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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Darkbird18 The Good The Bad and The Ugly Internet Information

Darkbird18 present: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Internet Information

The Great Western by Sergio Leone"Brilliant! Impressive!" Overwhelming Entertainment"- Says, Box office. Starring, Clint Eastwood "Blondie" Lee Van Cleef, "Angle Eyes" and my man, Eil Wallach, "Tuco"! Made in 1966.
 I. Why The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Online Internet Information?

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Information is the "New Currency" of the "New Information Age". Information can empower or enslave those who have access to it. Because of the creation of the computer and the Internet, information has become the 'New Currency", which has change how we see and control our world. The Industrial Age, are the "Machine Age", use mainly 'Analog' signal and some digital to transmit information; which is a slower and time consuming media to transfer information, examples: Financial, scientific and Industries information. The Internet and computer has increase this rate 10 times, which means information is moving 10 times faster and in turn becomes more timely, functional and at the same time more dangerous than ever before! Alvin Toffler the author of "The Third Wave", makes this point in his book, publish in 1980. The Third Wave is about the how, the "Information Age", comes into being because the "Industrial Age"- Second Wave-, is on its way out! The Third Wave came in and change how we live,think and handle our lives and completely change business,science, all forms of communication and intelligences; we used to control and manage our world.
300px-Internet_map_1024 But underneath our world is the old world of the Second Wave; which will not or can't change and adopt to the Third Wave, the new age of Information and the idea that people are taking back control of their life's. The Internet and the computer put the control and power back into the hands of the people (Oligopoly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and taking away the "Power of Control", from the old world of the machine age and factory style management of our life's; and the "Elitists Organizations" who control them. I have build and design this "Information Base", website to put the power of the "New Currency" of the "Information Age", into the hands of the people. The Information found on this site which took me over 12 years to collect, is design to help small,medium size businesses online and individuals to get access to very useful and valuable information; to help run and master the new age of "Information" the "New Currency". But my main goal of this information website is to put the information of the "Shadow governments" and "Underworld Organizations" that support them into the hands of the truth seeker, who seek the truth about what have been happen in our world for the last 500 years! You will find that information here! Search and Information Research is another key behind what I do online to help Internet user find what they want, when they want it but first all Internet users must understand "How" and "Why" the Internet was setup.

Darkbird18 Speak about The Good The Bad and The Ugly Internet Website.
Dictionary Definition:The Information Age

Dictionary Definition:The Information Age - extending from the late 20th to the late 21st century c.e. (first to early second century AT), was a time of tremendous increase in globalist, free information being available in unprecedented quantity (but not quality), global culture, the decline of the nation-states, and the rise of the digital economy and digital nations, and the so-called "mega corporations" - supranational blocs and transnational corporations. The breakdown of the old socio-economic structures that had defined the Western capitalist civilization resulted in the rise to prominence of a class of permanent unemployed, the digitally illiterate.. Humanity became increasingly dependent on the vast computer networks that maintained this infrastructure, not realizing that from the mid 21st century c.e. onwards some of these computers had passed beyond human control and embarked upon their own evolution - an evolution that would lead to their increasing dominion over the rest of the beings in the universe. No longer was man the highest form of intelligence on Earth. A new kingdom of beings had arisen. But this was still little realized. Late in the century the Second Industrial Revolution gripped the world as rapid advances were made in (mostly biologically-based) nano technology. The production of super strong, super light materials enabled humanity to start to expand into the solar system, and in the following decades (that constituted the start of the Interplanetary Age proper) humankind established a number of scientific industrial cent res in orbit and on Luna, several outposts in the Belt and a manned research station on Mars. ) Wikipedia Definition on the "The Information Age" have more detail information on this term
Darkbird18 Love the Movie,'”The Good The Bad and The Ugly”.
Darkbird18's The Good The Bad and The Ugly Theme

The Good The Bad and The Ugly
The theme behind this site is from this movie. I see the world now as Alvin Toffler said it would be after a new age come into the picture and everything has changed and we most change with it are not survey. The three characters in the movie are the basic social types in our world and we all know someone like them but we most look back at our self's also because each one of us have one of these characters types inside of us all. No light without dark, no love without hate and no evil without good to keep the balance and make the world go round, because without this struggle the human race would die. But I think there is a balance or equilibrium that we most keep to make all these parts work together. When the system is out of balance, like it is now; the system will force it back into equilibrium but not without painful change and sober thinking we can't and will's survive . Information is one of the tools we can use to control and manage destructive change and like the climax of the movie, we win the gold!! Enjoy this site and didn't take anything I say here to serious because it could change over night and we will have to start all over again. LOL!
Free Internet Information Examples.

