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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Update 03/01/18 |: The Fallacy of Linear Evolution : Ancient Man and His First Civilizations and The True Negro and Ancient Mysteries and Human Origins by Jamie Stensrud

Ancient Man and His First Civilizations

by Jamie Stensrud from TheMillenniumGroup Website

The True Negro

It has come to our attention that some people are casting Aspersions on the veracity of our site. This because when they come upon pictures of ancient Black Egyptians, Europeans, Middle Easterners etc. they say "those are NOT Black people, Black people do NOT look like that". In a "Normal" world, that would be an extremely inane proposition. After all, the Black Man is the original Human, and from where all other Humans descend. And though duly noted in science, simple observation would indicate that the Black Man is the Earths most diverse creature. He possesses all of the known types and colors of Hair, Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Bodies, and even skin colors. But alas, in the White mans racist world that we all live in, the proposition is instead, very understandable. They have come expecting to see pictures of: (that which the White Man has Defined as the "True" Negro); and there are few to be found. To explain this seeming contradiction, we must first begin with a little history.
When the Prophet Muhammad allowed Whites, mostly Greeks, who had migrated south as a result of Alexander's victory over the Persians; then Romans, together with the latest migrants, the Turks from Asia, to join his army of conquest. He unknowingly was finalizing a process that began about 2,000 years earlier; when the first Whites from central Asia first entered southern Europe. First Greece fell to them, then Italy, then France and Spain, until finally, all of Europe was theirs.
DISCLAIMER: Please note, as the authentic "Real" artifacts plainly tell us, the ancient Greek and Roman societies were Black, Albino, and Mulatto - in other words - mixed race. As a matter of fact, Alexander the greats people, the Macedonians, are usually depicted in authentic artifacts as Mulattoes. And as we know, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of Busts of Alexander as A white man. All of which are Albino Fakes, for the simple reason that the only authentic surviving image of Alexander, is the nondescript image of him in full armor on the Silver Decadrachm coin. As Persian artifacts clearly show us, the Central Asian Albino tribes like the Parthian's, Arian's, Bactrian's, and Scythian's, fought with the Black Persians against the Arab armies. For the sake of simplicity we here talk about Greeks and Romans as Albino entities exclusively, that is of course not accurate, as the Busts of Greeks and Romans as Whites are also not accurate. The world is flush with FAKE artifacts created by the Albino people showing themselves in historical roles, but very few artifacts of the actual People (Blacks) have survived Albino control. So we must make do with what we have available.

Later, Alexander's conquest of the Persian Empire gave Whites dominance over all that Persia had acquired, namely Egypt and Western Asia. The resurgent Sassanian Persians had later managed to take most of it back (except Egypt and the western Levant, which stayed in Greek, then Roman hands). But now Muhammad was determined to conquer all of it.
Which he did, but at the price of dooming all of the Black civilizations which still existed. Because as in Europe, Whites were not content with just being a part of the "New Order" they wanted to control and dominate it! Because of the meager population of Arabia, and also because of the Arab tribesman's resistance to his new religion, (he would later offer them the choice of conversion or Death!); Muhammad had no choice but to include Whites in his army. First the Greeks, then when the Romans quit the Western Levant in 639-640 A.D. (at Muhammads invitation), the Romans who remained behind, had no choice but to join him too. But the Caliphs still needed more men; therefore Turkish men were imported from Central Asia as Slave soldiers for the Caliphs army, and Turkish women were imported as Slaves for the Caliphs Harem (a practice that the Berbers (Moors) continued.

Click here for a short, but interesting, History of Slavery: Click >>>

With these Whites as the backbone of his army, Muhammads Islamic army was able to conquer parts of Eastern Europe, all of Western Asia, North Africa and Spain. But the fatal error by Blacks, came under Umayyad Caliph Umar II (reigned 717-720), it was by his decree that the now discontented "Mawali" Troops (Whites and non-Arab Muslims) were placed on the same footing with Arab Muslims, without respect to color or nationality. This decree allowed Greeks, Turks, Romans, and all other Eurasians to fully assimilate into the Muslim brotherhood.
At first it was the old-line Greeks and Romans who held sway. But as Turks kept coming in (first as Slave Soldiers), and as their population kept increasing, there could be no doubt as to who would triumph in the end.

