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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Troy McLachlan - Saturn Death Cult

The Saturn Death Cult, "The link between planetary Catastrophe anccient mythology and Occult Ritual."

Mythology as natural history, and human history as occult ritual.

The Saturn Death Cult is an investigation into ancient planetary upheavals that heralded the birth and destruction of a fabled Golden Age following which mankind then degenerated into the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power through the perverted horrors of slavery, child sacrifice and mass-murder rituals.
This website discusses the disturbing occult origins of the planet Saturn and its influence on our march towards the terrifying elitist agenda of ‘justifiable’ man-made global cleansing.
  • Learn why the planet Saturn is portrayed in mythology as our original sun where it was fixed in the heavens at Earth’s celestial north and from where it watched over the ancients like the All-seeing Eye of god.
  • Find out why today’s frightening sex-murder cults and secret societies are a twisted, yet deadly legacy of a time when people yearned for the rebirth of the planet Saturn as our original sun and source of life and light.
  • Discover the ‘Electric Universe‘,  the ground-breaking easy to understand science of plasma cosmology with an uncanny ability to provide natural explanations for what the ancients really saw happening in the skies above them; i.e. the same ancient records that today’s mainstream academics brush off as fantastical myths and certain Luciferian-type sects such as the so-called Illuminati claim as spiritual ‘Illuminated Truth’.
  • Understand the real forces behind the legends of Atlantis and Lumeria and our continuing fascination and fear of a coming Doomsday.  Know how planetary cataclysms caused the ancients to divide mankind’s history into a Golden AgeSilver Age, Bronze Age and the modern and violently destructive Iron Age.
  • Also, if you have ever wondered why the infamous call for a New World Order is linked by conspiracy advocates to elitist financial cronyism, missing children and paedophilic networks, death cults, serial killers and police state terrorism, then hopefully this website may connect a few dots.
  • Guns. Oil. Drugs. Sex. Learn how the parasitic GODS industry has its origins in the financial corruption of the ancient mystery schools and priesthoods that had been originally established during man’s Silver Age to preserve the knowledge of Saturn’s life and death as our first and best sun.
  • Discover the connection between the collapse of today’s international financial system and its origins in the legend of the Tower of Babel.  Then understand why certain religious teachings say it is the love of money, not the love of the Devil, that is the root of all evil.
  • Connect secret Nazi technology and the modern UFO phenomenon to the possibility of a break away civilisation looking to colonise space at the expense of rest of us.
  • See how the alchemical movies of Stanley Kubrick point to a hidden modern Saturnian elite with a very dark agenda for mankind’s ‘Useless Eaters’ and how CIA mind control programs like MK-Ultra have played a significant role in the rise of the serial killer phenomenon.
Once finished, you may ask the question:  Are we being steered into a new occult-inspired Golden Age, or are we on the precipice of a police state Dark Age?
On this website I will endeavour to steer you towards some of the more open-minded thinkers and writers investigating the sometimes horrifying origins of the more profound social problems facing our species today.  As the above hints at, some of the subject matter discussed deals with the distasteful issue of paedophile networks and their links to human sacrifice rituals.  For those of a more delicate disposition, this can be a highly disturbing and distressing topic, and you are therefore warned.  Ritual crime is never pretty.
I do however believe it is vital for us to understand how Saturnian mythology and cosmology has been warped by certain individuals and sects into a justification for such heinous crimes against women and children.
What I have dubbed as ‘The Saturn Death Cult’ (and what others may refer to as theSaturn Matrix) can be loosely defined as the accumulated financial and ritualistic operations and beliefs of certain occult sects and organisations involved today in the promotion of war for profit (Guns), monopoly of energy resources (Oil), illicit drug trafficking (Drugs) and the sexual exploitation of women and children (Sex) – the infamous GODS industry.

An Armenian female slave, one of the millions of victims that have suffered under the influence of the Saturn Death Cult. (image PD)
Discussing the extremely serious topic of the historical sexual exploitation of women and children (termed White Slavery by some) will, hopefully, arm us with better knowledge in our collective opposition to this ‘GODS’ industry.
    “I am firmly convinced that when the people of this nation understand and fully appreciate the unspeakable villainy of ‘The White Slave Traffic’ they will rise in their might and put a stop to it.  The growth of this ‘trade in white women,’ as it has been officially designated by the Paris Conference, was so insidious that it reached the proportions of an international problem almost before the people of the civilized nations of the world learned of its existence.” Edwin W. Sims, United States District Attorney, Chicago, 1910. (Quoted from the introduction to: ”Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls”, edited by Ernest A. Bell, 1910)
    (continue on to Saturn Death Cult – Part 1)

