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Friday, July 29, 2016

Update 06/01/2017: Wormwood, Planet-X. Nibiru,Mini Solar System Approaches-The Time of Tribulation Update 7/29/16!!

Published on Jul 25, 2016
In 2013 the renowned astrophysicist James McCanney indicated that a number of professional scientists in the field of Astronomy had informed him that a mini-solar system was entering our solar system and would bring with it a bombardment of comets and giant meteors that would threaten all life on earth.

       Red Star Kachina Emerges-Earth Approaching "Tipping Point"

This video presentation provides answers to some of the most important questions regarding Hercolubus, The Red Kachina Prophecy and the End Times Expectations. This video is solely intended for educational use.

Does the Vatican Know about the End Times?
How much longer can world powers hide the truth of Hercolubus?
Will there be an axis pole shift?
Where is this mysterious planet?
What is causing meteoric changes across the solar system?
Why is Climate Change Becoming Worse?
Does the Incoming planet have hyper dimensional qualities?
When will the final shift occur?
What are the signs on Earth and in the Heavens?

Skywatch Media News is your source for reporting the best in Alternative Earth/Science News around the World.

Charles E. Wharry (Darkbird18);
This video is letting us know what is coming and that the major news media is not going to say anything about Planet-X and what will happen when it get here! This event has happen in the past and those in power now, knew it was coming back in the 1980's! But the NWO and the power elites is using this to take control of this world by not letting us know of this great disaster so they will be the only people in control after it happens. But those who see this video will know! Keep faithful and trust in the one who made us all because that is the way.

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