The Turks first big break came in 868 A.D. It was during the rule of Abbasid Caliph Harun ar-Rashid (ruled 786-809), that the Caliphs began assigning Egypt to Turks rather than to Arabs. The first Turkish dynasty of Egypt was The Tulunid dynasty of Ibn Tulun, who entered Egypt in 868 A.D.
In Persia and Mesopotamia (which imported the first Turkish Slave Soldiers), the end came when Toghril Beg, the Turkish "Seljuq" Sultan, entered Baghdad in 1055 A.D, at which point, Buyid power was terminated, thus ending what Vladimir Minorsky, the great Persiaologist, called the “Persian intermezzo.”
In Anatolia, now called Turkey: In 1071 A.D. the Seljuq sultan Alp-Arslan defeated the Byzantine Empire at the Battle of Manzikert and thereby opened the way for several million Oguz tribesmen to settle in Anatolia. These Turks came to form the bulk of the population there, and one Oguz tribal chief, "Osman" founded the Ottoman dynasty (early 14th century): This dynasty would subsequently extend Turkish power throughout the eastern Mediterranean. The Oguz are the primary ancestors of the Turks of present-day Turkey.
In Egypt 1250 A.D. The Turkish Mamluk Slave Troops rebelled, and established their own dynasty in Egypt, independent of the Caliphs.

New History of Humanity - Astounding Scientific Discoveries

The White and "Mixed-race" people of the Middle East and North Africa, invariably identify themselves as Berber, Arab, or Persian - which of course, they are not, they are mainly Turkish. How refreshing then, to find a Middle Eastern organization that is comfortable acknowledging their true Turkish identity. Please visit the "Iran Chamber Society's" site page on the "Islamic Conquest". You will find that it is about the same as that contained in our own Persian history in the Elam section.  Click here for the Iran Chamber Society site

On a wishful note: It would certainly be nice if the Chinese Government would also update their website history on the beginnings of Chinese civilization. As it stands now, if you don't already know Chinese history, you certainly won't learn it from their website. Their presentation is "mealy mouthed" confusing, and refuses to acknowledge the obvious influences of Blacks and Whites in China's beginnings. Luckily there are skeletons, Mummies, and scientific studies which do.

In Muhammads own homeland of Arabia, the end came late, but it came: In Arabia, the domination of Mecca and Medina by the resurgent Black Wahhabi Muslims, was a serious embarrassment to the Turkish Ottoman sultan - who was the titular overlord of the Arabian territory, and the leading Muslim sovereign. Therefore, at the invitation of Turkish Sultan Mahmud II (1808-39), Muhammad Ali Pasha (an Albanian Turk); sent an expedition to Arabia that between 1811 and 1813 expelled the Wahhabis from the Hejaz. In a further campaign (1816-18), Ibrahim Pasha, the viceroy's eldest son, defeated the Wahhabis in their homeland of Najd, and thus brought Central Arabia under Turkish Albanian control. With the taking of Arabia, Whites now had control over all of it - the territories and the Religions. And after each victory, they sought to insure that the Black man would never raise again in his former territories.

