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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

THE Great Deception of Man's History : Illuminati NWO Freemason Antichri...

Published on Jul 24, 2016
666 + 666 + 666 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 2016. Jewish year 5777 (2016-2017). Hebrew letter for 6 looks like a 7, so (5)666...
If you can stand to listen to me smack my mouth for over 2 hours you'll get at least some reasoning for our chaotic society even if you're not Christian. Sorry if it seems biased but that's the point as this is where all the Satanism our society is now ruled by is coming from. I tried to make the entire End Times plot make sense, starting at the beginning of history, without going into too many specifics. It's not perfect but it works. There's so much more I could've included and might in future material. Some I may remake without the bias if possible. So many people still need to wake up.

I tie all chapters together with this, Crowley and his little Lam, and the Masonic motto of Ordo Ab Chao (order out of chaos) along with the rising military police state -- NWO. The military-police state is coming soon while most tragedies in the media-controlled "news" are staged -- false flags -- to bring about mandatory gun control and distract preludes to war, civil or not. The Catholic Church itself is the False Prophet, as Vatican can be translated as "Divining Serpent" or "prophecy" while the Pope himself is the Antichrist. The Vatican likely hid its money in the House of Rothschild, through Mayer Amschel Rothschild und Sohne (MARS, god of war). It's no coincidence since most revolutions and wars have been attributed to them since the 1700's.

So I start off with angels, demons, Nephilim and Nimrod's role in all this as the Tower of Babel is where it all begins after the Flood. The pagan holidays tie in the Catholic Church segment while I go on to further reveal the whore Babalon, another manifestation of a fallen angel recreating the New Babylon along with the MK-ULTRA social engineering construct. I use a lot more material, particularly musicians, to help show this fact. I have some newer "orb UFO" videos added to help prove the aliens are in fact demons in disguise, as well as discuss human (or Nephilim) piloted craft the shadow governments have been improving on for over half a century now. The human sacrifices are apparent throughout but I also updated with 2014 FBI missing persons data.

I, like others who are being gang stalked with psychotronics, realize that the reason for doing this has a lot to do with wanting us dead. This revolves around the Kabbalist belief of Qliphoth (66/VV symbol). They want victims to die insane, commit suicide actually (up 25% since 1999), and go to the Abyss with their version of the fallen angels. That's what the hand signs at the beginning actually mean. The Synagogue of Satan want our souls in the Abyss.

This is the spiritual war Jesus spoke of and you will want His help to rapture you out before this Freemasonic plot of the false 5th age phoenix brings "order" out of the chaos. There's a reason for Jade Helm, gang stalking using surveillance role players, and retrofitting large warehouse stores like Wal-Marts into makeshift death camps for an upcoming cataclysm. This might even revolve around a comet or meteor strike -- Wormwood.

The Illuminati witches are also trying to disharmonize the public with sonic weapons, why it's said angels "sing" as we're like a spiritual school of fish sensing the acoustic, universal vibrations around us (like superstring theory). This is the Jesus fish metaphor, good or bad vibes. This is why music is used in mind control.

Sorry if I repeat myself in a few places. It might be necessary for some. I also edited a part in Nephilim and added a bit about the sound waves. That's why they thought Babel and the pyramids might actually lift off like in Stargate, like the Coral Castle stones.

*Who is the Antichrist...exactly? The Beast has Already Been Revealed! -
*US Capital - Washington DC & Vatican - Satan's World EXPOSED Live -
*See for detailed analysis of mind control (MK-ULTRA) in pop culture.
*See for detailed list of patented mind control devices.
*See for info on the Catholic church.
* Suicide statistics way up:
* Sex offenders in military & gov (Temple of Set): or

Many other sources too long to list. See my playlists.

Brian Eno - Trienalle
John Serrie - Gentle, The Night
SINfonia of London Orchestra (Stargate soundtrack) - Procession

Charles E. Wharry( Darkbird18);

This is a very detail research on our Human history and how the dark forces of the world are in control and why they have the power elites and secret society working for them to free them form the pit. The human history is hidden form us to keep us slave because we're lower being to them and that we're the true light of the world and they live off of our live force which is the spirit of the true light. this information will help understand what is happen around us.

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