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Saturday, June 13, 2015


11 JUNE 2015

Secret Societies

Sociopolitical Documentary hosted by Mark Rossman and Andy Valvur and Derrick Williams, published by Arte in 2014 - English narration

Secret Societies
They act in the shadows, they are extremely secretive and they practise ancient rituals. Secret societies play a far larger role in our everyday lives than we are aware of. Publications like those of bestselling author Dan Brown have brought them back into the limelight. The three-part documentary, 'Secret Societies', accompanies historian Dr Marian F├╝ssel on his search for clues surrounding history's most famous secret societies and conspiracy theories.

Behind closed doors, cliques of the world's most powerful men form societies so secret and controversial that their very names spark fear in our hearts and minds: the Freemasons, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones. What are the intentions of these secret societies? Are the members of these brotherhoods the innocent victims of mudslinging conspiracy theorists or are they untouchable elitists who control the world? One way to find out is to explore their mysterious and covert histories

1) The Heirs of the Knights Templar 
The Freemasons are probably the secret brotherhood with the most members. Their fundamental ideals are, according to them, liberty, equality, fraternity, tolerance and humanity. However, others say that this secret society has very different goals, namely political power.
This is mainly because of the self-imposed secrecy that was exploited in the past by criminal elements. Terra X investigates the history of the Freemasons back to its origins.

2) The Code of the Illuminati 
The secret brotherhood of the Illuminati was only active for ten years. They dreamed of having members of their brotherhood occupy crucial positions of power, thereby creating a new, fairer state. Banned as early as 1785, 
rumours that 'the enlightened ones' still exist in secret cannot be dispelled. Terra X investigates the legendary Illuminati brotherhood, also exploring other secret organizations that allegedly have their roots in Antiquity.

3) The Masks of the Conspirators 
Did the Americans really land on the Moon? Who was really behind 9/11? Did Jesus start a family and what's behind theories of attempted world domination by the Jews? Terra X - 'The Masks of the Conspirators' investigates some of the most famous conspiracy theories of modern times, coming across half truths and blatant lies, but also some questions that are still unanswered.

PHILOSOPHICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Secret Societies: Sociopolitical Documentary hosted by Mark Rossman and Andy Valvur and Derrick Williams, published by Arte in 2014 - English narration Sec...

Charles E. Wharry (Darkbird18)

Secret Societies have been in existent for 1000's of years and are still in power all over the world, they're part of the "unseen" world. The reason why they're secret is because they don't want anyone to see what they're doing because if we knew what they're up too they would be destroy completely! The dark ones have been operating in the dark because they're from the dark side and know only darkness but the light came into the world and the darkness will never understand and will always be against the light but that OK because all things are good under Heaven and we most love all. But keep your eyes open and watch out for them because they didn't have LOVE and Light in their hearts therefor they must be watch closely; therefor  they most  operate in secret. This article will put the light on them but didn't judge them but only understand them.

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