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Friday, September 14, 2012

GSF System


This is about getting on to the gold standard by evoking and living by common law.  When you wish to take responsibility for your actions, possess the ability to discriminate between right and wrong, the skill to assess and accept risk, and the integrity to make your word your bond which underpins the 'unwritten' common law, you are ready for the blessings of a deliverable, voluntary gold standard. Please see our Public Notice to Heads of State.  Here is a link to an epoch making article, which reflects the times we are all having. Those who want an in-depth explanation of what GSF is about will want to visit our resources section and read the Finality of Settlement series and supplementary documents. Instantaneous digital settlement provides unmatched liquidity for gold Globals and silver Isles. Secure, anonymous accessGSF System vouchers circulate on the system with an easy to use API for automation.

A Deliverable, Voluntary Gold Standard

A Deliverable, Voluntary Gold Standard

The twin horses of Honest Money and Common Law Honest money is silver and gold and operating a voluntary gold standard is the way to begin, build and establish honest trade. But I hear it said repeatedly - 'it's all very complicated'....Here again (even louder) Yes yes yes yes yes - but How? The essential desire to prosper honestly and in peace. Without it the primary practical elements are rendered empty ideals. Honest money and common law are like two horses ploughing the same furrow. They are like the two sides to the same coin. The desire for peace and right action is the air these horses breathe. GSF has worked for many years answering the 'But how?' questions.


Our first public notice of 20th May 2010 was widely carried across the web. The Public Notice to Heads of State sealed by GSF, GICOR & JRS, also available in html below, wa delivered to the British Prime Minister, copy to Her Majesty the Queen of England. The process of reaching out to other world leaders is ongoing.  All those we contact directly will get the above PDF plus a custom letter.
  1. PDF of letter to President of United States, The Honourable Barack Obama. Via fax and registered post. PGP Seals: JRS, GICOR GSF
All this happens as time and resources permit. If you would like to participate to ensure that those who claim to represent you are informed, print the PDF notice, include a cover on your letterhead, fax a copy and send the original via registered post. Please send a courtesy scan copy of your mailing, registered post receipt and copy of fax transmission completion to us at