      Saturn Death Cult – Part 1

      Saturn and the rise of the ‘GODS’ industry – the hidden link between global cataclysms, sex magick-blood rituals and guns, oil, drugs and slavery.
      The literal and physical journey the planetSaturn has taken from being a brown dwarf star and Earth’s original sun to its subsequent banishment to the outer reaches of our current solar system is the story of the known Ages of Man according to the mythological, esoteric and occult traditions.
      This story has become the basis for secretive mystery schools and warped theologies, sex and blood-based rituals and alchemically-driven sciences and arts.  It is the force behind the continuing struggle between those ‘of the Blood’ and those ‘of the Earth’.  It is the conflict between the love of money and the love of justice.  It feeds motives to commit conspiracy to suppress, yet its memory lies hidden beneath our fears for the future.  It is both the word and flesh from the beginning of human experience, the origin of both civilization and war.  It is the story of the four ages of Man.
      The following is a simplified view of myth as history, and history as ritual by way of an intuitive rather than intellectual investigation of the evidence.
      An Introduction to the Four Ages of Man
      Worldwide mythologies and esoteric traditions generally talk of a cycle of four ages of Man. (These ages should not be confused with the scientific community’s demarcations of Stone age, bronze age and iron age historical progression.)
      Broadly speaking, these traditions split mankind’s experiences in to Golden, Silver, Bronze and Iron epochs in the ages of Man.  Today we are said to live in an Iron Age of industry and technology.  Before that a Bronze Age of heroic mythology existed, preceded by a Silver Age born out of the chaos that ended that greatest of ages – the mythic paradise known as The Golden Age.

      The Four Ages of Man on the Earth according to the esoteric traditions: The lost paradise of the Golden Age, the priestly Silver Age, the heroic Bronze Age and the modern industrial Iron Age.
      The Purple Dawn of Man
      Yet, even before this Golden Age in which man enjoyed a tranquil existence devoid of want and bathed in the perfect light of a perfect and timeless sun, there was a primordial dawn of eternal twilight,… a distant age wrapped in a sea of celestial purple radiating a dense and global warmth from a single orb permanently stationed at the far north of the heavens.
      To primordial man, this was the time of the Purple Dawn, the Great Dreamtime of our distant past celebrated in the oral and written traditions of ancient peoples the world over.
      At that time there was no Sun as we know it today.  There was no way to tell day from night.  No stars could be seen through the dense atmospheric purple haze and there was no moon from which to tell the passing of time by its phases or from which the Earth’s oceans could be influenced in great tidal movements.  Man lived in a perpetual state of dusky darkness.  The warm and bountiful purple hue permeated all existence and the nocturnal thrived.
      Like an eye looking onto the world from a swirling purple chaos in the heavens, primordial man would have seen one pale disk of light radiating its benign presence from a position locked at the celestial north pole.  It had always been there,… its presence an integral, yet silently ethereal part of the Earth’s landscape and mankind’s experience.

      How the Earth may have looked during the age known as the Purple Dawn (circa 60,000 BC). Saturn can be seen as a pale stationary disk situated at Earth's celestial north. Its rings had not yet formed at this time.
      Looking back from today we can identify this primordial sun as a brown dwarf star which would have radiated more energy than bright light.  When taking into account the descriptions that have come down to us from the ancients, we can determin that this particular brown dwarf star typically would have provided a far-reaching heliosphere, or plasma sheath, which extended out into space in a giant egg-like cocoon embrace of the Earth.  This would have uniformly bounced the star’s warm radiation back onto the planet producing the purplish primordial glow related to us by these ancient traditions.
      To the Ancients of the Golden, Silver and Bronze ages, this sun-like disk was routinely identified as the god Kronos (Greek) or Saturn (Latin).  It was said to be the original and the best sun.  It was the first sun before the coming of the red star we today call the Sun.  Today, this very same disk seen by the ancients is now firmly established as the actual planet Saturn, a former brown dwarf star and now a distant spot of light at the outer reaches of our current solar system.
      The journey this disk-like orb of light took from being Earth’s primordial sun to becoming that distant ringed gas-giant is the story of the known Ages of Man.

