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Monday, December 29, 2014

Black Rift Theory | Year 2012: End of the World

Critically examining the "End of the World"

2012 The Dark Rift (part 2)

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The following is a question being asked on Yahoo Answers. Both the questions and answers given do not reflect the view of our website.
Its a lot but worth the read dont be ignorant or a smart ass. Ok first yes, the Mayans and Nostradamus did predict a world shift in 2012, along with many prophets like Jeremiah, Isaiah, Jesus, just to name a few. And also every last ancient civilization in history tells of this coming cataclysm. Being a spiritual man even i have had my own small prophecy come to me (get out of the USA before Feb or March 2011 and they shut down all flights and boats out of the country) I live in the south close to the cost and there it will flood first. Now, First off it is not the End of the Earth but the End of the world as “WE know it” the world will still live on only different. Most people think of this as a one time thing but it has happened several thousands of times in earth history. Remember Noahs flood? Yea.. it wasnt the first time. In fact it happens every so many thousand years, But this time its a little different because its not only the beginning and the end of a 5125 year cycle, but also a 13,000, year cycle and a 26,000 year cycle in which the entire earths poles reverse in a short amount of time. So its not just the End but its a new beginning for some. Now every 26,000 years on earth we have whats sometimes called the galactic alignment where the Sun is lined up with what they call the dark rift or the black hole that is in the center of the milky way (yea there is a black hole in the center of our galaxy i didnt even know until recently) also the earth the moon and the other planets will be aligned briefly. You have probably heard of this before on the history channel or something but what they always leave out is what the ancients knew as Nibiru (Planet X in our time) which is a large planet that is orbiting our sun that entered our solar system hundreds of million if not billions years ago and has been there ever since. It has a long elliptical orbit that they say takes about 3,600 years to complete one orbit. This planet will also be in alignment with ours and the sun and will be the greatest cause of destruction because it will come in such proximity to the earth that there will be a violent “Gravity fight” that will result in myriad catastrophes as you may imagine. If a planet comes close to the earth as large as Nibiru which is in the size range of our gas planets then i would obviously create tension between the two bodies. Planet x has been keep suppressed by our governments so that they may carry out there own agendas but that’s not to important because they will fail. In fact Nasa discovered it (not for the first time the ancients knew) in 1983 and it was in the news paper but when they found out what it was they took it back and called it a mistake. Any ways this is what they speak of as the “destroyer” in some ancient text and “Wormwood” in the Holy bible. Some people think that December 21 2012 all the sudden things will start to break and explode and it will catch us off guard like it did in the movie. Quiet the contrary the date is simply the end and beginning of the cycles that i mentioned and the cataclysms have already started decades ago and the closer we get to this date the more will happen (look around, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions every week). Most people believe this to be something terrible and it will be for them. But indigenous peoples and people like me known that this is a purification that is part of a much larger divine (universal, if you like,) scheme. The earth, with the help of other forces is basically cleaning her self off. She can not sustain the destructive race off humans, so most of us must die to gain balance again. Even after all this takes place which will even be a short time after 2012 people will still be dying due to, infection, starvation, famine, and cannibalism. In the end after all this the Human race will have gone to the next step in there evolution (you cant have the Yin without the Yang we go through hard times just to see the sunshine again) Some people call it the age of peace, some the age of ether, others the age of the human ( because right now we live like animals ) and still others the New Heaven and Earth. Now as far as preparing for whats coming I hate to tell it to ya but a little shelter wont do jack! nor will a fairly large one for that matter. Mostly it depends on location and for the most part only indigenous peoples know where the “Safe lands” are. There are some scattered across the entire earth. But i’ll tell you now besides disease Africa by far is the safest place because they have the most stable tectonic plates, the highest overall continental altitude, the least volcanic activity, and the least nuclear power. . There are other safe lands but I don’t know exactly where, you have to do research because not everybody was meant to survive! Your best bet would be to gather with a slightly large but not to large group of like thinking “peaceful’ people because
I think i meant to say ecliptic instead of elliptical
Black Rift Theory | Year 2012: End of the World