26th January 2011 Public Notice to Heads of State To whom this presents shall come: greeting! In upholding the highest traditions of English Civilization, this letter gives notice to Your Excellencies, that the Global Settlement Foundation (GSF), is an independent and sovereign organization that provides finality of settlement for global trade. Common law notice of our intent and claim of right1 was hand delivered to Buckingham Palace on 20th August 2010, including an invitation to Her Majesty to issue lawful money, uphold common law, and thus restore the inherent sovereignty of man, as proclaimed by the Magna Carta, the root of Dignity and Majesty of the English Crown. When the affidavit of John Harris2 was published, a cry went out to the English speaking world for assistance in restoring common law, the law of the land, and to take steps to free people entrapped by certain powers, including perhaps, Her Majesty the Queen. Clearly, great dangers await mankind and the British Monarchy, if, today, not one nation on Earth can demonstrate that it upholds the principles of the said charter and lawfully affirm it. The Global Isles Court of Record is in motion regarding this matter. The Global Standard™, an open public standard for the issuance of lawful money, defines a gold Global™ as 0.1 gram by mass of 0.999 fine or better purity gold and a silver Isle™ as 0.1 gram by mass of 0.999 fine or better purity silver. All circulating notes and coins shall at all times contain at least 70% of the face value of the instrument with 100% of face value deliverable in kilo bars at all times. A sophisticated database system ensures that a clear lawful title can be established to all gold and silver held by the Global Settlement Foundation and remains fully deliverable at all times for any claims that may arise. Given the appalling state of affairs, as a matter of standard procedure, all gold that is delivered into or out of this system will be assayed for purity in full without any exception for all time to come. It is now possible with advanced technology to put minute, accurately measured quantities of gold into the circulating instruments. Each instrument can then be verified as genuine as to the exact amount of gold in each. In a reversal of the old reasons against circulating gold as money, it is the small denominations that will be notes, the larger amounts being coins. Physical coins for trade will begin as G 400 (approx. 1,125.00 GBP today) and notes down to G 0.01 (that is, down to 1p in value, around 3p at today's gold price). Thinking in Globals is a good substitute for other currencies as it corrects for the recent slide in the purchasing power of other currencies such as GBP, EUR or USD. Oil in GLO and USD 1/1946 to 4/2010 Enlarge Crude Oil 1/1946 to 4/2010 priced in Globals (gold) and US dollars (green) Facilitating the transition to lawful markets We believe that markets of stocks and insurance, denominated in lawful money that is gold, price risk naturally and this is the only way to bootstrap a truly free economy. We believe that the GSF System can provide a path forward for those who have accumulated significant sums in real metal by the processes of the historical era ending now. This process could be to make initial investments in entrepreneurs who wish to list their stocks with the GSF System, but always holding a minority position to enable the maximum flexibility for the entrepreneur and equally important, to attract gold into the system from elsewhere. This process, supervised by a Court of Record, can, we believe, end the stalemate in the ongoing financial war. Who we are not and what interests us We are not connected with, or sponsored by, any government, bank, banker or intelligence agency. All those entering the GSF System will have to declare that their source of funds is free of fraud and crimes against humanity. We are interested in common law and lawful, deliverable money and true markets that feature finality of settlement. Facts and questions before the Court of Record The Global Isles Court of Record is a true sovereign court as designed by the Magna Carta where the court operates with no legislative presumptions, where the tribunal is independent of the magistrate, with jurisdiction to determine if the fiduciary trust towards the people that is held by the government and its instrumentalities, the banks and courts, has been breached. The Global Isles Court of Record has raised issues regarding the current system of banking which are pertinent to examination of the source-of-funds for all transactions. Fraudulent finance
  1. Bank fraud, fraudulent deception, fraudulent conversion and running of limitations by banks in general, which result in a system where the notes on deposit at the banks are the promissory notes of the borrower, where the banks do not risk funds, and the banks are the borrowers of the money-of-account in circulation; and,
  2. How, by design, when the banks 'stop lending', the total quantity of the money-of-account in circulation plunges3, creating a 'financial crisis'; and,
  3. How, by design, it is guaranteed that the so-called 'borrowers' will 'default' while the true borrower, the bank, gets to take all the property; and,
  4. How, by design, such a financial crisis ensures that private property is transferred by deception to bank insiders, how stocks of 'public' and private corporations become 'bankrupted' enabling wholesale transfer of assets to those suitable ready with the spoils of bank fraud; and,
  5. How, by design, the auction of government bonds amount to an exchange of bank-liabilities to pay legal tender for the government's future liability to pay legal tender, and how a “bailout” amounts to outright transfer of liabilities from one balance sheet to another funded by confiscation of private property that is taxation; and,
  6. How, by design, the central bank earns these government bonds, and pledges this as collateral for the printing of legal-tender “cash”; and,
  7. How, thus, by design, it is impossible for banks to pay legal tender for the total quantity of bank-liabilities to pay paper legal tender.
  8. This raises the question as to who has granted the charter of the central bank, who owns the shares, and the fiduciary responsibilities of such. It also raises the question if insiders to these institutions have used off balance sheet entities to sequester bank-liabilities in circulation by extra-legal methods.
  9. This raises the question if the so-called drug war is an artifice to remove the cash liabilities of a certain central bank from within the 'nation' under their control and further questions as to what this cash has been used to fund once laundered through the banks of other 'nations'. Is the charter of this central bank a 99 year charter?
  10. This raises the question of if the entire system can be reduced to a system of void-contracts, where the law of voids would apply to the situation.
The Global Isles Court of Record has also raised questions as to who can claim to represent the men and women on the land:
  1. How, by incorporation, the so-called nations and even members of parliament or congress are really private corporations; and,
  2. How, by acts ultra vires, “government” corporations create a pyramid of currency based on deceiving the retail 'borrower' into depositing money-of-account into circulation; and,
  3. How, by examination of a government's money, one can determine if a government is at war, vanquished, or at peace. Thus raising the question if Your Excellencies' government is at war or is vanquished? It is evident that every government on the planet is either vanquished or at war. If Your Excellencies' government is at war, with whom? If it has been vanquished, by whom?