The White man found that to accomplish this, there was a weapon just as effective as the Sword or Gun - the Lie! With the lie, the White man was able to convince everyone that his own weakness, the Pale Albino like skin that he wore, was a strength and denoted superiority. Thus no meaning was to be given to the fact that unlike the Normal and Natural inhabitants of those lands, the White Man found it necessary to completely cover his body in clothing, from head to toe, in order to survive the Sunlight of those regions. There is no known record of what he told Blacks to convince them to wear the Total Body Robes that they now wear, but we know that it is not natural for them, as Black skin is natures natural protection against Sunburn and skin cancer, and because the Blacks of those regions wore light attractive clothing before the White mans conquest. The Black mans only consolation in all of this, is that even as he endures through hardship in those regions that were formerly his; Few "Pure Whites" still exist in the southern regions. They have been "Absorbed" and replaced by a "Mixed Race" people; who themselves have turned against the White Man. (The mainly "mixed-race" people of Turkey - keep petitioning to join the White European Community. But that has so-far not been forthcoming - the claim is that they are too "Different").

The Power of the Lie

The ancient Persians understood the power of the Lie: they were probably the first Middle Eastern Blacks to have day-to-day dealings with Whites; owing to the large numbers of Arian's immigrating across their Eastern borders. Perhaps it was these White people that Darius the Great (522-486 B.C.); had in mind when he inscribed the following on the south retaining wall of his palace at Persepolis.


3. (12-24.) Darius the King says: May Ahuramazda bear me aid, with the gods of the royal house; and may Ahuramazda protect this country from a (hostile) army, from famine, from the Lie! Upon this country may there not come an army, nor famine, nor the Lie; this I pray as a boon from Ahuramazda together with the gods of the royal house. This boon may Ahuramazda together with the gods of the royal house give to me!
In Darius the Great's "Behistun Inscription" the Lie is mentioned twenty one (21) times:


55. (4.36-40.). Darius the King says: You who shall be king hereafter, protect yourself vigorously from the Lie; the man who shall be a Lie-follower, him do you punish well, if thus you shall think, "May my country be secure!"

The Changing Face of Egyptian Rule






Somewhere along the way, the White man decided that it was not enough to proclaim himself superior, he must make Blacks "Inferior" (for reasons that will be explained). To this end, he instituted something that was not known to the world before, "Racism". No one knows exactly when it began, but it evolved into one of mans most vile creations. In the United States of America, it reached its zenith with the Dred Scott decision.

Dred Scott

In March 1857, the Supreme Court of the United States answered a question that Congress had evaded for decades: whether Congress had the power to prohibit slavery in the territories. The case originated in 1846, when a Missouri slave, Dred Scott, sued to gain his freedom. Scott argued that while he had been the slave of an army surgeon he had lived for four years in Illinois, a free state, and Wisconsin, a free territory, and that his residence on free soil had erased his slave status.

Dred Scott

Roger Brooke Taney

Chief Justice of the United States

Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the Court....
In the opinion of the Court the legislation and histories of the times, and the language used in the Declaration of Independence, show that neither the class of persons who had been imported as slaves nor their descendants, whether they had become free or not, were then acknowledged as a part of the people nor intended to be included in the general words used in that memorable instrument....
They had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the Negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit. He was bought and sold and treated as an ordinary article of merchandise and traffic whenever a profit could be made by it. This opinion was at that time fixed and universal in the civilized portion of the white race....
No one, we presume, supposes that any change in public opinion or feeling, in relation to this unfortunate race, in the civilized nations of Europe or in this country should induce the Court to give to the words of the Constitution a more liberal construction in their favor than they were intended to bear when the instrument was framed and adopted....
And upon a full and careful consideration of the subject, the Court is of opinion that, upon the facts stated in the plea in abatement, Dred Scott was not a citizen of Missouri within the meaning of the Constitution of the United States and not entitled as such to sue in its courts.

The White man taught racism in his Schools and Universities; and since by now, he controlled most of the World and its media, everyone was taught racism!