Recent years have contained a number of important astronomical events that were observed by Jim in the course of his research. A total lunar eclipse occurred on his birthday in November, 2003. He traveled to Italy in June 2004 to witness a rare transit of Venus, the first in over a century. A transit of Mercury occurred on his birthday in 2006 but, due to inclement weather, was unable to be seen. Instead, Jim spent the day arranging a work space and officially launched what would become the Apocalypse Island Project in an effort to document his travels and the discovery of the island monument, along with the insights the monument had provided in his interpretation of the inscriptions at Palenque and the Mayan calendar. This work continues to the present day.
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The Ahau Chronicles is a newsletter published every 20 days on the day Ahau in the sacred tzolkin of the Mayan calender.
The first publication occurred on January 8, 2010, the day 3 Ahau 18 Kankin.
This date is recorded in the Mayan Long Count as
The last 0 (zero) indicates the completion of the 20 day cycle (uinal).
The second last 0 indicates the completion of the 360 day cycle (tun).
The completion date of the Mayan Great Cycle of 5,125 years is December 23, 2012, 4 Ahau 3 Kankin,
This date is calculated using the 584285 correlation coefficient.
This correlation makes both the 2012 Transit of Venus and Nov. 13 Total Solar Eclipse important Ahau days.
The Ahau Chronicles newsletter was inaugurated precisely 3 tuns (3*360=1080 days) before Dec. 23, 2012.
A complete publication run will consist of 54 newsletters, culminating with the final edition on Dec. 23, 2012.
The newsletter will document the ongoing evolution of the Apocalypse Island Project.
Future expeditions will be announced and reported in the newsletter.
New research and findings will also be reported here, keeping the reader up to date on breaking developments.
Please feel free to subscribe and follow our adventures as we explore the profound mysteries of the ancient Maya.
To subscribe, email "" and include "Subscribe" in the subject line.

Click on the links below for previously published newsletters:

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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 1: Crouching Jaguar
The Ahau Chronicles Volume 2: Great Sun
The Ahau Chronicles Volume 3: Cerro Tres Puntas
The Ahau Chronicles Volume 4: Tsunami
The Ahau Chronicles Volume 5: The Smoker
The Ahau Chronicles Volume 6: Easter IslandThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 7: 2010 Eclipse ExpeditionThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 8: Earth EnergyThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 9: Partial Lunar EclipseThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 10: Eclipse ExpeditionThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 11: Eclipse WitnessThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 12: Expedition OverviewThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 13: Retrograde JupiterThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 14: Venus TransitThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 15: Los 33The Ahau Chronicles Volume 16: Sacred Geometry at PalenqueThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 17: Chan Bahlum's Cross GroupThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 18: EgyptThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 19: The Egyptian SphinxThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 20: Lima, Peru

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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mayan Calendar 2012 Birth of a new humanity
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2012 is all about conscious evolution with each step in consciousness providing
ability to take the next simple :

The beginning of the ninth and final wave at March 9, 2011 is a point of time expected to mark significant frequency increases and acceleration of time.
Basically at or around March 9, 2011 something may happen in our consciousness/society/culture to speed up the rate of time. The previous time wave unity consciousness we now understand that thr internet was key in allowing people to communicate all over the world resulting in more connected world, global consciousness
The next wave is universal so you may expect this cycle to end with awareness and utilization of our universal neighbours (aliens) and their technology. This certainly will make time will speed up, Their tech is light years ahead of any thing we have. Not only technology we are seeking you also have new spiritual Ideas
Telepathy conscious co-creation, were we all realize the we are all creating our reality and collectively change it etc... many possibilities to look at.
Also be aware to keep a cool head, don't let these changes go to your head, then become greedy and arrogant. Listen to your heart and do what's for the highest good for all. As the time waves speeds up so do the wheels of Karma spin faster also. Negativity will be returned to you faster and faster.  As you send out intention to empower, give freedom, love & understanding to your fellow men, it will be returned to you faster.
We are indeed approaching a point of crossing were different groups of peoples perception of reality will not be able to assemble in to a coherent single world perception and you will have a split with some people perceiving a nightmare of fear and separation and other perceiving a heaven of oneness, freedom for all, peace on earth, abundance and healthy environment
Why? how could this be? human beings are social creatures and we perceive reality by agreement and or in groups, ie. give 100 people LSD and they all see or perceive exact same pink elephant. In Toltec shamanism we are taught we perceive the world from a social base, for example: in what the bleep the Indians couldn't see the tall ships, Now imagine for some reason the conquistadors couldn't see the Indians you would instantly have two perceivable reality matrix's. Two groups of people living in same space without being aware of each other.
This could be one explanation of Galactic crossing 2012 prophecies, where humanity separates off in to two different worlds. As we separate people may vanish in a mist as if the world swallowed them up or something else the rapture? What will happen is up to you and what you choose to perceive and believe.
But all this is simplistic, get more and more in heart consciousness and your mental complexity will be beyond amazing Also psychic abilities lucid dreaming etc just go up and up Things won't bother you as much you actually start enjoying life And you'll find you were wrong about people and things in life, love brings understanding enjoy the trip..

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 Charles E. Wharry (Darkbird18),
Darkbird18 is getting close to the why behind 2012. What I have put together on this post are the Key themes behind this very important day in time. But the major problem behind the Internet Information on 2012 is too much “Bad Information”, put out by those who want to hide the truth about this event. This information are from the best 2012 website and blog on the subject; this information from this sites will help anyone to understand the big picture by putting together all of the fact about 2012 to make sense out of chaos.

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