If you see a fellow that could be just hanging around at the time of the next mistake - after all we all make mistakes and half the time they slide by unwitnessed. Sherlock Holmes noticed though. He noticed irregularities. He was that sort of guy. When we think of Sherlock Holmes we all see the icon. In many cases, though it misrepresents the original, the icon is schooled in to society and like the disney version of a story it overtakes the real one. And what is society if not we ourselves? Elementary eh? The obvious, in plain sight, is that Sherlock had another sense – some call it common sense – or the sense of accessing genius. He is fascinating in as far as we are fascinated by it. And we are. It is aided by seeing and hearing in the first place what you behold. It's more than just focusing and listening. It is some sort of sense of how more dots join. We all have it . It's clear that we all have the genius of the common sense. It is indeed elementary - that's down to the original elements. So there in his museum in Baker Street lies Sherlock Holmes kit and much strange paraphernalia. All his bits and pieces were top level tools - a bit James Bondy. His false hair could turn him into an old man in a twinkling. It is always easier to see what is in front of us than to notice that which is missing – at first. Both these old men could be the appearance of Sherlock Holmes. All that dangles before our eyes we see with a sliver of our entire consciousness. We see the new cars on the roads, we see the latest clothes on other people, we see ads. What don't we see? What we behold – what is there – plain to see and hear in the the genius sense. Here is a well known story: Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are camping on an assignment. waiting for the unexpected, the unknown, and pitches their tent under the stars. During the night, Holmes wakes his companion and says: "Watson, look up at the stars, and tell me what you can deduce." Watson says: "I see millions of stars, and even if a few of those have planets, it's quite likely there are some planets like Earth, and if there are a few planets like Earth out there, there might also be intelligent aliens." Sherlock looked back at him with amazement and replied, "We are lying on the ground currently safe from rain as there are stars above instead of canvas, from which I deduce that somebody has stolen our tent". Back to the Baker Street museum. His disguise tools mean that Sherlock often went out looking like this, and this, and this.