The New Student's Reference Work (1914)


Ne′groes, a name given to most of the races inhabiting Africa, though it does not include all the inhabitants. The inhabitants of northern Africa, as the Abyssinians or Nubians, and the Hottentots of the south do not belong to the negro race. The physical characteristics of the true negro are black skin, woolly hair, flat nose and thick lips. Their skin is soft, and in the infant is a dull red, becoming black very soon. The negroes of the Guinea coast, who are rude savages, have a deep-black color and ugly features. Other tribes of the interior are tall, well-formed and warlike, and have some ingenuity in making implements from iron. The skull is long and narrow, with low forehead, prominent jaws and retreating chin. As a rule they are of a low order of intelligence, mechanical in their work but capable of great endurance. They are of a less nervous disposition than whites, more frequently color-blind, have smaller lungs and larger livers. The negro has long been a prey to the slave-traffic, being captured in large numbers and sold as slaves in other countries. The first slaves were brought to the United States in 1619, and this traffic was not discontinued until 1794, when it was prohibited by act of congress. The Spaniards began the trade, and King James and Queen Elizabeth both issued patents to companies. Between 1794 and 1840 the trade was confined mostly from the African coast to the West Indies and Brazil. The coast of Guinea was the largest slave-market, but inasmuch as they sold none of their own people but relied on those captured in war or by strategem, most of the slaves sent to the United States were of the pure negro type of the interior; while most of those taken to Brazil and the West Indies were closely allied to the Kafir and Zulu stock of the eastern coast. The mortality among the negroes is greater than the whites, attributed in the south much to the fact of their low condition and inattention to the laws of health, in the north to their inability to withstand the cold and variable weather, as the diseases from which they suffer are mostly those of the respiratory organs. Therefore the publication, at frequent intervals, of accounts of long-lived negroes may be ascribed to the ignorance of their ages, and not to any exceptional tenacity of life. In disposition the negro, as a rule, is cheerful and peaceable, unconcerned for the future, inclined to live in colonies and of emotionally religious instincts. Common among them even to the present day is the exercise of a certain form of witchcraft, called voodooism, prosecuted by means of charms, philters and fetiches.

But not content with the lie of speech, the White man in the 19th. and 20th. centuries, created scientific lies to bolster his claim.

Samuel George Morton (1799-1851), one of the inspirers of physical anthropology, collected hundreds of human skulls from all over the world and started trying to find a way to classify them according to some logical criterion. Influenced by the common theories of his time, he claimed that he could judge the intellectual capacity of a race by the cranial capacity (the measure of the volume of the interior of the skull). A large skull meant a large brain and high intellectual capacity, and a small skull indicated a small brain and decreased intellectual capacity. By studying these skulls he decided at what point Caucasians stopped being Caucasians, and at what point Negroes began. Morton had many skulls from ancient Egypt, and concluded that the ancient Egyptians were not African, but were White.
Morton's big mistake here was evidence (there were just too many Egyptian statues hanging around, which clearly showed that Egyptians were of course Black people). Thus, this was too big a lie, even for the White man; so Morton and his theories quickly fell into disrepute. But an indication of just how pathetic some Whites are as regards to race - Some still believe that Egyptians were White people (You really really have to WANT to believe it, for that to make any sense at all).
Has anyone noticed the virulence of the words used above? Those were not words of description, or even words of criticism, they were words of hatred and Damnation! What could it be that compels the White man to use such hateful words against another Human being? More follows:

The true Negro

(This from a White scientific Journal)

In modern craniofacial anthropometry, Negroid describes features that typify skulls of Black people.

These include a broad and round nasal cavity; no dam or nasal sill (skin below the nostral);

Quonset hut-shaped nasal bones (round half circle shaped);
A notable facial projection in the jaw and mouth area (prognathism);
A rectangular-shaped palate (roof of the mouth);
A square or rectangular eye orbit shape;
And large, megadontic teeth (very big teeth).

(Actually Prognathism is more common in the European Albinos and in the Mongol people, than it is in Blacks).
But as we have seen, and will see, time and time again, when the Albino people are making up stories to glorify
themselves and degrade others, so as to compensate for their Albinism and other defects, truth is of no consequence.

Thus - The True Negro!

