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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Archived UFO Case Files-UFO Casebook Files

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This page contains many of the most significant cases in UFO history. Opinions or theories drawn about these cases are the product of the individual author or organization. These files come from a variety of sources, and all source information was kept intact, therefore any and all copyrights are honored. This page is frequently updated so please come again. All of the case files written by B J Booth, webmaster of the UFO Casebook, are free to distribute with a link back to the Casebook.
Notes: The categories displayed on the top of the table are presented for ease of selection of cases based on certain criteria. Many times it is difficult, however, to assess whether or not a physical trace or effect occurred. This effect can be many things, a beam of light, a radar confirmation, a broken tree branch, disturbed or damaged earth, soil impressions, a smell, a sound, electromagnetic effects, reaction from animals, i.e. anything relating to the object or humanoid in question. This designation is based on witness statements.
Multimedia can be a picture, film footage, or other media. A Yes in this category means that a witness affirmed that a picture or film was taken, not necessarily that it is available now.
Name of sighting / event :
1878 Denison, Texas - Daylight UFO
1880s Poachers Sent Packing by UFO
1897 The Great Airships
1897 The Aurora, Texas Crash
Dates: 1940-1949
1941 Missouri Crash & Retrieval
1942 The Battle of Los Angeles
1947 Wright Field Circular Craft - Two Creatures
1947 Flying Saucers - Portland, Oregon
1947 Pilot Sees Six UFOs - Morristown, NJ
1947 The Roswell, New Mexico Crash
Dates: 1950-1959
1950 Alleged UFO Crash in Mexico City
1950 Alien Encounter at Varese
1950 Dr. Botta Enters Flying Saucer
1950 The Trent UFO Photographs
1950 The Great Falls, Montana Film
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    UFO Casebook - UFO Videos, Page 1, Windows Media
    Acapulco, Mexico
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    Acapulco, Mexico Fleet
    The UFO footage below is believed to have been filmed in Acapulco, Mexico on the 31 January, 2010. It shows what might be a fleet of up to thirty UFOs travelling above the popular resort city.
    So far not much information regarding this UFO capture has come to light and the identity of the witnesses has not been made public. Judging by the audio on the clip the UFOs were seen by a large crowd.
    Acre State, Brazil
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    Acre State, Brazil
    UFO Filmed Live by TV Station in Acre State, Brazil, on February 09, 2009. Video taken by TV Gazeta. Sent to us by Milton Dino Frank Junior.
    The film shows one object that changes color in white, red, and blue. You can see clearly the moon and one star in the sky together with this object in the footage.
    It was a massive sight, because all neighborhoods saw the object. There were more than 25 witnesses. The object stayed in the sky for more than two hours. It moved from east to south and afterwards from south to west.
    Alaska - Two UFO/Plane Encounters
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    Alaska - Two UFO/Plane Encounters
    January 30, 1987, a US Air Force KC-135 was flying Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, Alaska, to Eielson AFB near Fairbanks.
    The crew of the KC-135 reported a large, silent, disc-shaped UFO at about 20,000 feet altitude. At this time, Anchorage radar control showed nothing unusual.
    In a moment, radar control asked the pilot of the plane if they still had the unknown object in sight. The frightened pilot replied yes, and added that the UFO was only 40 feet from the plane.

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    UFO Case Files-UFO Casebook Files
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