRateDirectory is a comprehensive blog directory which is already counting more than 5,500 blog submissions and you too can add your own blog site to get more exposure for your content. BlogRateDirectory also provides a list of tools like blogging platforms, search engines and feed readers. You are not required to register to submit your blog to the directory.
To submit your blog to BlogRateDirectory, you only need to provide the full URL of your blog and your own email address.


BlogZoop is a blog directory where you can submit the url of your blog to promote your own content. BlogZoop also provides a selection of free themes to style your blog site and an online tool to check your PageRank, Alexa Rank and backlinks. Registration is not mandatory to submit your blog to the directory.
To add your blog to BlogZoop, provide the title and URL of your blog and write a brief description. Then type in the META keywords and META description of your blog, add your name and email, select a category and provide the link of the reciprocal URL which you need to place on your site to have your blog added to the directory.
Posted on December 15, 2010


TopWeblogDirectory is a blog directory where you can submit your own blog to promote your content. Registration is not mandatory to submit your blog, but it is required to comment or rate other blogs featured inside the directory. There are three types of options to submit your URLs: Link With Reciprocal (Free), Regular Link ($6 / one-time), Featured Link ($13 / one-time).
To add your blog to BlogRank, first choose the type of submission you prefer. Then provide the title and URL of your blog, select a category, add a description, type in the META keywords and description of your blog and add blog owner name and email.
Posted on December 13, 2010


Pingates is not a blog directory nor an RSS directory where you can submit your website. What Pingates does is send a "ping", a notification, to a handful of sites alerting them that your blog has been updated. Then, the web crawlers of these websites can come by and notify their readers of the update. No registration is needed.
To ping your blog using Pingates, simply type the title and url of your blog, select the sites you want to send a ping to (you can also check all of them with a single button) and then click on "Send pings".
Posted on December 11, 2010

Blogs Rating

Blogs Rating is a free blog directory where you can submit your website url to gain maximum exposure for your content. Registration is not mandatory to submit your content to Blogs Rating, but you need to provide a link back to the site by using either a regular URL or a widget button. All blogs submitted to Blogs rating are human-reviewed.
To submit your blog to Blogs Rating, first you need to post a link to the service on your website. Then, add the URL of your blog, the link back to Blogs Rating that you posted on your site and the name of your website. Next, write a description for your blog, add your email address and choose a category where your blog fits in. Last, write a comment and you can finally submit your blog to Blogs Rating.
Posted on December 8, 2010


Gozoof is a free blog directory where you can submit your blog so that people can rate and promote your content across the directory. Gozoof users can also comment and recommend links. Registration is mandatory.
To submit your blog to Gozoof, you need to register first. Then, add the URL and title of your blog and write a description for your site. Last, choose a category and a specific topic to represent your blog.
Posted on December 4, 2010

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