While at the same time, the White man says this:
"Though African populations are relatively dark, according to a recent study; they possess a greater genetic, phenotype, and skin complexion diversity than all other populations". (Seems that the White man is of two worlds here, schizophrenic even, and can't seem to make up his mind). In times past, his lies were believable, because few people had ever traveled the world, or been to Africa and seen real Africans. So even though the young man above is quite handsome in his own way - There really aren't many Blacks or Africans, who look like him - very few as a matter of fact.

Funny thing about White people though:

All of these below, seem to have almost the EXACT same Phenotype as the Black person next to them!
Strange, the only difference seems to be Pale skin, Blond or Red hair, and Blue eyes.
Wonder what could account for that?


Albinism is a form of hypopigmentary congenital disorder, characterized by a partial or total lack of melanin pigment in the eyes, skin and hair.

Albinism is hereditary; The principal gene which results in albinism prevents the body from making the usual amounts of the pigment melanin. Most forms of albinism are the result of the biological inheritance of genetically recessive alleles (genes) passed from both parents of an individual, though some rare forms are inherited from only one parent.

Because organisms with albinism have skin that lacks (sufficiently or entirely) the dark pigment melanin, which helps protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun, they can sunburn easily from overexposure. Lack of melanin in the eye also results in problems with vision. The gene OCA2, when in a variant form, the gene causes the pink eye color and hypopigmentation common in human albinism. Different SNPs within OCA2 are strongly associated with blue and green eyes. 
Hair color is the pigmentation of hair follicles due to two types of melanin, eumelanin and pheomelanin. Generally, if more melanin is present, the color of the hair is darker; if less melanin is present, the hair is lighter. Blond hair can have almost any proportion of phaeomelanin and eumelanin, but both only in small amounts. More phaeomelanin creates a more golden blond color, and more eumelanin creates an ash blond. Blond hair is common in many European peoples, but rare among peoples of non-European origin. Many children born with blond hair develop darker hair as they age. Red hair ranges from vivid strawberry shades to deep auburn and burgundy, and is the rarest fully distinct hair color on earth. It is caused by a variation in the Mc1r gene and believed to be recessive. Red hair has the highest amounts of phaeomelanin and usually low levels of eumelanin, and is the rarest natural human hair color.

Another funny thing about Albinism

In some cases, it seems to even straighten Hair!


Real Africans

(A small sample, and by no means comprehensive of the great diversity of African types)