Sir Isaac Newton Challenges Money Fraud

In some ways Sir Isaac Newton was a Sherlock Holmes kind of a guy. His keen observation, powers of deduction and relentless persistence is not so lauded as the cartoon apple story which is his icon. Like Sherlock Holmes he frequented taverns and the haunts of questionable persons in disguise.  He set himself up as a private detective, collecting evidence on the ring of fraudsters who, then as now, met with accomplices over a drink. He achieved something people are killed for nowadays, by more sophisticated and learned criminals. He caught some money thieves red handed and had them hung, drawn and quartered. I can tell you now I never learnt that at school. He took up the position of warden of the Royal Mint in 1696, obtained through the patronage of Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax, Chancellor of the Exchequer. He took charge of England's great re-coining of 1696, In 1699 he became Master of the Mint a position Newton took seriously, exercising his power to reform the currency and punish clippers and counterfeiters. He estimated that 20 percent of the coins taken in during The Great Recoinage were counterfeit. Many eminent people had their hands in the Royal till. Counterfeiting is high treason and in Isaac Newton's time was punished by the perpetrator being hung drawn and quartered. Hence convicting even the most flagrant criminals was difficult because they were very rich or in a rich man's gang. They simply paid witnesses to keep quiet and lie. As it is is today. William Chaloner the head of operations at the time also falsely accused and libeled people as religious and criminal perverts thus terrorising them to cooperate.  Despite all the barriers placed to prosecution, English law had ancient and formidable customs of authority. It still does, despite our schooling that it does not. In one of Newton's cases as as a Justice of the Peace he appointed himself the King's attorney against William Chaloner. Chaloner's crimes, including setting up phony Catholic conspiracies and then turning in the entrapped conspirators, was such a money spinner that he was able to posture as landed gentry. He then accused the Royal Mint of providing tools to counterfeiters (a charge also made by others) and proposed that he be allowed to inspect the Mint's processes in order to improve them. He petitioned Parliament to adopt his plans for a coinage that could not be counterfeited, while at the same time striking false coins and circulating them. Newton finally succeeded in putting Chaloner on trial for counterfeiting and had him sent to Newgate Prison in September 1697 and two years later he was hung drawn and quartered. It was said of him by a biographer: 'Scorning the 'petty Rogueries of Tricking single Men', he aimed rather at 'imposing upon a whole Kingdom' Newton conducted more than 100 cross-examinations of witnesses, informers, and suspects, on the conclusive evidence from his investigations between June 1698 and Christmas 1699. He successfully prosecuted 28 coiners. Again, this is something modern day school curricula pass over. His science discoveries were mighty and many of those are not on school agendas either. We are schooled only in the dates of events to do with battles and promotions for example Newton was made President of the Royal Society in 1703. 1717 in the "Law of Queen Anne" Newton moved the Pound Sterling de facto from the silver standard to the gold standard by setting the bimetallic relationship between gold coin and the silver penny in favour of gold. During the 20 years from his involvement as sinecure warden of the Mint - he succeeded, with cooperation from the Privy Council, in cleaning up the money and starting England on the road of financial stability for 100 years until the effects of going off the Gold Standard in 1813 resulted in the outbreak of a war that is still being conducted in financial terms.  This he achieved, among many other things, on the foundation of common law. What's this got to do with Sherlock Holmes? It's just a matter of joining the dots. Money is wrongly tagged as the root of all evil. It is a famous biblical mis-quote . The real quote from the King James Bible is ...'For the love of money is the root of all evil'. It is not the foremost thought of a housewife who's buying vegetables for her family. It is lying and stealing for money that's evil. Don't blame the money - sue the perpetrators of evil. Sherlock described his arch enemy Moriarty as follows in "The Final Problem": "He is a man of good birth and excellent education, endowed by nature with a phenomenal mathematical faculty. ...... But the man had hereditary tendencies of the most diabolical kind. A criminal strain ran in his blood, which, instead of being modified, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental powers.......He is the Napoleon of Crime, Watson, the organiser of half that is evil and nearly all that is undetected in this great city..."           Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A dark cloud hangs over these passages especially as it could describe both the loud mouthed Chaloner and the shadowy criminal minds at large in our day. There is nothing wrong with money per se - the problem is rooted in the minds of men when they use the very existence of money to make more if it for their own gains at the expense of the men and women who created it - by means of fraud and plunder. We are schooled that this is inevitable and unalterable in human nature. We have come to understand by the use of daily repeating, that lying, stealing, torturing and killing have to be tolerated or we might all lose our jobs - then what would we do? Both Sherlock Holmes and Isaac Newton spent their lives in pursuit of the truth. Malum quo communius eo pejus. (The more common the evil, the worse). Malus usus est abolendus. (An evil custom is to be abolished). Both in fact and fiction it is seen that one man can do much to sort the mess out. Now that you are hot on the chase, learn about the hidden traps laid by 'money'... or start your own investigations in the labyrinth of money.

Darkbird18 is deep within the truth about what the underworld,(Shadow Governments,Freemason,Illuminati and NWO) are running pass us and getting away with it for 1000’s of years! But the folks at GSF have them nail to the wall with their gold standard currency and because of the Internet this information is for all who seek it can read and understand what will come in the NWO. What is on this website is writing in parables and you most be able to read in between the lines and understand hidden truth within the lie. So read on after reading what's in this post by clicking on the link below………………………. GSF System
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