      A Timeless Age in a Purple Haze

      Remembered by the most ancient of peoples as the Purple Dawn, this was a distant, ageless past before light entered the world.
      Earth in its distant past is reported by ancient traditions to have enjoyed a stable relationship with a dimly lit sun or star that sat motionless at the celestial north pole.  For cultures in the southern hemisphere the world was a nocturnal haze devoid of all celestial references save for the chaotic voidthat hug above them.
      The Polar Configuration
      Dismissed by modern astrophysicists as an impossible scenario, this configuration between Earth and its primordial star/sun is nonetheless called a ‘polar configuration’.  It is diametrically opposed to what we observe today in our current sun’s behaviour which rises and sets east to west.  Yet, if we take the ancients at their literal word, a planetary polar configuration with Saturn at the northern top is what they actually saw from their perspective on Earth.
      How so?
      Based on this ancient perspective we can theorise that the earth rotated on its axis below a star that seems to have exhibited all the characteristics of a brown dwarf star.  Both this brown dwarf star and the earth rotated in unison on their axis while drifting through space locked together, thus producing the illusion from Earth’s surface of the brown dwarf star never leaving its position at the earth’s celestial north.
      Life under a Polar Sun
      Governed by this polar configuration the earth would have been enveloped in this brown dwarf star’s plasma sheath, a giant bubble of plasma that is the equivalent of our current sun’s heliosphere.
      An artist’s impression of how modern science sees the sun’s heliosphere as a protective bubble. The pinkish froth to the left of the solar system is representative of the creation of magnetic bubbles as the heliosphere travels through space. Credit: NASA
      The Sun’s heliosphere is currently believed to serve as a protective bubble around the current solar system shielding it from so-called intergalactic solar winds. (Note: Modern mainstream scientists generally do no recognise the connection between the sun’s known heliosphere and the role played by electrical plasma in space – this is an Electric Universe concept)
      Saturn’s protective plasma sheath
      With Earth previously being wrapped in Saturn’s brown dwarf star plasma sheath, all the radiated energy and light being emitted from the brown dwarf would have been uniformly reflected back off the plasma sheath onto Earth.  This would have effectively blocked out all other incoming light from other stars and produced a purple-like celestial haze due to the radiation frequencies produced by a brown dwarf star.  Hence the ‘purple’ colouring of what is called the Purple Dawn of man’s ancient past.
      In the above figure you can see that Mars has been included.  This is because its presence within the Saturn system is vital in understanding how this Saturnian polar configuration would have looked from Earth.  As a silhouetted dot against Saturn’s larger disk, Mars would ultimately provide the ‘pupil’ to the all-seeing eye that would look down on Earth.
      This purple dawn period would have produced an environment of perpetual twilight, with uniform global temperatures producing virtually no wind and there being a complete inability to calculate time.  All continents, including Antarctica, would have supported the continual growth of fantastically elongated and splayed reddish vegetation in tropical abundance.  Adapted through its red colouring to absorbing Saturn’s radiated energy rather than its light, Earth’s vegetation would have enjoyed a complete absence of seasons and this would have contributed to a densely rich atmosphere able to supprt the flight of giant insects that we know once existed.
      From orbit, the Earth would have been cast in a darkish purple hue, and its ocean levels would have been significantly lower leading to larger versions of the existing continents as well as the existence of now lost and submerged continents.
      Also, the Earth’s then electrical relationship to its brown dwarf star would have produced a different and lesser gravity allowing for the gigantic proportions of some species (now extinct) to flourish.

      Earth's nocturnal purple glow and lower gravity during the age of the dinosaurs. A thick atmosphere would have further allowed for the flight of pteranodons and giant insects that we know once existed. Mars can be seen as a dark dot against Saturn's dull disk. (this image represents the Mesozoic age, i.e. 110 -230 million years ago)
      How far back into time this state of affairs existed is hard to say, but eventually, a series of man-witnessed cataclysmic events started to change the Earth’s relationship with its brown dwarf star and herald the start of what would become known as the Golden Age.
      As this polar configuration of Earth and brown dwarf star drifted through space, it would have done so in an upwardly spiralling motion.  Unbeknown to an observer from Earth, the brown dwarf star’s protective plasma sheath, which blocked out all reference to outside stars, would have slowly started to spiral towards the Sun’s own protective plasma sheath, the heliosphere – with disastrous consequences.
      The spiralling nature of the brown dwarf star’s approach to the sun would have meant that first contact between their plasma sheaths would have been relatively brief.  In fact, there may have been multiple contacts into the distant past before the Saturn system was finally captured by the Sun.  This may account for the periodic extinction events in the fossil record as each contact caused Saturn to flare up and die down with marked changes in the relationship between Earth and its northern star.
      By the time mankind witnessed such an event, contact would have manifested itself as a sudden and very bright flaring of its polar star into a fully-fledged sun.  Quiet literally, it was a short-circuiting event between the two separate plasma sheaths as they brushed together with the lesser brown dwarf star experiencing a tremendous nova-like destructive surge of discharging electrical activity before swinging away from the Sun and back into interstellar space.
      Human observers on Earth at that time would have been totally ignorant of the role played by the Sun’s heliosphere in the reaction they were then seeing take place in their once peaceful heavenly orb.   After the initial blinding flare-up of their polar star the Earth would have been bathed in a diffuse, yet intense light unlike anything they had ever experienced before.  As Dwardu Cardona surmised in his books God Star, Primordial Star and Flare Star, it was Day One of creation – let there be light!