Here are some examples of the information you will find on this website. The information sources you will find here, have good and timely information on different topics. Ecommerce Information From The information you will find here is hard core Ecommerce and emarketing information. Here are more "Free" Ecommerce Market information form "The Daily Reckoning" a Stock Market "News Letter"; I received this News Letter back in 2005 after Pres. Bush was reelected for a second term and if people had this information in their hands, would we been in this Economic downturn?? Daily Reckoning Ecommerce News The example at this link is the basic type of Internet Information you will find on this website. There is also lots of free stuff like software for example CYPHERIX LE ENCRYPTION SOFTWARE,Secure your data and ensure absolute privacy with Cypherix®'s powerful encryption software, Cypherix LE. It's powerful 128 bit encryption, creates multiple 25MB encrypted containers (vaults) on your hard disk. These encrypted vaults can be loaded and unloaded when needed. You can view, modify and hide all types of files with a single password. Great piece of FREE software just for the asking. Another great FREE site is Information Clearing House News; they report behind the nation media news sources and have very detail news that will help you have the whole picture behind the news and this web site grew out of my personal frustration and anger at the failure of traditional commercial media to inform the American public, especially as it relates to US foreign policy, a source of unreported (or under reported) news from around the globe. The History of the Internet is very important and here is one site that have the details on it, pre-History:Ancient Roads of Telecommunications & Computers; The Internet is a global network that consist of hundreds millions of computers around the world. All of them can be connected (two ways communicate) with each other. Up to now more then half of the American households were connected to the Internet. People pay their bills; book airline tickets and hotel rooms; rent, sell and buy homes, cars, … and do a lot more online. Almost all businesses and totally every government branches of the Fed, states and local levels do have opportunity to communicate online. By this way our society becomes incomparable more dynamic, rises it's productivity and … becomes more vulnerable one as well.
Alvin Toffler, the Author of "Future Shock and The Third Wave." Information from the Good In formation Page.

Wikipedia informationThe Third Wave, "Wikipedia"
Alvin Toffler, the author of the Third Wave is my mentor because after reading his book, the light went on and what happen around me made sense and I began this journey of discovery about the The Information Age and the Internet . The Internet was the real key to opening up the world of the "Third Wave", because without it; the information collecting would be impossible and without the computer, I wouldn't be able to control and manage the information I have discover online. "Click" on image to go to Wikipedia and find more information on this book and the author, Alvin Toffler. Also you can read the full book on is a FREE PDF storage websit with many books and PDF uploaded to choice from. With the shock apparently wearing off, Toffler has been busy accommodating himself to the future like a kitsch H. G. Wells. The only big difference is that for Toffler, the future begins now. His talent, if such it is, is for taking current ideas and turning them into slogans; he's the Mad Ave. man of futurology. The "Third Wave" is one of these. According to Toffler, the world has seen two great "waves" of social transformation: the first was the Agricultural Revolution which lasted from 8000 B.C. to around 1700 A.D., the second the Industrial Revolution which took off from there. Now we are on the threshold of the "Third Wave" - the Technological Revolution. Daniel Bell and many others long ago called this the "post-industrial&quo t; era, but you can't sell new books with old descriptive titles. Toffler sees the current period as one of struggle between Second Wave and Third Wave elites (a theme dealt with in a serious manner by Mary Kaldor in The Disintegrating West); and Toffler, naturally, is with the future. Whereas the Second Wave has depended on non-renewable energy sources, specialization, adherence to machine rhythms, the nation-state and representative government, the Third Wave will see floating cities utilizing oil "grown" in the sea, "flextime" working arrangements, international (actually inter-regional) association, and "participatory" government. Like a kid in a toy store, Toffler is agog at the possibilities. In one passage, he describes the wonders of his new "word-processor" ; and looks forward to the end of secretaries; elsewhere he describes an "electronic cottage" where people stay home to work on computer consoles and spiffy new information systems. Toffler attacks "techno-rebels" for various forms of primitivism, but his is the vision of the glassy-eyed technocrat. While some of the phenomena he lists are either realizable or actually in evidence - like flextime working hours - other visions, one hopes, will remain just th at; participatory democracy by computer console is too scary for all but the most sanguine technology-freaks. A flashy performance, though, that will have its following. The Good Internet Information pages have information that is helpful and useful and is very hard to find online! If you need good information check out this area of this website.
The Third Wave - Alvin Toffler
This is Darkbird18’s website,”The Good The Bad and The Ugly Internet Information.” The Theme for this site is from the movie of the same name but it’s all about the Information found online instead of people; “The Good Information, The Bad Information, and The Ugly Information. Also Internet Information and what the Internet is all about and how to use the Internet and Business Information which is the how –to do Internet Business and resources. This is the core of what Darkbird18 is all about,”Information”, because information is the new currency and because of that  power has shifted from the Elites to the people who control information and create information. This is the front door to this website, so open the door and take the “Red Pill”, and see how far the rabbit holes goes…………………………………
Darkbird18 Speak about The Good The Bad and The Ugly Internet Website.
Darkbird18 The Good The Bad and The Ugly Internet Information

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