There is probably surprise that "Real" Egyptians look as they do, this is certainly not what you see in the White mans Books, television programs, and Movies. That is because the White mans media is merely a tool, or weapon, in the White mans vendetta against Blacks. We have seen his vitriol in describing Blacks; but that would ring hollow - when considered against the majesty of Black achievements in the past. Therefore he has, with the aid of his media, tried to take that past away. His media shows the creators of the worlds great civilizations as Whites, or at the very least, the mixed race people who currently inhabit those lands - But never as the Blacks that they truly were. In the case of Egypt: most "mixed race" and all White Egyptians, live in the large cities of Egypt. Therefore the White man very skillfully uses his media to show the world only those, or what he wants it to see. Thus all that he will show you, is the Whites and "mixed race" people of Egypt.
But this is also true the world over, though Blacks are the most ancient inhabitants of lands the world over, the White man will rarely show Blacks of any consequence, anywhere outside of Sub-Sahara Africa that is. The White man seems to have some deep-seated need to portray the world, and to see the world, as full of his own kind. Though part of that may be a subconscious response to the fact that Whites are the least numerous of the worlds people, there is much more to it! And certainly, no one could argue that on-line publications like Wikipedia, and the like; which claim to impart knowledge - would not be quite different with Black ownership, or at the very least, some semblance of Black oversight.
But what's the point of all of this? The White man has gone to great lengths to lie about, and to denigrate Blacks. Why does he do that, if he doesn't like Blacks, why not just leave them alone? After all, when the White man was in central Asia, Blacks did not follow him there, they left him alone. It was the White man who intruded upon Blacks in Europe, it was the White man who intruded upon Blacks in western Asia, it was the White man who intruded upon Blacks in Australia, it was the White man who intruded upon Blacks and Asians in the Americas, it was the White man who intruded upon Blacks in their own homeland of Africa. So why doesn't he just leave them alone?
There answer is really quite simple, if you feel that you have an inherent weakness, the best defense is a good offense. The White man was, and still is, quite sensitive and defensive about his genesis, and his "Un-naturalness". The White man is the result of the Albinos of Southern Africa joining together and trekking to North Asia, as part of the second (OOA) migration event ca. 50,000 B.C. White Skinned people exist as a result of Black Skinned people "MAKING" them, these people are called Albinos. Once they have been created, if they are foolish enough to mate with each other, then they will only produce other Albinos. To produce a normal human, they MUST mate with Melaninated humans.
They did this on their way to North-Central Asia, and that is why modern Whites are NOT "Full-fledged" Albinos any longer; but rather "Partially" Melaninated Humans. But for reasons unknown, perhaps because there was not enough Melaninated Humans available to mate with in Central Asia; (note the skin color variations in their former neighbors to the East in China), these Whites were not able to return to "Full Melanination." And so at some point, the White man decided that he was going to make, by proclamation and force of arms, his defect and "Disadvantage" into an "Advantage". It worked for a long time!
Returning to the United States of America, which as we saw above, seemingly tried to refine racism to an "Artform". It is amusing to note that when the Whites in that place are not engaging in some sort of overt racism, they are "Applauding" themselves for managing NOT to do it - they MUST view it as the "Normal" and "Natural" thing to do!
Recently, the people of the United States elected a Black man "Barak Obama" as President of that country. Since then, there has been no end to the self congratulations of Whites upon this great deed. They just cannot get over the fact of their great magnanimity in accomplishing the great feat of electing their leadership - BASED PURELY ON QUALIFICATIONS AND MERIT and NOT on Race!
Ah, but as always is the case when dealing with Whites and the truth, it is never what they tell you it is. A closer look at the numbers revels that in fact, the majority of Whites in the United States did NOT vote for Barak Obama. Fifty six percent (56%) voted "against" him: Of the 44% who did vote for him, that may simply reflect the "Nothing to loose" rule, which became prevalent in the American "Rustbelt" in the 1960s and 70s. Rustbelt refers to the former American region of heavy manufacturing in the North: In these northern cities such as Detroit and Cleveland, as manufacturing moved elsewhere, and Whites followed; Blacks were able to gain political advantage. Then the remaining Whites joined with Blacks to elect political leadership. But for Whites, this did not reflect a change in attitude towards Blacks, rather, it was simply an acceptance of reality. Things were bad and getting worst, the outlook was hopeless and there was "Nothing to loose" so why not give the Blacks a chance. If they succeeded, Whites would benefit the most, owing to their more advantageous positions. And if the Blacks failed, then they would take the blame for the entire debacle - no one ever said Whites were necessarily stupid!

Having said all of that, this is of course only one; the obvious aspect; of the White Mans many and complicated feelings toward Black people. And it must be noted that there are many fine and upstanding White people in the world, no people are all bad or all good. Similarly, it must be noted that Albinism is a trial, and a debilitating defect for those who suffer with it. And it is duly noted, the discrimination and assaults that people with it suffer in Southern Africa - and thus the White Man may have some "Ancient" justification for his "ill will" towards Black people. And we regret having to use pictures of these suffering people in making our point.

Normal people and their Albino children or siblings.

Sometimes Albinism is partial, and effects only one feature.

by Jamie Stensrud from TheMillenniumGroup Website

The Fallacy of Linear Evolution

Almost from birth, we are taught that ours was a linear evolution of society, from primitive groups of primates to nomadic hunter-gatherers, to city-dwellers with domesticated animals and agricultural techniques.

