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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Learn The Net: Web Marketing and Web Design.

Learn The Net is a great Internet Guide and tutorial website. This Guide is about web marketing and website design and setup. The Internet is full of information on this topic but few can get to the meat of the matter and stay on point about the core of what the Internet is all about.
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Web marketing is a powerful tool in business today. Web presence is essential to any marketing campaign that wishing to be successful in the ever evolving world of online business. For more information and related Web marketing services and products, scroll below.
Michael Lerner
What are the top five things someone should do to market her product or
service or idea online?
Marketing in the Moment book cover
#4 Hire a good search engine optimization firm. In the long haul being in the top ten for all your key search phrases is essential. Search engine optimization (SEO) should be an ongoing strategy.
#1 Attain expert status. This is done by getting a book out there, or flooding the market with educational materials and aligning yourself with other experts and partners.
#2 Build an easy to web site that is treated more like a portal in of itself. Populate this site with content until your fingers turn blue from writing. Content is and will remain king on the web – forever, period.
#3 Develop something to give away for free to capture leads. My favorite is a free DVD. In return for the DVD they get access to try out your materials online.
#5 Locate and do business with affiliates and joint venture partners. The quickest way to get traction for your business is to provide a commission to someone else in return for any sales that are generated from them promoting you. The best part- once you capture these names you can up sell and cross them into other programs and services! One word of caution here. Don’t “pimp” yourself out here. I know that sounds crude, but the biggest mistake I see companies making is doing promotions with everyone under the sun. Only promote (or allow others to promote you) that you and your audience will be aligned with.
In a typical day how do you promote your book online? Describe the tools and services you use and the amount of time you spend.
Since I run a web marketing firm, I’m able to cheat a little bit in terms of the time that’s spent. For my book launch, I’ve had three people devoted to this launch for the past six months. Here are some of the key things they having been focusing on:
#1 Online PR. Getting featured on the top blogs and sites in the world. We’ve gotten some amazing reviews and some great press for the book as it’s a solid practical book. They locate the blogs and then contact them to see if they would like a free copy of the book
#2 Lining up people to promote an email blast campaign. July is the month that I’m formally launching the book to my networks. We have been lining up hundreds of people to send a blast to their email list on a given day. In return, I’ll do the same for them over the course of the year and feature them on one of our ten or so blogs.
#3 Massive social networking and Web 3.0 Marketing. We’ve expanded our social networks like crazy (over 50,000 people) and are doing almost daily videos, live streams and presentations on sites like The objective i...
Build a Website: Getting Feedback
Until now, the primary form of communication between businesses and their customers was through advertising and marketing materials. This doesn't offer much opportunity for interaction or feedback. The World Wide Web changed all that, effectively opening the door to ongoing, two-way communication. With the type of fast-paced interaction made possible via the Web, people rightfully expect to be able to engage in immediate "conversation" with a company, especially about its products and services.
Talk to Me
Ongoing interaction with customers and potential customers helps improve your product and the way you communicate product benefits, gather customer endorsements, and provide customer service. Many organizations are surprised by the volume and frequency of feedback they receive from customers.
Although this poses challenges for many companies, it also offers an unprecedented opportunity to collect important consumer information, as well as immediate feedback regarding products and marketing efforts. If you are prepared to collect and analyze the information (and you should be), you can have the equivalent of an ongoing focus group at your fingertips. Not only are these people already interested in your company (after all, they found their way to your website), but they also will tell you directly what they think, via e-mail and feedback forms and comments. Indirectly, you can glean a lot from their digital trail through the pages of your site.
E-mail is an easy way to get feedback from visitors. A simple "mail-to" link automatically opens an e-mail box with the reader's address and yours already filled in. You can also create a more complex e-mail form if you want to collect additional information as part of the feedback process.
ial customers. They will not be happy with an answer that arrives a week later. If they have taken the time to vis
E-mail is not a one-way street, however. You must be willing to respond if you want to maintain a relationship with your customers or potential customers. They will not be happy with an answer that arrives a week later. If they have taken the time to visit your site and offer feedback, they expect you to do the same.
One way to manage the influx of new e-mail is to create separate links for different departments (e.g., sales, service, and administration) so that e-mail automatically goes to the people who can answer it promptly. Whenever possible, set up automatic response forms, known as autoresponders. When readers send messages they get an...
Build a Website: Understanding Copyrights
If you want to publish a website or blog, a good starting place for ideas is the Web itself. Browse around and look at other people's publications. You'll undoubtedly find graphics, photos, music and other content that you may want to use on your site. It's easy to copy and modify content to suit your needs. Many people do this routinely, but it raises copyright issues you should be aware of.
The Internet is a relatively new frontier; the World Wide Web even newer. Because of the unique nature of digital media, copyright laws that apply to content in the physical world don't work as well online. As a result, there are gray areas that are hotly debated. However, some general principles do apply. If you think of online content as an original creation, then it follows that you can't reproduce it without the permission of the copyright holder. Even if you aren't reproducing someone else's work for commercial purposes, you still must get permission.
Let's say you find a website or blog you like and you want to provide this information to your visitors. You can do this by linking to the site. Do you need permission? The way things stand right now, the answer is no. In fact the Web was designed to easily facilitate the free exchange of information; many websites, such as Learn the Net, actively encourage links. After all, why publish on the Internet if you don't want to make your content publicly available? Still, consider notifying the webmaster of the site that you are linking to a page. You might even ask for a reciprocal link, a good way to increase traffic to your site.
Many video sharing sites, like YouTube and Hulu actually encourage you to embed video clips in your site or blog. They provide HTML code so you can make this content available to your audience. In this case, there's no need to ask permission.
In general though, text, graphics, animation, video, music and other intellect...

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