      Let there be light! The startling effect on primordial man of Saturn flaring after its plasma sheath brushes against the Sun's heliosphere.
      However, the consequences to life on Earth didn’t just stop there.
      Flare Star!
      The intense flaring of electrical activity experienced between the brown dwarf star on its contact with the Sun’s heliosphere would have transferred itself into its existing electrical connections with the Earth.  Even as the brown dwarf spiralled out of plasmatic contact with the Sun’s heliosphere it would have continued to glow brightly in the Earth’s northern polar sky.
      For humans experiencing this on Earth, the brown dwarf star had now become a polar sun that, apart from its static position in the celestial north, was nothing like the dull orb seen in the heavens of the Purple Dawn.  Still less bright than today’s sun, it nonetheless shone bright enough to begin the process of physical metamorphosis’ from a reddish purple hued world to the more familiar green of Earth’s current ecosystem.  This would have started before the Saturn system’s final capture and demise at the hands of the encroaching Sun as it spiralled back yet again inside the heliosphere’s influence.  This would be the event that would mark the end of what had been a golden age after Saturn’s initial flaring.
      The birth of Venus
      Probably the most disturbing aspect of the changes seen in the former dull disk after its flare-up was the almost immediate appearance of a mighty black spiral coming from the orbs centre and winding itself around the now brightly lit orb.

      Mythology tells us Venus was born out of Saturn. The ejection of the planetary body that became known as Venus was a particularly violent result of Saturn's flaring after contact with the Sun's heliosphere.
      This was the result of the violent birth of the planet Venus, but to the Ancients this was the Chaos Monster that their new polar sun or god was compelled to battle with at the onset of creation.  It would be remembered in various mythologies as a dragon or feathered serpent and be depicted as the ancient symbol of the self-consuming serpent called the Ouroboros.

      Saturn in his chariot being pulled by winged serpents, a popular image in Roman mythology. (image PD)

      Saturn battling with the Chaos Monster, that Dragon or Feathered Serpent of world mythology. Enhanced electrical plasma activity called Birkeland currents would appear like a pillar of light leading up to Saturn.

      Cultural memories of when Saturn battled the Chaos Monster: (top) Chinese dragons and a central pearl, credit Shizhoa; (bottom left) Quetzecoatl of the Aztecs complete with star burst; (bottom right) Eye in palm surrounded by two serpents - North American Indian.

      The iconic symbol of the Ouroboros, a self-consuming serpent that is an archetype of the Chaos Monster that appeared in the heavens after the birth of the planet Venus.
      As the transformed Saturnian disk of the Purple Dawn fought to subdue this Chaos Monster it started to take on the aspect of a huge round eyeball with a smallish reddish centre or pupil, a greenish iris and the larger bright part of the disk making up the bulk of the cornea.  It looked alive, and, over time, with the black spirals of the Chaos Monster all but gone, a discolouring could be seen crossing its glowing outer disk while the green hued iris occasionally seemed to produce an eight-pointed star burst emanating from the disk as a whole.

      After its flare-up and ejection of Venus, Saturn would alternate between quieter times in which Venus could be seen behind Mars and more electrically active periods in which Venus flared in a distinctive eight-pointed star burst.
      Thus the All-Seeing Eye had revealed itself.  The All-Seeing Eye was now the god that would go down in the annals of mythology as Ra/Osaris/Horus, Kronos and Saturn.  Saturn had revealed himself, and in due time so too would his bride the Evening Star, known as Venus, and his Morning Star-child, called by the ancients amongst other names Mars.

      The Eye of Horus - a famous stylized version of the Saturn configuration popular in ancient Egyptian culture.

      The All-seeing Eye on the US dollar note is the most modern symbolic incarnation of the Saturn configuration.
                                 (continue to From Purple Haze to Golden Days)

      Darkbird18 is always research the world of Knowledge online and have found some amazing facts and old knowledge that has been lost are hidden from use and  Troy McLachlan "Saturn Death Cult" is some of that lost are hidden knowledge; just like Spirit Science, "World History"; who have information another version of what really happen in our past but what is the truth world history?? I've been online since 1995 and have learn something about doing online research is this, keep looking and keep an open mind and the truth will be ravel to you bits and pieces and all you have to do is bookmark this information and go back and you will see the whole picture! The architect behind this cleaver games of hidden the truth in plan sight are the "Bad" whole control the world through 13 Blue Blood family's, whose orgies are alien and Satanism base because they only know darkness and willn't let the light rule them. But all things under heaven is good and one day they will understand this and put in a better place and the world will have peace and us human can be what God created us for, children of the light. Read this article with a very open mind and see if you can see the truth.  

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