Charles Darwin was integral to this current mainstream belief system - his 1859 work "The Origin of Species" was nothing less than a revolution of scientific

Charles Darwin (1809-1882)
thought, pushing back and ultimately eclipsing the previously-held notions of creationism, and helped cement the concept of linear evolution.

It is an indication of how powerful his work was that even today, 150 years later, hard evidence which has come to light over the past few decades has not yet managed to gain the acceptance of the majority of researchers, evidence such as:
  • battery which produces half a volt of electricity discovered in Iraq in 1938 and dated to 248-226 BC (as well as copper vases electroplated with silver, dated to 2500 BC)

  • An ancient Mayan chunk of crystal fashioned into an accurate skull shape, discovered in 1912, bearing evidence of being machinated

  • Old detailed maps dated to hundreds of years ago, said to have been created by using much older maps as a reference, showing the coastlines of South America and and an ice-free Antarctica (the latest the coast of Antarctica was in an ice-free state was approx. 4000 BC)

  • Heavy water erosion on the Sphinx, Great Pyramid, and Oseirion, which could only have taken place no later than approx. 7000 years ago, when heavy rain was common in the area, obviating a much older date for their construction than is generally accepted

  • Incredibly old physical constructs which demonstrate a highly advanced architectural technique, not matched until the Middle Ages

  • Demonstrated knowledge of such relatively modern discoveries as the 9 planets of this system and Jupiter's 4 main moons, by the ancient Sumerians, information which wasn't known in modern times until the advent of the telescope

  • Central American Olmec figures, dated to over 3000 years ago, inscribed with what was verified in 1996 to be archaic Chinese characters

The above are only a few of the many ancient mysteries this planet holds. The question now becomes: can we find an explanation, or are they forever to remain elusive in the mists of time?

Let's start the search for answers.

Ancient Myths 
There are a countless number of ancient myths and legends from cultures long since relegated to history on Earth.

Most are culture-specific, only appearing in local or regional accounts. There are, however, a good number of myths which "span the spectrum" so to speak - they appear in the tradition of virtually every major culture in history. One of these ancient common myths is that of a "fall" of humanity, from some lofty position to a lower one.

For example, the Christian tradition tells of people living in a virtual paradise, who were "cast down" when they attempted to gain the knowledge of their god. This is but one example; similar myths also appear in the cultures of ancient Greece, Canaan, Akkadia, and Sumeria.

What all this points to is evidence in the ancient oral traditions of a time when humanity enjoyed a state of relative technological advancement, exploring and mapping the globe as well as studying scientific principles we consider modern - among them cosmology, medical science, and architecture - only to then suffer some catastrophe (the infamous "fall") resulting in the loss of most of that information, which remained lost until advances made in the Middle Ages.

What was this "fall"? Most legends tell that humanity "fell out of grace with the gods" for attempting to learn that which their gods knew - "eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge".

Since these early humans obviously already knew such things as cosmology, astronomy, medicine, geography, etc., what could this "knowledge of the gods" be?

The Knowledge of the Gods 

Researchers today, studying such various ancient texts as the Dead Sea Scrolls, Old Testament, Cabala, among others, believe that at the earliest points of religious development, it was a physical, flesh-and-blood person that was worshipped, and that gradually over time this evolved to the concept of a god or gods separate from the physical realm.

Dead Sea Scrolls

(One can see the basic outline of this evolution of concepts by noting that the earliest groups worshipped physical personas, then later the Greeks and Romans worshipped gods which were both flesh-and-blood as well as "godly", and during the present time the main gods are considered fully separate from the physical realm, as in the Christian God ).

Obviously, at this point in our understanding we cannot say for certain what this forbidden knowledge was, but from the information presented so far, coupled with what we know of these ancient civilizations, we can draw some general guidelines:
  • The "forbidden knowledge" was something we did not develop on our own, and which the "gods" possessed
  • It was something which we were able to attain or learn
  • It was something which the "gods" did not want us to know

Not much to go on, but we can make some educated guesses.

The fact that the gods did not want these early humans to have this information connotes that it was something potentially damaging to them, perhaps knowledge of who they really were (or were not), or knowledge which would serve to put humanity on an equal footing with them.

Either way, this further connotes that the "gods" were in fact not gods at all, but rather flesh-and-blood beings who possessed advanced knowledge or technology.

Supporting this claim is the presence of ancient carvings and pictures of what appear to be flying objects of a technological nature, located high on the wall of the Temple of Seti I in Abydos, Egypt, as well as other related pictures scattered throughout various ancient sites.

Previously the presence of these images was attributed to the stylized imaginings of "primitive cultures".

A Prefabricated Society 

Adding to the puzzle is the fact that both the Egyptian and Sumerian cultures seemed to appear out of nowhere, fully equipped with their advanced knowledge and already at the height of their civilization.

In the case of Sumer, there were groups of Akkadians and the ancestors of present-day Bedouins surrounding the area in which they appeared; all seem to be culturally unrelated to the Sumerians.

Above: Pyramid of Khufu.
Below: the much newer Pyramid of Hawara, 12th Dynasty.
Note the difference in design quality.

In the case of Egypt, it is the oldest structures - the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid, etc. - which are of the highest architectural quality and the most well preserved. Later-built pyramids are of lesser quality, and in fact, some have literally collapsed due to poor design.

This denotes that the more ancient Egyptians possessed a higher quality of knowledge than their descendants - a key sign of technology inherited from another culture and not developed by ones own, as knowledge of how to use the obtained information would have been lost through the generations; the more advanced cultures were the earliest (in fact both the Egyptians and Sumerians believed civilized humans had existed on this planet for over 500,000 years).

It has been established that in ancient Sumeria, a sudden storm of scientific achievements burst upon the scene in a very short period of time - the wheel, written language, a sophisticated calendar, music and song, map making, a standard exchange system, among others.

"To this day, everyone concerned is baffled by the sudden, extraordinary emergence of the Sumerians, seemingly from nowhere.

But there is no doubt that, upon their advent in southern Mesopotamia, they were already highly advanced, to a level far beyond that recorded or sustained in any place from where logically they could have emanated.

Nowhere on Earth was there a culture like that of the Sumerians, who appeared soon after 4000BC."

Where From Here? 
Despite the presence of physical evidence contradicting elements of the popular conception of the evolution of human culture, the scientific body has, for the most part, ignored the claims of those who argue we once enjoyed a higher standard of living than the history books depict.

Slowly, however, the idea is leaking into the mainstream, as more evidence becomes uncovered and is discussed.

Table 1: Ancient Localities
Source: Rule by Secrecy, Jim Marrs

After all, someone drew the maps from which Admiral Piri Reis and others claimed to have used as source material - someone with an advanced knowledge of geography and who traveled the world's oceans (see Table 1 above for a brief list of similar Mesopotamian and Central American site names), and someone knew enough about physical and electrical principles to construct working batteries over 2000 years ago and to perform electroplating over 4500 years ago.

Just think of the wealth of information on our remote prehistory we would have today, had not the old libraries of Memphis, Alexandria, and Asia Minor been destroyed by invaders or religious groups fearful of the knowledge they contained.

And even more evidence is lying undiscovered, hidden under desert sands or buried in museum basements. When will the "big discovery" be made which will make the mainstream scientific community sit up and take notice?

Perhaps it has already been made.

Perhaps it has been right in front of us all along....

 Charles E. Wharry(Darkbird18);

The human history we were taught in school is one big lie! Why the lie about our past is to keep us from seeing the future as being of light and stop us from reaching our true path of greatness which the creator of all things intended for us but why? Darkbird18 has been asking this question for a very long time and I'm getting closer to the truth and the why has something to do with basic food supply from which they feed upon, which is our life force and being left alone without our life force to substance their existent. These articles talk about our history and the way things are so hard to understand when it comes to the truth about our past.  

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